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2141. (Boden (S.S.)): A Popular Introduction to the Study and Practice of Chess...By an Amateur.

Charles J.Skeet, 1851. 1st Edn. Original blind-stamped cloth, cloth split on joints, head and foot of spine worn with loss, top third of title-page torn with loss of two words (facsimile title-page also provided). pp (viii), 196. LN 789. A scarce work. Samuel Boden was an active player in the 1850's and played many friendly games with Morphy who declared him to be the strongest English player. This was his only chess book, "an excellent guide, introducing the Boden-Kieseritzky Gambit which at once became popular." (Oxford Companion.) A well-used copy, hence the price - 75.00

5210. --- STAUNTON: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton.)

320 large pages between Aug 1865 and Dec 1874. (Some weeks are not present.) Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. 370.00

262. ----: An Easy Introduction to the Game of Chess; containing 100 Examples of Games...Philidor's Analysis...Selections from Stamma, the Calabrois &c...Caissa: A Poem, by Sir William Jones; The Morals of Chess by Dr.Franklin.

Printed for Baldwin, Cradock & Joy... 1816. New Edn. Contemporary half leather, recently rebacked, spine gilt with title-label, good copy. pp (viii), 254. Without the engraved plate as often found. Whyld 1816:1. LN 612. 80.00

768. 1887 FRANKFURT. Bardeleben, Gottschall & Mieses: Der Funfte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes, Frankfurt A.M.1887.

Veit, Leipzig 1889. 1st Edn. Bound in later plain black cloth, original front wrapper bound in. G. pp (iv), 288. 228 games (201 in the main tournament). LN 5223. Includes a presentation inscription to Capt George H.Mackenzie, New Orleans 1889. 1.Mackenzie 2-3 Blackburne, Weiss. An outstanding performance by George H.Mackenzie in a tournament including Tarrasch, Zukertort, Paulsen, Gunsberg, Burn, Bardeleben. 80.00

774. Baxter-Wray.: Chess at Odds of Pawn and Move. A Complete Analysis of the Opening; Exemplified in 250 Games from Actual Play.

W.W.Morgan, 1891. 2nd Edn. Roy8vo, original decorative green cloth, VG. pp (iv),85, plus adverts and specimen issue of Chess Player's Chronicle. Arranged in tabular form with notes, many of the games played by leading players. LN 1955 catalogue only lists the 1st Edn of 1890 (LN 1844.) With chess bookplate of James J.Barrett, Buffalo. 65.00

793. Bird (H.E.): Chess History and Reminiscences.

Dean & Son. n.d.(1893) 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt, VG. Portrait, pp xxiv, 138. LN 236. Includes sections on the origin of chess, the middle ages, the 19th century (chess clubs, chess masters), blindfold chess, habits and idiosyncracies of chess players. 80.00

506. Bird (H.E.): Chess Masterpieces: Comprising a Collection of 150 Choice Games.

Dean & Son, 1875. 1st Edn. Original purple cloth, gilt chessboard and lettering on front cover, good copy. Additional title-page, (iv),140pp. Over 150 games from 1851 to 1874, index of players and openings. LN 3166. One of the scarcer of Bird's works. 75.00

3632. Bird (H.E.): Chess Practice: being a Condensed and Simplified Record of the Actual Openings in the Finest Games, including the Whole of the Beautiful Specimens contained in "Chess Masterpieces"... with Tabulated Index.

Sampson Low, Marston & Co. 1892. (New Edn.) Original red cloth, small piece missing from top of spine and top of cover chipped o/w G. pp 96,(2),(2) advert leaf. Includes summary of important events up to 1881, and comparison of results of each opening. LN 1823. One of the scarcer books by Bird. 70.00

31. Bird (H.E.): The Chess Openings, considered Critically and Practically.

Dean & Son, n.d.(1878.) 1st Edn. Original green cloth, gilt lettering and chessboard on front cover, inner hinge cracked, G. Folding plate, pp xvi, 248. Includes many illustrative games and list of subscribers. This book was issued in a number of different colour cloth covers. 70.00

1408. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Mr.Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Longmans, Green 1899. 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original cloth, slight wear top of spine o/w a good tight copy. Portrait, pp ix, 331. 407 games. 80.00

5368. Bland (W.R.) Editor: Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory, 1882.

Bemrose & Sons, (1882). (2nd Annual Edn.) Original green cloth, slightly marked o/w VG. pp x,111, (3) adverts. Includes list of subscribers, various articles, details of chess club in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland, Chess Associations, London Chess Resorts (cafes etc.), First Class Players, chess periodicals and publications with chess columns, Continental chess resorts, 28 prize problems, Laws of the Game. Very scarce. LN 5893. (The Annual was continued by Rowland in 1889.) 120.00

33. Cook (W.): Synopsis of the Chess Openings. A Tabulated Analysis.

Simpkin Marshall 1888. 4th Edition, with Additions & Emendations. Original brown cloth, G. 142pp. A few neat pen notes. LN 1818. 20.00

2162. Crawley (Capt.): Chess: Its Theory and Practice. To Which is Added a Treatise on Draughts.

Ward, Lock & Tyler. n.d.(c.1876). 10th Edn, Revised. Original decorative dark brown cloth, gilt. VG. pp 188, plus adverts. Includes 33 games, 32 problems. This edition not in LN catalogue. 40.00

641. Cunnington (E.E.): The Modern Chess Primer.

Routledge 1899. First Edn. Original purple cloth. G. pp xi,356, adverts. Includes some games and endings with notes, problems, early chess, literature, the British Chess Code. LN 1152. 18.00

5372. Dufresne (J.): Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben. Vol.1-4.

Leipzig (1881-1887), 1898. 4 volumes, small 8vo, original brown cloth, spines with gilt decoration, VG. Hundreds of problems. Some pencil solutions in first volume. The fourth volume was by H.von Gottschall. Two further volumes were published in 1908 and 1926. LN 2450-51. 30.00

1525. Dufresne (J.) & J.Mieses: Das Buch der Schachmeisterpartien. Erster & Zweiter Teil.

Leipzig, n.d.(1889 + 1900) Small 8vo, original brown cloth, gilt decoration on spines, back cover of second volume warped o/w G. 203, 188pp. 74+80 annotated master games from 1887-1899. LN 3173-74. Mieses took over from v.2 and produced a further 4 volumes. 20.00

408. Fiske (W.): Chess Tales & Chess Miscellanies.

Longmans,Green 1912. 1st Edn. Original purple cloth, spine slightly faded, a good tight copy. Portrait, 12 plates, pp xiii,428. A collection of articles, many of which first appeared in "Chess Monthly" 1857-1860, which Fiske edited. A scarce work. LN 4376. 150.00

34. Freeborough (E.): Chess Endings, A Companion to Chess Openings Ancient & Modern.

Kegan Paul &c. 1891. 1st Edn. Original maroon cloth, VG. 240pp. 547 diagrams. LN 2185. 30.00

959. GRECO. Hoffmann (Prof.L.) (Translator & Editor): The Games of Greco. With a Bibliography of Greco by J.A.Leon.

Routledge 1900. 1st Edn. Sm8vo (115 x 150mm) original purple cloth, some staining to back cover and head of spine, otherwise a good tight copy. pp xxiv,246, adverts. Includes 77 games and 13 endgames. A scarce work, the first on Greco in English since Lewis's work of 1833. LN 398. 75.00

1374. Hoyle (Editor: G.F.Pardon): Hoyle's Games Modernised. Being Explanations of the Best Modes of Playing the Most Popular Games in Present Use, with the Rules and Regulations Adopted at the Clubs. (Edited by G.F.Pardon.)

Routledge, (1863.) Sm8vo (95 x 140mm) original blue decorative cloth, gilt, spine worn at head and foot, new endpapers, withdrawn library stamp on title-page. pp viii, 448. Chess contents p.173-262, including 8 games and 12 problems, draughts p.263-329, also backgammon, billiards, many card games. LN 3607. 25.00

763. Jaenisch (C.F.de): Jaenisch's Chess Preceptor: A New Analysis of the Openings of Games. Translated from the French, with Notes, by George Walker.

Longman &c. 1847. 1st English Edn. Original green blind-stamped cloth, small splits on joints, slight top of spine wear, a good tight copy. pp xx, 291, (1). LN 1793. A translation of "Analyse Nouvelle des Ouvertures" (1842-3), Jaenisch's major work and important for the development of modern opening play. 150.00

4942. Kling (J.): The Chess Euclid; A Collection of Two Hundred Chess Problems and End-Games. Composed by Herr Kling. Revised and Corrected by the Author.

H.Hurst & Co, London 1849. First Edition. Tall 8vo, rebound in brown cloth, G. Frontispiece, pp(iv)(vi), 214 problems printed two to a page, in red and blue, 26pp solutions at end, 16pp adverts (not chess). Includes a list of subscribers accounting for 149 copies. LN 2393. An attractively produced and scarce book. This copy with signature of W.Timbrell Pierce (author of problem books in late 19th C.) There are two handwritten indexes of a sort, there are neat notes in green ink to nearly all of the problems regarding where the problems have been published, and some observations and notes to solutions, which adds to the interest of the book. 200.00

1193. Lee (F.J.) & G.H.D.Gossip: The Complete Chess Guide.

John Grant, Edinburgh, 1910. 4 parts in 1 volume, original red cloth, spine faded, covers a bit marked o/w G. pp 107,75,83,64. Includes 75 modern chess brilliancies, openings guide, and games played at odds. Originally published in 4 separate volumes. LN 1210. 12.00

4982. Lewis (W.): Elements of the Game of Chess; or a New Method of Instruction in that Celebrated Game.

1822. 1st Edn. Contemporary half calf, spine gilt, a little rubbed, a nice copy. pp xii,240. LN 638. A scarce title. 150.00

150. Marache (N.): Marache's Manual of Chess...to which is Added a Treatise on the Games of Backgammon, Russian Backgammon, and Dominoes.

Dick & Fitzgerald, NY, n.d.(c.1880's). First published in 1866 but reprinted many times with identical text. Original dark brown cloth, gilt title on spine. VG. pp 156, plus adverts. The first 128 pages on chess, including laws, endings, openings, problems. LN 942. 40.00

204. MARSHALL (F.J.): Chess Openings. With Biographical Sketch and Selection of Thirty-Two Games, Played 1899-1904.

BCM, Leeds 1904. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, G. Portrait, pp iv,185,(3) adverts. The first collection of Marshall's games. 45.00

321. Mason (J.): Chess Openings.

H.Cox 1905. 2nd Edn. Original cloth, part fading o/w G. pp xx,120. LN 1864. 10.00

2572. Mason (J.): The Art of Chess.

Horace Cox, 1895. 1st Edn. Original dark green cloth, gilt, worn at edges, new endpapers, o/w G. Portrait (small waterstain top edge), pp vii,311. LN 1113. One of the best instructional works. 18.00

1234. Mason (J.): The Art of Chess.

Horace Cox, 1905. 3rd edn, revised & enlarged (by L.Hoffer.) Original maroon cloth, gilt, VG. Portrait, pp xvi,460. LN 1115. One of the best instructional works of the period. 20.00

1842. Mason (J.): The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice.

H.Cox 1908. 4th Edn., Revised & Enlarged (Reprinted.) Original maroon cloth, gilt, G. Portrait, pp viii,330. 16.00

1191. Mason (J.): The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice.

H.Cox 1896. 2nd Edn., Revised & Enlarged. Original cloth, gilt. G. Portrait, pp viii,324. 14.00

914. Montigny (A.): Stratagems of Chess, or a Collection of Critical and Remarkable Situations, Selected from the Works of Eminent Masters, Illustrated on Plates.

London 1817. 1st English Edn. (from the French edition of 1801-02.) Sm.8vo, original boards, spine mostly chipped away, edges uncut. Engraved plate (often missing), pp vi,150,64, 4 (adverts). Includes 120 engraved diagrams of endgame studies. Internally good condition. LN 2156. 100.00

2406. MORPHY. Frere (Thos.): Morphy's Games of Chess, and Frere's Problem Tournament.

T.W.Strong, New York 1859. 1st Edn. Small 8vo, original brown stamped cloth, gilt on spine a bit faded. Nice copy. 144pp. 103 games with brief notes, 39 problems. A scarce work. LN 3151. Hagedorn 51. 180.00

3107. Philidor (A.D.) Ed: W.S.Kenny.: Analysis of the Game of Chess. Translated from the Last French Edition, and Further Illustrated with Notes, by W.S.Kenny.

T.& J.Allman, London 1819. 1st Kenny Edn. Contemporary half calf, covers and edges rubbed, o/w G. Engraved portrait of Philidor, pp xvi, engraved plate, 264, many engraved diagrams in text. Plates spotted. LN 493. 140.00

643. Pohlman (J.G.): Chess Rendered Familiar by Tabular Demonstrations of the Various Positions and Movements, as Described by Philidor.

Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, 1819. Only Edn. Roy8vo, rebound in attractive half leather, marbled paper sides. Engraved frontispiece (very foxed), pp (viii),449, with 2352 diagrams printed 6 to-a-page, following every move of each game. Title-page browned, waterstain to corner of last few pages. AN AMAZING FEAT OF PRINTING! LN 494. 190.00

1799. Pruen (Thomas) & Philidor: An Introduction to the History and Study of Chess; with Copious Descriptions.... To which is Added The Analysis of Chess of Andre Danican Philidor. The Whole Simplified and Arranged in a Manner Entirely New, by an Amateur.

Cheltenham, Printed by H.Ruff. 1804. 1st and Only Edition by Pruen. Contemporary calf, rebacked, spine gilt-ruled with black title-label. A nice copy. Without the frontispiece as often found. pp xii, 314. LN 607. A scarce edition of Philidor, but also including other interesting chapters on the history of chess, the powerful effects of chess on the mind and passions, chesspieces, famous players and books on chess, Franklin's Morals of Chess, laws and practical play etc.. 220.00

324. Staunton (H.): The Chess-Player's Handbook.

Bell, 1878. Reprint. Original red patterned cloth, a little wear to head and foot of spine otherwise a good copy. Coloured frontispiece, pp viii,518, adverts. LN 746. 40.00

45. Steinitz (W.): The Modern Chess Instructor. Part 1.

Putnam's, New York & London, 1889. 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original brown cloth, gilt chessboard on front cover, Very good copy. Advert leaf, pp xli, 193. Steinitz explains some of his famous chess theories, analyses many openings, and INCLUDES THE GAMES FROM HIS MATCH WITH TSCHIGORIN, with his annotations, revised and amended from the International Chess Magazine. There was no separate publication on this match. Part 2 of this work was a slim and very rare pamphlet published in 1895. 80.00

414. Tattersall (C.E.C.) (Editor & Arranger): A Thousand End-Games.

BCM, Leeds, 1910-11. 1st Edn. 2 volumes, original blue cloth, gilt, VG. pp xii,211, xvi,200. 1000 positions, mainly studies by named composers, with solutions. LN 2218. WITH SIGNATURE OF (SIR) G.A.THOMAS ON ENDPAPER. Also some small neat notes possibly in his hand. 120.00

642. Tomlinson (Charles): Amusements in Chess: I.Sketches of the History. Antiquities and Curiosities of the Game. II.Easy Lessons...Selection of Games. III...Problems.

John W.Parker, 1845. 1st Edn. Original cloth, spine gilt, split to top joint, rubbed, front endpaper removed o/w G. pp ix,352, adverts. Includes chapters on chess writers and players, the automaton chess-player, including illustrations, the knight's tour, blindfold chess. LN 4540. 170.00

5028. Verney (Major G.H.): Chess Eccentricities.

Longmans, Green, London 1885. First Edition. Original boards with decorative chess piece and board designs printed in red and black, spine worn with loss, internally good. Frontispiece diagram for four-handed chess, pp xiv,196,(4) adverts, plates, some folding, for different variant chess games. Contains sections on Chess for four, three, and two players. Shorter sections on chess for six and eight players, and some "odds and ends of chess". Also correspondence resulting from the publication of the author's "Four Handed Chess" in 1881. A very scarce work. Betts 55-3. LN 4792. 150.00

228. Walker (G.): A New Treatise on Chess.

Sherwood,Gilbert & Piper, 1841. 3rd Edition. Original green cloth, VG. Frontispiece (spotted as usual), pp xvi, 296, 24 adverts. Last few pages partly unopened. Includes the useful 36 page Bibliographical Catalogue. LN 667. 80.00

4987. Walker (G.): Chess and Chess-Players: Consisting of Original Stories and Sketches.

Charles J.Skeet, 1850. 1st Edn. Original red decorative cloth, gilt, rebacked, VG. pp viii,384,advert leaf. LN 4624. A Scarce book. A collection of essays first published in various magazines and journals, including the Chess Automaton, Deschapelles, blindfold chess, Cafe de la Regence, Ruy Lopez, a Game of Chess with Napoleon, Vincenzio the Venetian, Battles of La Bourdonnais and McDonnell. 260.00

2163. Walker (G.): The Art of Chess-Play: A New Treatise on the Game of Chess.

Sherwood,Gilbert & Piper, 1846. 4th Edition. Original brown cloth, blind-stamped, gilt spine, stamped "Herne Chess Club 1847" on front cover, some wear to head and foot of spine, inner stitching loosening. Frontispiece, pp xx, 380. BEST EDITION, including the 37 page Bibliographical Catalogue, and 4pp letter to Bell's Life attacking Wm.Lewis. LN 668. 70.00

3418. Walker (W.G.): A Selection of Games at Chess, actually Played by the Late Alexander M'Donnell... with his Principal Contemporaries; including the Whole of the Games Played by De La Bourdonnais and M'Donnell....Selected and Arranged by William Greenwood Walker.

Thomas Hurst, 1836. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, slight wear to spine edges otherwise a good copy. pp viii, 280. Numerous games of McDonnell, including many played at odds, 5 from his match with W.Fraser (1831), and 84 from the six matches with La Bourdonnais (1834). An appendix gives the 3 games from match W.Lewis - Deschapelles (1821), and at end is a 3 page List of Subscribers. William Walker was secretary of the Westminster Chess Club and personally recorded most of McDonnell's games, including the great match series with La Bourdonnais. LN 3144. A very scarce work. 300.00

2734. Williams (Elijah): Horae Divanianae. A Selection of One Hundred and Fifty Original Games at Chess by Leading Masters, principally Played at the Grand Divan...

Published by the Author, Grand Divan, 101 Strand, London, 1852. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt illustration on front cover, very small loss of cloth at top of spine, o/w a very good tight copy. pp viii, 178. 150 games of named players, with notes, list of Subscribers at end. LN 3149. Williams was one of the leading English players of his time, and took 3rd prize at the 1851 London tournament. 220.00

240. Young (F.K.) & E.C.Howell.: The Minor Tactics of Chess. A Treatise on the Deployment of the Forces in Obedience to Strategic Principle.

Chatto & Windus 1910. New impression (but same as 1895 1st Edn.) Small 8vo, original brown cloth, binding slightly warped o/w G. Frontispiece, pp 221. One index page with two tears. 9.00