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5502. ----: Lyubimaya igra shakhmaty.

Moscow 1968. 1st Edn. VG. 224pp., photos, about 30 annotated games, problems. Appears to concern chess amongst the military in Russia as most photos show players in uniform. 7.00

3746. ----: Shakhmaty Eshegodnik. (Year Book) 1960.

Moscow, 1962. VG. 496pp. Includes 146 annotated games. 14.00

3017. ----: Shakhmaty Eshegodnik. (Year Book) 1962.

Moscow, 1964. VG. 304pp. Includes 81 annotated games. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 14.00

5218. ----: Shakhmaty za 1947-1949. (Year Book) Ed: V.Ragozin.

Moscow, 1951. Original cloth-backed boards, top corner of spine bumped o/w G. 459pp. Includes c.130 games, most annotated, problems and studies, opening theory, crosstables, photos. Important for the games annotated by top Soviet players and coverage of internal Soviet tournaments. LN 3355. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 25.00

4273. ----: Shakhmaty za 1951-1952. (Year Book.) Ed: L.Abramov.

Moscow, 1953. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 244pp. Includes tournament results, 61 annotated games, endgames and studies. LN 3362. 18.00

5220. ----: Shakhmaty za 1953. (Year Book) Ed: L.Abramov.

Moscow, 1954. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 320pp. Includes 57 annotated games, problems, studies, opening theory, crosstables. 18.00

5219. ----: Shakhmaty za 1954. (Year Book) Ed: L.Abramov.

Moscow, 1955. Original cloth-backed boards, VG. 368pp. Includes 92 annotated games, crosstables. 20.00

5940. -----: Shakhmaty za 1955. (Russian Year Book)

Moscow, 1956. Original cloth-backed boards, VG. Includes many annotated games, crosstables. Paper yellowed as usual. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 18.00

5680. -----: Shakhmaty za 1956. (Russian Year Book)

Moscow, 1958. Original cloth-backed boards, VG. 336pp. Includes 97 annotated games, crosstables. 18.00

5941. -----: Shakhmaty za 1957. (Russian Year Book)

Moscow, 1958. Original cloth-backed boards, VG. Includes many annotated games, crosstables. Paper yellowed as usual. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 18.00

5700. -----: Shakhmaty za 1958 - 1959. (Russian Year Book)

Moscow, 1960. Original cloth-backed boards, G. 503pp. Includes 145 annotated games, crosstables. Paper yellowed as usual. 18.00

4187. 1963-1986 GRONINGEN. (European Junior Championship.): Internationale Toernooien 1963-1986 Groningen 25 Jaar Europees Schaak.

1986. VG, d/w. 232pp, many photos, full results, report on each tournament, selection of annotated games. (A.) A high-quality memorial book on the occasion of the 25th Championship. 15.00

3798. ADORJAN (A.): Black is Still OK!

Batsford 2004. p/b. VG. 224pp. Encourages a positive attitude with the black pieces, with recommended openings and many illustrative games, many by Adorjan. (A.) 9.00

3077. Avery (B.D.): Correspondence Chess in America.

McFarland, US 2000. 1st Edition. Green hardback, VG. 278pp. 233 games, some annotated. A detailed chronological account. (A.) With a small label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. 35.00

1484. Bisguier (A.) & A.Soltis: American Chess Masters from Morphy to Fischer.

MacMillan, NY 1974. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 291pp., photos, biographies, around 100 annotated games. Also includes Pillsbury, Marshall, Capablanca, Reshevsky & Fine. 18.00

2942. Cafferty (B.) & M.Taimanov: The Soviet Championships.

Cadogan, 1998. VG, d/w. 224pp., photos. The 58 Soviet Championships from 1920 to 1991, each with crosstable, introduction and one or two of the best games annotated by Taimanov. (A.) "The definitive record." 18.00

409. Chernev (I.): The Golden Dozen. The Twelve Greatest Chess Players of All Time.

OUP 1976. 1st Edn. Oblong hardback, G,d/w (a bit faded on spine). 331pp. 115 annotated games and superb photos. With a bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. 14.00

53. Chernev (I.): The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played.

Dover 1992. Repr. p/b, VG. 279pp. 62 annotated games. 7.00

592. Clarke (P.H.): 100 Soviet Chess Miniatures.

Bell 1963. 1st Edn. VG, with classic Bell jacket (slightly yellowed on spine).174pp. 100 annotated games mostly from the 50's & 60's. With a small label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. 16.00

3704. Cordingley (E.G.R.) & K.Whyld: The Chess Students Quarterly. Vol.I - VI (Nov 1946 - Mar 1952). (With) Match Bronstein vs. Boleslavski, Moscow 1950.

Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2007. Hardback. 569pp. 356 games, many annotated, 14 games of B-B match, opening theory, book reviews, various lists of books for sale. A facsimile reprint of the complete run of CSQ which was produced on an off-set litho printing machine. It was intended to be complimentary to the two major British chess magazines, giving additional games and analysis, but no news or problems. The original issues are very scarce. 33.00

5834. Crouch (Colin): Chess Secrets: Great Attackers. Kasparov, Tal, and Stein.

Everyman Chess, 2009. p/b, VG. 269pp., 22 games, deeply annotated and commented on, plus 17 supplementary games, covering certain periods of the careers of Kasparov, Tal and Stein. (A.) 12.00

5850. Crouch (Colin): Fighting Chess Move by Move.

Everyman Chess 2012. p/b, minor stain to corner of last couple of pages o/w VG. 296pp. 27 games annotated in detail including carefully selected questions designed to keep the reader actively involved. Crouch analyses key games from 2012 many involving Anand, Gelfand, Aronian, Kramnik, including all those from the Anand-Gelfand World Championship match (A.) 12.00

1051. Divinsky (N.): Around the Chess World in 80 Years. A Statistical Study of all the Great Chess Masters of 1870-1950 including all the Games Played between the Top Six.

Vol.1 & 2. BCM Quarterly 5 & 8. 1961/65. p/b's, VG. pp 85, 100. 82 annotated games, photos, tables etc.. 24.00

3276. Du Mont (J.): Chess Openings Illustrated. I. Centre Counter.

Bell, 1919 1st Edn. Original pictorial cloth, G. 75pp. 31 illustrative games. LN 1935. 12.00

1497. Eales (R.G.): Cambridge Chess.

Chess SC (1978) 1st. p/b. VG. 92pp. 64 annotated games. Cambridge University Chess Club, with a strong emphasis on the 1970's. Presentation inscription from Barry Wood (B.H.Wood). 12.00

4557. Edwards (Jon): Sacking the Citadel. The History, Theory and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice.

Russell Ent., US 2011. p/b, stain on page block edge o/w VG. 400pp. Entirely on Greco's Greek Gift sacrifice Bxh7+ followed by Ng5+ and a Queen attack on h7. Starts with a chapter on the Life & Times of Giaocchino Greco, several on art of attack and combination, contemporary theory, followed by 308 annotated games from 1620 through to 2009, 30 test positions, bibliography, indices of openings, asset combinations, players. (A.) 20.00

541. Eggink (L.G.) & W.A.T.Schelfhout.: Partij Verloren.

Amsterdam 1947. 1st Edn. Original plain card covers, with a facsimile of the original coloured front wrapper, G. 220pp., portraits, 64 games. Pencil numbers next to games, paper slightly yellow as usual. A memorial of Dutch chess players killed during World War 2. The main chapters are about Salo Landau and Arnold van den Hoek, the strongest players besides Euwe. 18.00

205. Estrin (Y.) & I.Romanov.: The World Champions Teach Chess.

A & C Black 1988. 1st English Edn. p/b, VG. 208pp. (A.) An anthology of writing from Steinitz to Kasparov, including selection of annotated games and biographical material. 12.00

694. Euwe (Dr.M.): The Development of Chess Style.

Bell 1968. 1st English Edn. VG, with classic Bell jacket. 152pp. 44 annotated games following the evolution of chess from Greco to Spassky. With two bookplates of the ECF and Sir Richard Clarke. 12.00

2642. Evans (L.): The Chess Beat.

Pergamon, 1982. 1st Edn. Large format p/b, VG. 105pp. Copies of 300 of Evans' newspaper columns which appeared from 1973-81 in Sunday Washington Post or Chiacgo Tribune, most including a game, and quite a few concerning Fischer. The print is quite small. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 15.00

3223. Fauber (R.E.): Impact of Genius. 500 Years of Grandmaster Chess.

ICE, Seattle 1992. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 389pp. Over 200 games with notes. 500 years of chess, covering all the famous players, including many biographical details and interesting anecdotes. (A.) 18.00

2363. Fine (R.): Chess Marches On!

Chess Review, US 1945. 1st Edn. G. 221pp. 50 annotated games from 1941-44 each with introductory essay. With two labels of the BCF/ECF, Golombek collection. 12.00

2095. Fine (R.) Ed: The World's Great Chess Games.

Deutsch, 1952. 1st Edn. VG. 287pp. Numerous annotated games and anecdotes about the players, from Philidor through to 1951. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 10.00

5843. Franco (Zenon): The Art of Attacking Chess. Translated by Phil Adams.

Gambit, 2008. 1st Edn. Large p/b, VG. 255pp. 33 inspirational and instructive masterpieces, annotated in great detail, plus extra games and 73 exercises. (A.) 14.00

6020. GELFAND (Boris): Positional Decision Making in Chess. With Invaluable Help from Jacob Aagaard.

Quality Chess, Glasgow 2015. Reprint. Hardback, near Fine. 285pp., photos, many annotated games. "Offers a rare look into the mind of a top grandmaster. Based on examples from his own games and those of his hero Akiba Rubinstein, Gelfand explains how he thinks during the game." ECF Book of the Year. 20.00

3547. Gerzadowicz (S.): Thinkers' Chess. A Compendium of Games.

Thinkers' Press, US 1995. 1st. p/b. F. 151pp. 27 games of amateurs arranged by themes, annotated by the US correspondence chess master, including humour, tips for improvement etc. (A.) 7.00

496. Golombek (H.): Fifty Great Games of Modern Chess.

Bell 1942. 1st Edn. G, with a panel of the front jacket laid on front cover. 88pp. A selection of annotated games from 1900 to 1940. 7.00

5925. Gormally (Danny): Calculate Like a Grandmaster. Learn from the World-class Attacking Players.

Batsford 2010. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 256pp. 39 annotated games. The British GM includes anecdotes and reminiscences from his own colourful chess career, and annotates the games of Tal, Shirov, Topalov, Morozevich, Anand, and others. (A.) 12.00

388. Harding (T.): Winning at Correspondence Chess.

Batsford 1996. p/b. VG. 176pp. (A.) Includes biographies and games of leading CC players. 7.00

5463. Harding (T.D.) Ed: Games of World Correspondence Chess Championships I - VII.

Batsford, 1979. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket slightly faded on spine). 152pp. "Contains over 700 games", with informator-style notes, and full crosstables of the seven events and preliminary groups played between 1950 & 1976. (A.) 10.00

4708. Harding (Tim): Eminent Victorian Chess Players. Ten Biographies.

McFarland, US 2012. Large p/b, Fine. 400pp., many illustrations from old photos and drawings., over 160 games, many annotated. Includes 6 appendices including career records and career of Mephisto, extensive chapter notes, bibliography, indices of images, opponents, openings, general index. (A.) Comprises the biographies of Captain Evans, Staunton, Lowenthal, Bird, Skipworth, Steinitz, Blackburne, Zukertort, Burn, Gunsberg. The author has combined deep reading in primary sources with genealogical research to reveal new facts and correct previous misunderstandings. The lives of several other important figures in Victorian chess are also provided. 40.00

1093. Heidenfeld (W.): Draw! Edited with a Foreword by John Nunn.

Allen & Unwin, 1982. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 216pp. 70 annotated games spanning 100 years, all exciting draws. Completed by John Nunn after Heidenfeld's death. (A.) 25.00

5842. Hodgson (J.): Attack with GM Julian Hodgson. Book 2.

Hodgson Enterprises, 1997. p/b. VG. 128pp. 40 annotated games from 1980's & 90's, with helpful hints and amusing anecdotes. With a presentation inscription from Julian Hodgson. 12.00

1438. Horowitz (I.A.) & J.S.Battell.: The Best in Chess.

Hodder & Stoughton 1966. 1st UK Edn. Present inscription on endpaper o/w VG, d/w. 412pp. A large collection of annotated games, articles, stories, problems, selected from the best of "Chess Review" since 1933. 14.00

152. Ingram (L.C.): The Cream of Tournament Chess. Part 1 (All Published). 50 Games from the Tournaments of 1851-1878.

Chess SC, 1948. Printed paper wrappers. 75pp. G. (A) & (D). LN 3340. 9.00

4347. Jones (R.H.): 60 Years in the Same Room. A History of the Paignton Chess Congress.

Keverel Chess Books, 2010. p/b (17x24cm), VG. 157pp., 80 pictures (8 in colour), 27 charts and cross-tables, 60 games, some annotated by famous players or hitherto unpublished. A detailed story of the event itself from 1951 to the present day, sketches of ten personalities connected with the congress in some way, including Golombek, B.H.Wood, Rowena & Ron Bruce, Ritson Morry, Michael Adams & Keith Arkell, a chapter on the remarkable Singer family whose magnificent home became the venue of this annual event. (A.) 16.00

4892. Kasparov (G.) with D.Plisetsky: My Great Predecessors. Part II.

Everyman 2003. Reprinted 2012. Large hardback, VG,d/w. 480pp. 149 games annotated by Kasparov of the best games of previous World Champions Euwe, Botvinnik, Smyslov and Tal. "Kasparov explains how each champion brought his own distinctive style to the chessboard and enriched the theory of the game with new ideas." (A.) 20.00

5192. Kasparov (G.) with D.Plisetsky: My Great Predecessors. Part IV. Fischer (+ Reshevsky, Najdorf & Larsen.)

Everyman 2004. Reprinted 2015. Large hardback, VG,d/w. 496pp. 107 annotated games. Kasparov deeply analyses Fischer's greatest games and assesses his legacy. There are also lengthy sections on Reshevsky, Najdorf, and Larsen. (A.) 24.00

678. Keene (R.): The Chess Combination from Philidor to Karpov.

Pergamon 1977. 1st Edn. VG. 162pp. Includes some 40 illustrative games from all eras. 9.00

364. Keene (R.) & N.Divinsky.: Warriors of the Mind. A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board.

Hardinge Simpole 1989. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 342pp., photos. (A.) An objective ranking list of the 64 strongest players of all time, with short biographies, stylistic descriptions, and over 80 annotated games. 14.00

2845. Keene (R.) Ed.: Learn from the Grandmasters.

Batsford 1975. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 120pp. 14 players annotate one of their own best games and one that they have found most instructive. Includes Tal, Korchnoi, Larsen, Timman, Szabo, Stean, Gufeld, Kavalek. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. A scarce hardback copy. 14.00

302. Keene (R.) Ed.: Learn from the Grandmasters.

Batsford 1998. New Edn. p/b. G. 160pp. 14 players annotate one of their own best games and one that they have found most instructive. Includes Tal, Korchnoi, Larsen, Timman, Speelman, McShane. (A.) 7.00

4049. Keres (P.): Sowjetisches Schach IV 1953 - 1960. Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.36.

Hamburg 1963. Red cloth, VG. 400 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With booklet of notes. One of the scarcest in this series. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 40.00

3344. Koltanowski (G.): Chessnicdotes. Vol.1 & 2.

Chess Enterprises, US 1978-81. 2 vols, p/b's, G. 100pp each., illustrations, numerous anecdotes, 106 complete games, some by Koltanowski. (D.) & (A.) 28.00

871. Konig (I.): Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik. A Century of Chess Evolution.

Bell 1951. 1st Edn. Good (no jacket). 202pp. 107 annotated games arranged by openings. 10.00

520. Konig (I.): Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik. A Century of Chess Evolution.

Dover 1977. Reprint of 1952 work. p/b, front endpaper removed, pen notes and marks to some pages o/w G. 202pp. 107 annotated games arranged by openings. 5.00

1068. Korn (W.): America's Chess Heritage. From Benjamin Franklin to Bobby Fischer and Beyond.

McKay, NY 1978. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 302pp. Numerous annotated games, much biographical, historical, and other material. 13.00

1202. Lasker (Ed.): Chess Strategy.

Bell, 1931. Repr. G. 282pp. 48 illustrative games mostly from 1908-14. 10.00

4097. Leach (C.): Chess in the USSR 1945-72. Part 3. Sicilian Defence I.

1994. p/b. VG. 76pp. 214 games with languageless notes. (A.) Includes closed Sicilian games and open games where black plays 2...Nc6, 4...Nf6 and 5...d6. 7.00

683. Levy (D.): Learn Chess from the World Champions.

Pergamon 1984. Repr. p/b, VG. 206pp. A collection of writings by world champions from Philidor to Karpov, plus 34 games annotated by them. 12.00

600. Levy (D.) & K.O'Connell: Oxford Encyclopaedia of Chess Games. Vol.1 1485-1866.

OUP 1981. Only Edn. VG, d/w. 527pp. Some 4000 games plus openings and players index. (A.) Originally pub at 40. No more volumes were published. 25.00

1285. Lombardy (W.): Snatched Opportunities on the Chessboard.

Batsford 1973. 1st UK Edn. VG, d/w. 340pp. 200 quick victories in master games mostly from the 1960's, grouped by openings. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 12.00

376. Lombardy (W.) & D.Daniels.: Chess Panorama.

Chilton Book Co., US 1975. 1st Edn. VG, d/w (torn at top of spine). 196pp. A collection of entertaining anecdotes and games. 12.00

3898. Marshall (F.J.): Comparative Chess.

McKay, US 1932. 1st Edn. Red cloth, remains of paper label on covers otherwise good. 2 plates, 145pp. One of Marshall's scarcer titles. Includes chapters on US team at Prague 1931, Gallery of World Champions with selection of annotated games, other games, analyses of openings, reflections and advice for students. 40.00

1496. McDonald (N.): Modern Chess Miniatures.

Cadogan 1995. p/b. Fine. 150pp. Over 50 annotated miniatures grouped by themes. (A.) 7.00

5835. McDonald (Neil): Chess Secrets: The Giants of Power Play: Topalov, Geller, Bronstein, Alekhine and Morphy.

Everyman Chess, 2009. p/b, VG. 239pp., 88 annotated games. (A.) 12.00

5840. McDonald (Neil): Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy: Kramnik, Karpov, Petrosian, Capablanca and Nimzowitsch.

Everyman Chess, 2007. p/b, VG. 256pp., numerous annotated games. (A.) "An entertaining and instructive guide to chess strategy." 12.00

1625. Mednis (E.): Strategic Chess. Mastering the Closed Game.

Dover, USA 1999. Reprint. p/b. VG. 236pp. 30 annotated games from the 1970s and 80s with very instructive analysis. (A.) 10.00

3564. Moran (P.): The World Chess Championship: Steinitz to Alekhine.

Batsford, 1986. Revised English Edn. p/b, paper slightly yellow o/w VG. 204pp. Introductions and all games from the matches from 1886 to 1937, some annotated. (A.) 9.00

499. Nunn (J.) & W.Cozens.: The King-Hunt.

Batsford 1996. p/b. Fine. 160pp. 55 games of the most exciting king-hunts from the last 150 years. New algebraic edition of Cozens' 1970 work. 8.00

4378. Padsalgikar (Tamannacharya): The Game of Chess (Native and Western Methods). Originally Published in the Marathi Language.

Sangli, India, March 1941. English Version by Vijay D.Pandit, Mumbai Oct.2009. The Chess Player, Nottingham 2009. New p/b. 136pp. Includes information on Indian tournaments, mainly of the 1920s and 1930s and 18 brief biographies of Indian players, most unknown in the West, with a selection of games, and a bibliography of Indian chess books up to 1941. (A.) Limited to 100 numbered copies. 18.00

4851. Pritchett (C.): Great Chess Romantics.

Everyman 2013. p/b, Fine copy. 319pp. 35 annotated games. An in-depth look at the play of Anderssen, Chigorin, Reti, Larsen and Morozevich. (A.) 14.00

624. Reinfeld (F.): A Treasury of British Chess Masterpieces.

Chatto & Windus 1950. 1st Edn. Wear on corners o/w G. With a chess bookplate. 244pp. 100 annotated games by British players from 1798 to 1947. 12.00

1197. Reinfeld (F.): Great Games by Chess Prodigies.

Collier Books, NY 1972. 2nd printing. p/b, VG. 246pp. 56 annotated games by Morphy, Capablanca, Reshevsky & Fischer. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 10.00

87. Renaud (G.) & V.Kahn.: The Art of Checkmate.

Bell 1955. 1st UK Edn. G. 208pp. Includes 82 complete games and numerous positions and exercises grouped by mating themes. 9.00

247. Roche (W.L.) & A.F.Battersby.: Chess for the Rank and File.

Littlebury & Co.,Worcester 1947. 1st Edn. VG, with jacket torn with loss of most of spine paper. 76pp. Includes sections on endgames, combinations, general advice, and 30 correspondence chess games, including 9 which won D.V.Hooper the British Correspondence Championship. Quite scarce. 15.00

3911. Romanovsky (P.): Mittelshpill plan.

Moscow 1960. 1st Edn. VG. 263pp. Includes many annotated games and positions on middlegame play. 10.00

1493. Sergeant (P.W.): Championship Chess.

McKay, Philadelphia n.d.(c.1940). 1st Edn. VG. 217pp. Several chapters about the world championship itself and the masters involved plus 52 annotated games from World Championship matches from 1843 to 1937. 14.00

4064. Soltis (A.): Karl Marx Plays Chess and Other Reports on the World's Oldest Game.

McKay, US 1991. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 305pp. Drawn from his column in "Chess Life", a large anthology of miscellaneous articles and trivia, including many miniature games, lots on Fischer etc. (A.) 10.00

5772. Soltis (A.) & G.H.McCormick: The United States Chess Championship, 1845-1985.

McFarland, US 1986. 1st Edn. Hardback, VG. 296pp., photos, includes many annotated games, crosstables and summaries for most tournaments. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 24.00

510. Soltis (A.) & G.H.McCormick: The United States Chess Championship, 1845-1996.

McFarland, US 2006. 2nd Edn. Hardback (18 x 26cm), VG. 233pp., photos, includes many annotated games, crosstables. (A.) 40.00

1516. Sprecher (S.): Schachkunst in der UdSSR. Ubersetzt aus dem Russischen von P.Pschebilski.

Wien, 1947. 1st German Edn. Spine torn with loss of paper, some pencil notes o/w internally good. 208pp., 51 annotated games (from 1944-47), photos, tournament tables. 14.00

712. Stahlberg (G.): Chess and Chessmasters. Trans & Ed: H.Golombek.

Bell 1955. 1st English Edn (with additional sections not in the Swedish edn.) VG,d/w. 131pp. A section on the leading Masters from Lasker onwards with 44 annotated games. "May be regarded as a sequel to Reti's Masters of the Chessboard." Scarce work. 24.00

5589. Staunton and others: The American Chess Player's Handbook. Based on the Work of Staunton and Modern Authorities. Teaching the Rudiments of the Game and Giving an Analysis of All the Recognized Openings. Illustrated by Appropriate Games actually Played...

John C.Winston Company, Philadelphia, 1934. Revised Edn. Red cloth, VG, d/w. 256pp. Many games from Morphy through to Alekhine. 9.00

3669. Summerscale (A.& C.): Interview with a Grandmaster.

Everyman 2001. p/b. VG. 144pp. Interesting interviews with 9 GM's, each with their own best game, and one that they consider the best ever played. Includes Adams, Short, Hodgson, Rowson, Sofia Polgar, Seirawan, Khalifman, Lautier & Sutovsky. (A.) 12.00

2693. Tartakower (Dr.S.) & J.Du Mont.: 500 Master Games of Chess.

Dover reprint, 1975. p/b, VG. pp 665, plus index of players. All games with notes and arranged by opening. An unsurpassed selection of games ranging over 150 years. 15.00

115. Tartakower (S.): A Breviary of Chess. Translated by J. Du Mont.

Routledge 1956. 6th impression. VG, d/w (some paper loss to corners). 267pp. Includes about 80 illustrative games. 10.00

4050. Trifunovic (P.): Jugoslawisches Schach II. Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.38.

Hamburg 1965. Red cloth, slight fading of spine lettering o/w VG. 482 games with a diagram every 5 moves. Without the two booklets of notes and biographies. One of the scarcest in this series. With two bookplates of the BCF/ECF, Golombek collection. 30.00

5735. Tukmakov (Vladimir): Modern Chess Preparation. Getting Ready for Your Opponent in the Information Age.

New In Chess, 2012. p/b, Fine. 286pp. Includes 91 annotated games ranging from 1891 to 2011. 3 main sections - The Evolution of Preparation, games up to the 1980s - The Computer Era, games since 2000. - Deciding Games, where everything depends on the result. (A.) 16.00

4036. Utterberg (C.): The Dynamics of Chess Psychology.

Chess Digest 1994. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 219pp. Chapters include: philosophical foundations, importance of aesthetics, The Italian School, Philidor, the Romantics (1821-59), the Classical Era (1859-1927), the Modern Game (1927-57), Contemporary Chess and the individual in struggle, 24 leading players and their psychological characteristics, and one or two annotated games of each. (A.) 14.00

266. Wade (R.G.): Soviet Chess.

Neville Spearman, 1968. 1st Edn. VG, d/w (slight edge wear). 288pp. A good reference work including over 120 games, biographical material, tournament tables, modern study composers, problems etc. 18.00

2983. Wade, Whiteley & Keene: The World Chess Championship Botvinnik to Kasparov.

Batsford, 1986. Revised Edn. p/b. G. 298pp. Introductions and all games from 1948 to 1985, some annotated. (A.) 10.00

135. Watts (W.H.): Chess Masterpieces. A Collection of Selected Games by World's Masters with Annotations.

Daily News (1924.) Original printed wrappers, spine backed with tape, pencil ticks to games o/w G. 58pp., photos, 50 games. 12.00

813. Wenman (P.): Games from Monte Carlo. Vol.1 (all published.)

Whitehead & Miller, Leeds 1945. 1st Edn. G, d/w (torn with paper loss on spine). 87pp. 50 games from the 1901 to 1904 tournaments. 12.00

1431. Wenman (P.): Gems of the Chess Board.

Pitman 1945. 5th Edn. Blue cloth, spine a bit faded o/w G. 57 annotated games. 5.00

352. Wenman (P.): One Hundred Chess Gems.

Leeds 1945. 5th Edn. VG,d/w (torn with loss on spine). 144pp. 100 games with brief notes, mainly from 1890's to 1910. (Also: 3rd Edn. 1942. larger size p/b. G. 7.00) 6.00

5014. Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 3: 1869.

Chess Player 2014. New p/b. 181pp., a few illustrations, 161 annotated games with sources given, comprehensive indices. Limited to 100 numbered copies. 20.00

5385. Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 5: 1871-72.

Chess Player 2018. New p/b. 143pp., illustrations, over 110 annotated games with sources given, comprehensive indices. Limited to 100 numbered copies. 20.00

5696. Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 6: 1873.

Chess Player 2019. New p/b. 136pp., illustrations, many annotated games with sources given, notes, comprehensive indices. Detailed coverage of New York chess in 1873. Limited to 100 numbered copies. 20.00

505. Winter (W.): Kings of Chess. Chess Champions of the Twentieth Century.

Carroll & Nicholson 1954. 1st Edn. VG. 271pp. Biographies of Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe and Botvinnik and selected games from the matches they played, and a photo of each player. 14.00

424. Yates (F.D.) & W.Winter: Modern Master-Play..

Printing Craft 1929. 1st Edn. Orignal purple cloth, some wear to spine edges o/w G. 105pp., brief biographies, photos, annotated games of 21 leading players of the 1920's, 2 or 3 games for each. A chess club inscription to verso of title-page. Scarce work. 24.00