Raabenstein (Peter Herel): Chess in Art. History of Chess in Paintings 1100 - 1900. HereLove, Prague 2020. Large square hardback (26.5 x 26.5cm, weight 1.8kg) pictorial covers. 317pp., high quality colour reproductions of some 400 paintings, drawings and reliefs, followed by brief details of each artist, and an index of artists. Each painting has the name of artist below with their birth/death dates, but titles of the paintings are not given, nor the location or sources. Includes a foreword by art historian PhDr. Vaclav Prochazka, an introduction by Pavel Matocha, Chairman of the Prague Chess Society, and a prologue and epilogue by the author. The whole printed on high quality paper.

"Peter Herel Raabenstein, an artist and chess player, spent ten years searching galleries, museums, libraries and the internet, gathering more than a thousand works of art including chess as a theme. He then picked several hundred of the most significant images which are presented in this book."  A magnificent book which will appeal to both lovers of art and chess.

This book can be ordered direct from:  https://chessinart.com