2412. - ANTIQUARIAN (Mainly pre-1900 items): ***** THIS SECTION UPDATED 26 OCT 21 *****

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5816. --- LIMITED AVAILABILITY: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton and others .)

1843 to 1910. Many large pages available. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. Pages should be available in batches of 100 or more. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR MORE DETAILS AND SPECIAL DEALS. 0.00

528. 1911 SCHLECHTER-TARRASCH. Tarrasch (Dr.): Der Schachwettkampf Schlechter-Tarrasch auf dem Jubildums-Kongress des Kolner Schachklubs im Sommer 1911.

Leipzig 1912. 1st Edn. Original grey boards, VG, inside staples are rusty with one section partly loose. Frontispiece, pp xviii,1,136. 16 games from the match plus 36 from the Jubildums-Kongress des Kolner Schachklubs. LN 5054. 45.00

5606. Anderson (A.): The Game of Draughts Simplified and Illustrated with Practical Diagrams.

Glasgow & New York, 1878. 3rd Edn., Revised & Extended by Robert McCulloch. Original plain brown cloth, worn at head and foot of spine, 2 pages loose. Frontispiece diagram, pp xxxii, 136. 20.00

793. Bird (H.E.): Chess History and Reminiscences.

Dean & Son. n.d.(1893) 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt, a little foxing on first and last pages otherwise a good copy. Portrait, pp xxiv, 138. LN 236. Includes sections on the origin of chess, the middle ages, the 19th century (chess clubs, chess masters), blindfold chess, habits and idiosyncracies of chess players. With a label of the ECF, Pollard Collection. 70.00

506. Bird (H.E.): Chess Masterpieces: Comprising a Collection of 150 Choice Games.

Dean & Son, 1875. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, lower cover is detached, corner cut from title-page. Additional title-page, (iv),140pp. Over 150 games from 1851 to 1874, index of players and openings. LN 3166. One of the scarcer of Bird's works. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection with his pencil signature above. 60.00

754. Bird (H.E.): Chess Novelties and their Latest Developments, with Comparisons of the Progress of Chess Openings of the Past Century and the Present not dealt with in Existing Works.

F.Warne, 1895. 1st Edn. Original pale blue decorative cloth, gilt, spine rubbed o/w good. pp xli, 304. LN 1855. This title was issued in a number of different colour cloth covers. Includes many games arranged by openings. Some pencil notes. With bookplate of ECF, Diggle Collection. 50.00

1408. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Mr.Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Longmans, Green 1899. 1st Edn. Large octavo, original cloth, spine lightly sunned and frayed at top otherwise a good tight copy. Portrait, pp ix, 331, adverts. 407 games with brief notes, 28 problems, index of games. With 2 bookplates of the ECF/BCF, Golombek Collection, and pencil signature of Golombek. 70.00

214. Christmas Series No.11. White (A.C.): More White Rooks.

Stroud 1911. Original purple cloth, nice copy. 220pp. 400 problems. Without Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.11. 65.00

847. EUCLID. (Alfred Crosskill): Analysis of the Chess Ending King and Queen against King and Rook by "Euclid." Edited by E.Freeborough.

Kegan Paul &c. 1895. 1st Edn. Original maroon cloth, gilt, small black number to foot of spine and cover otherwise very good. Coloured frontispiece, pp xii,120,(11). 2 stamps of the BCPS. LN 2187. The definitive work on this ending. 80.00

34. Freeborough (E.): Chess Endings, A Companion to Chess Openings Ancient & Modern.

Kegan Paul &c. 1891. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, slight edge wear otherwise good. 240pp. 547 diagrams. LN 2185. With signature of Philip H.Williams, Jan 1892, bookplate of the British Chess Problem Society, presented by Mrs. P.H.Williams. 30.00

5051. Keeble (J.): The Caduceus being a Collection of Chess Problems from the "Norwich Mercury" Inverse-Mate Tourney of 1908-1910.

Norwich 1910. 1st Edn. Small hardback, original purple cloth, faint black number to foot of spine o/w VG. pp (xvi), 123. 105 problems. LN 2602. A scarce book. Handwritten inscription on endpaper "Presented to the British Chess Problem Society by Mrs. P.H.Williams", with their stamps on endpapers. 80.00

1384. Lasker (Emanuel) Ed: The Rice Gambit.

Press of Dr.Emanuel Lasker, NY, June 1910. Original grey card covers, waterstain to some page edges o/w G. Portrait, 43pp., addendum leaf. 5th Edition, and only one edited by Lasker. Small bookplate of ECF, Ravilious Collection. 20.00

1376. Longman (F.W.): Chess Openings.

Longmans, Green, 1874. 2nd Edn., revised and corrected. Original mauve cloth, faded on spine o/w G. pp xv, 64. LN 1808. There is a bookplate of Washington Jackson, Town Thorns. Jackson was an American merchant who moved to England in 1861 and Town Thorns is the mansion built for him, situated between Rugby and Coventry. The bookplate includes a dire Latin warning to book thieves. 35.00

254. Mason (J.): Social Chess. A Collection of Short & Brilliant Games with Historical and Practical Illustrations.

The Field & Queen (Horace Cox), (1901). Original maroon cloth, gilt, stamped 1901 on front cover, VG. xv,174pp., 2 plates. Includes 131 annotated games. LN 3196. 20.00

3729. Mieses (J.): Chess Endings from Modern Master-Play. Edited, with Notes.

Routledge, (1901). 2nd Edn. Sm8vo, original purple cloth, slightly stained on edges o/w G. pp xi,115, adverts. 30 endings from named games. LN 2195. A scarce work. With small label of the ECF collection. 18.00

4725. Miles (J.A.): Poems and Chess Problems.

The Author, Fakenham, Norfolk 1882. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, a little marked or scuffed otherwise good. Frontispiece diagram, pp (iv),116, including 50 problems, selection of poems (only a few on chess), list of subscribers. LN 2465. The copy of P.H.Williams, with bookplate of BCPS, presented by Mrs.P.H.Williams, also a small card of Mr.T.B.Rowland. 100.00

844. Miller (J.W.) Editor: The American Supplement to the "Synopsis" containing American Inventions in the Chess Openings: together with Fresh Analyses in the Openings, since 1882.

W.W.Morgan, 1885. 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original blue pictorial cloth, partly split on joints, endpapers torn o/w G. pp 91, plus adverts and sample issue of Chess Player's Chronicle. Not separately listed in LN catalogue. With small bookplate of ECF, Pollard Collection. 40.00

828. Morgan (M.): The Chess Digest, containing the Moves of Over 15,000 Games Systematically Arranged under the Various Openings.

Philadelphia, 1901-03. Volumes 1-3 (of 4), quarto size (20 x 28cm), original maroon cloth, gilt, 2 vols rubbed on spine, one back cover stained, otherwise good. pp 472, 446, 518. "Practically including All Games Played in the Leading Tournaments and Matches from 1850 to 1902. Together with Names of Players and References to All the Tournament Books and Periodicals in which the Games have been Reported." A VALUABLE REFERENCE WORK. LN 1879. With bookplates of the ECF, Wade collection. 100.00

601. Pearson (A.C.): One Hundred Chess Problems, with Chess Puzzle Frontispiece.

Civil Service Printing & Pub.Co. 1883. 3rd Edn. Original purple cloth, gilt, very small plastic label to foot of front cover otherwise VG. Green & red printed frontispiece, pp (viii), 104 problems plus solutions. Presentation inscription from Pearson on endpaper. A label of the BCPS on endpaper, presented by Mrs. P.H.Williams. LN 2444. 80.00

779. PERIODICAL: The Chess Monthly.: Edited by L.Hoffer & J.H.Zukertort. Vol.I.

London, Sept.1879 - Aug.1880. Roy8vo, Original grey cloth, some wear to head and foot of spine o/w G. pp iv (title & index), 384. 79 annotated games, endgame section by B.Horwitz, 122 problems, letters, and news etc. 80.00

2473. Pierce (James & W.Timbrell): Pierce Gambit, Chess Papers and Problems.

Trubner & Co. 1888. 1st Edn. Original red cloth, slightly marked and rubbed otherwise good. Stamp of British Chess Problem Society on title-page. Frontispiece, pp (viii),227. Includes 134 problems, analysis of the Pierce Gambit, and various articles mainly concerning problems, and list of subscribers. LN 1839. A scarce work which appears in various binding colours. 100.00

1377. Rowland (T.B. & F.F.): Chess Fruits: A Selection of Direct Mate, Self-Mate, Picture and Letter Problems, Poems, and Humourous Sketches... Popular Games by Leading Players and others of General Interest.

The Authors, Dublin, 1884. 1st Edn. Original red cloth with black ruling and lettering, slight wear to head and foot of spine, two minor stains to covers otherwise very good. pp 172, (4) adverts. Includes a list of subscribers. LN 2463. 100.00

45. Steinitz (W.): The Modern Chess Instructor. Part 1.

Putnam's, New York & London, 1889. 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original brown cloth, gilt chessboard on front cover, a good copy. Advert leaf, pp xli, 193. Some pencil ticks. Steinitz explains some of his famous chess theories, analyses many openings, and INCLUDES THE GAMES FROM HIS MATCH WITH TSCHIGORIN, with his annotations, revised and amended from the International Chess Magazine. There was no separate publication on this match. Part 2 of this work was a slim and very rare pamphlet published in 1895. 65.00

414. Tattersall (C.E.C.) (Editor & Arranger): A Thousand End-Games.

BCM, Leeds, 1910-11. 1st Edn. 2 volumes bound in 1, later cream cloth, browning to top of first few pages otherwise good. pp xii,211, xvi,200. 1000 positions, mainly studies by named composers, with solutions. With a label of the British Chess Problem Society. LN 2218. 60.00

642. Tomlinson (Charles): Amusements in Chess: I.Sketches of the History. Antiquities and Curiosities of the Game. II.Easy Lessons...Selection of Games. III...Problems.

John W.Parker, 1845. 1st Edn. Original cloth, spine gilt, some sections loose otherwise good. With a label and stamp of British Chess Problem Society. pp ix,352, adverts. Includes chapters on chess writers and players, the automaton chess-player, including illustrations, the knight's tour, blindfold chess. LN 4540. 120.00

3418. Walker (W.Greenwood): A Selection of Games at Chess, actually Played by the Late Alexander M'Donnell... with his Principal Contemporaries; including the Whole of the Games Played by De La Bourdonnais and M'Donnell....Selected and Arranged by William Greenwood Walker.

Thomas Hurst, 1836. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, crudely rebacked with plain grey tape, internally good. pp viii, 280. Numerous games of McDonnell, including many played at odds, 5 from his match with W.Fraser (1831), and 84 from the six matches with La Bourdonnais (1834). An appendix gives the 3 games from match W.Lewis - Deschapelles (1821), and at end is a 3 page List of Subscribers. William Walker was secretary of the Westminster Chess Club and personally recorded most of McDonnell's games, including the great match series with La Bourdonnais. LN 3144. A very scarce work. With bookplate of ECF, Diggle Collection. 200.00

921. Wallis (E.): 777 Chess Miniatures in Three. Introduction by P.H.Williams and Hints to Solvers by A.N.Brayshaw.

E.Wallis, Scarborough (1908). 1st Edn. Narrow 8vo, original blue/green cloth, G. pp (xl),272. Text in English, French and German. LN 2590. With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. 30.00