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3703. 1906 OSTENDE. Ed: A.J.Gillam: The Second International Chess Tournament.

Caissa Editions, US 2005. Red cloth. Fine. 445pp., illus, 363 games, many annotated. "Finally this complex and great tournament appears just about one hundred years after it occurred. Schlechter won by a slight margin in a very complicated series of qualifying sections. Gillam worked hard with a dedicated band of helpers to track down all the known games, graced in most cases with notes, of that era. Many great players such as Lasker, Schlechter, Burn, contributed annotations. Also included are photos of most of the players plus photos of the great "Kursall" on the boardwalk at the resort city of Ostende plus a photo with the autographs of all the tournament contestants .Two slight books with only a tiny fraction of the games were published just after the tournament in the German language, but they hardly did justice to this strong event and are scarce collectors items today. Series: World's Greatest Chess Tournaments. (A.) £50.00

3993. 1909 ST.PETERSBURG. Em. Lasker: The International Chess Congress St.Petersburg 1909. Foreword by Tim Harding.

Russell Ent, US 2008. p/b, small crease to front cover corner o/w VG. 190pp. 175 games, most annotated by Lasker in his clear instructive style. 1-2 Lasker, Rubinstein 3-4 Duras, Spielmann. A world class tournament, now available for the first time in English in algebraic notation. £14.00

1890. 1927 NEW YORK. S.Tartakower: Grandmasters' Tournament. Translated & Edited by C.Leach.

Caissa Books, repr.1988. p/b. G. 38pp. 60 games, with Informator style annotations. Tartakower's original book was published in Russian only, from which the annotations are taken. 1.Capablanca 2.Alekhine 3.Nimzowitsch 4.Vidmar 5.Spielmann 6.Marshall. Each player played the others four times. (A.) £12.00

817. 1928 BAD KISSINGEN. Tartakower (Dr.S.G.): Das Grosse Internationale Schachmeisterturnier in Bad Kissingen.

BCM Classic Reprint No.21, (1982). p/b, VG. 179pp., 5pp photos, 66 annotated games, opening theory. 1.Bogoljubow 2 Capablanca 3-4 Rubinstein, Euwe. £12.00

5208. 1930 HAMBURG. A.J.Gillam: Chess Olympiad Hamburg 1930. Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.112

Chess Player 2016. P/b, slight damage to front cover o/w VG. 312 pages, approx. 181 illustrations and 167 diagrams; 605 games were played (7 were defaulted) - this book has by far the biggest collection made so far with over 380 games and positions; an article on each of the teams; details of the FIDE meeting; lots of annotations; indexes of illustrations, openings and players; 4 games from the Women's world championship held alongside the Olympiad. Now out of print. £20.00

2901. 1936 MOSCOW. Translated & Edited by J.Adams: Moscow 1936 International Chess Tournament.

Caissa Editions, US 1998. Translation of the original 1937 Russian book. Red cloth, VG. 245pp. 90 games, annotated by many of the players, openings survey, account of the tournament. 1.Capablanca 2.Botvinnik 3.Flohr. Series: World's Greatest Chess Tournaments Vol.2. (A.) £50.00

5982. 1948 THE HAGUE/MOSCOW. Euwe (Max): Match Tournament for the World Chess Championship. Foreword by Hans Ree.

Russell Ent., USA 2013. 1st English Edn. p/b, Fine. 240pp., photos, 50 games annotated by Euwe, round by round reports, previous games between the players, lead-up to the tournament by J.Hannak. 1.Botvinnik 2 Smyslov 3-4 Reshevsky, Keres 5 Euwe. £18.00

3844. 1964 USSR Zonal Tournament. A.Karklins: Modern Grandmaster Chess as Exemplified in the 1964 USSR Zonal Tournament.

Chicago Chess Books, 1974. 1st Edn. VG (without jacket). 119pp., photo of each player. All 42 games analysed in depth by USCF Master Karklins. 7-player double-round event - 1 Spassy 2-3 Stein, Bronstein 4 Kholmov 5-6 Korchnoi, Suetin 7 Geller. A very strong Soviet event! A scarce title. £25.00

5992. 1976-77 HASTINGS.: Ladbrokes 52nd Hastings International Chess Congress 1976 - 1977.

Bulletins of play by P.C.Griffiths (1977). Large p/b, stapled, G. 24pp., 105 games plus a few from the Challengers. Premier: 1 Romanishin 2 Kagan 3 Tarjan. (A.) £9.00

5654. 1982 LUZERN. Ed: P.Muller-Breil: Schacholympiade Luzern 1982.

Verlag Paul Tschudi, Zug 1984. Maroon cloth, Fine with coloured jacket illustrating the entire playing hall. 303pp., numerous photos throughout, large selection of annotated games, 165 diagrams with combinations, full team statistics. A nice production. £28.00

4058. 1993 MUNICH. H.Metz: Das SKA-Mephisto Turnier Munchen 1993.

Edition Olms, Zurich 1994. Large hardback, VG. 125pp., many photos, interviews, commentary, 66 games, some annotated by the players. 1 Shirov 2 Gelfand 3 Gurevich. (A.) In German. £16.00

5987. 1997 DORTMUND. D.Kohlmeyer: Schachelite in Dortmund. Sparkassen Chess-Meeting '97.

Verlag Bock & Kubler, Berlin 1997. Large hardback, VG, d/w. 96pp, many photos, a few coloured, various articles, interviews, 45 games, some annotated, plus some from other events. 1 Kramnik 2 Anand 3-4 Topalov, Ivanchuk. A very strong event - Judit Polgar, Karpov, and Short also played. (A.) A high-quality production on glossy paper. £18.00

4248. 2007-08 REGGIO EMILIA: M.Marin & Y.Garrett: Reggio Emilia 2007/2008 The Golden Jubilee Tournament.

Quality Chess 2009. 1st English Edn. p/b, VG. 288pp., photos, interviews, lengthy introductions, crosstables of previous 49 tournaments, 45 games annotated by the players or authors. (A.) £16.00

168. ALEKHINE (A.): My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923. Translated from the Original French Manuscripts by J. Du Mont and M.E. Goldstein.

Bell 1928. First reprinted edition. VG, apart from a little foxing to page block edges. Previous owner name and address on endpaper. Portrait, 267pp. 100 annotated games. Regarded as one of the best chess books ever written, for the brilliant games and annotations. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £18.00

4544. ANDERSSEN. Ed: S.Pickard: The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen. Master of Attack. With Annotations Gathered from the Old Masters. Revised & Expanded by Ron Burnett.

Pickard & Son, US 1996. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 349pp. 897 games with Informator style notes (only 94 draws!) Also 80 problems composed by Anderssen and a Memorial essay from 1879 here translated into English for the first time. (A.) £16.00

1148. Baird (Mrs.W.J.): Seven Hundred Chess Problems.

Henry Sotheran, 1902. Only Edn. Roy8vo (195 x 280mm), original blue cloth, gilt, all edges gilt, a very good copy. Half-title, frontispiece portrait, preface, list of prize problems, 700 problems printed 2 to-a-page in red and blue, with ruled borders, followed by solutions at end, and farewell poem. LN 2549. A beautiful copy of a scarce and most attractively produced work. £300.00

3026. Baird (Mrs.W.J.): The Twentieth Century Retractor, Chess Fantasies, and Letter Problems. Being a Selection of Three Hundred Problems. Enriched with Shakespearean Quotations.

Henry Sotheran, 1907. Only Edn. 4to (200 x 280mm), original maroon cloth, gilt, gilt edges, gold and floral endpapers, very slight edge wear, otherwise a Very Good Copy. Half-title, frontispiece portrait, preface, 300+ problems printed 1 to-a-page in red and blue, with decorative ruled borders, followed by solutions at end, and farewell poem. LN 2577. A scarce and most attractively produced work. £450.00

5368. Bland (W.R.) Editor: Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory, 1882.

Bemrose & Sons, (1882). (2nd Annual Edn.) Original green cloth, VG. pp x,111, (3) adverts. Includes list of subscribers, various articles, details of chess club in England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland, Chess Associations, London Chess Resorts (cafes etc.), First Class Players, chess periodicals and publications with chess columns, Continental chess resorts, 28 prize problems, Laws of the Game. With an inscription on endpaper with compliments of Leeds Mercury chess editor. Very scarce. LN 5893. (The Annual was continued by Rowland in 1889.) £120.00

692. Bonham (R.W.) & R.D.Wormald.: Chess Questions Answered.

Jordan 1945. 1st Edn. Small p/b, G. 137pp. 200 questions and answers on the endgame and 150 on some K-pawn openings. £7.00

1654. BREYER. I.Bottlik: Gyula Breyer (1893 - 1921). Sein Leben, Werk und Schaffen fur die Erneuerung des Schachs.

Schachfirma Fruth, 1999. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 179pp., photos, playing record, biography, many annotated games. Scarce title. £20.00

2438. BRONSTEIN. Vainstein (B.S.): David Bronstein - Chess Improviser.

Pergamon Press, 1983. 1st English Edn. Hardback, VG, paper is very slightly yellowed as often found. 194pp. "The author describe's Bronstein's meteoric rise to the chess heights, with the help of 28 remarkable annotated games. Then Bronstein himself annotates all the games from his dramatic 1951 match with Botvinnik." 52 games in all. A scarce work. (A.) With a small label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. £25.00

1913. CANAL. A.Zichichi: Esteban Canal.

Brescia, 1991. 1st Edn. Large p/b. VG. 151pp., biography, photos, many annotated games of Canal, also many of his articles from magazines. Peruvian-born player, made Italy his home after WW1, made an honorary GM. Scarce book. £20.00

2908. CAPABLANCA. E.Winter: Capablanca. A Compendium of Games, Notes, Articles, Correspondence, Illustrations and Other Rare Archival Materials on the Cuban Genius José Raúl Capablanca, 1888-1942.

McFarland, US 2011. (Reprint of 1989 hardback). p/b, crease on front cover corner, a few words yellow highlighted o/w VG. 349pp., plates showing 26 rare photos. Definitive compilation of archival materials. £20.00

833. CHAROUSEK (Rudolf). Charuchin (V.A.): Chess Comet Charousek.

Schachfirma Fruth (1998). 1st Edn. VG. 289pp. 250 games with Informator style notes, biography, indexes, photos. (A.) £24.00

5984. Christmas Series No.1. Edited by Alain C.White: Supplement to Chess Lyrics.

J.H.Graham, Prescott, Ont. 1906. p/b, stapled, some foxing to covers, partly split on spine, the staples are rusty and last two leaves are nearly detached. Page 481 to 498. Contains 8 additional problems, errata, notes, and index. (The main work did not include an Index). Scarce item. £30.00

4373. Christmas Series No.1. Mackenzie (A.F.): Chess Lyrics. A Collection of Chess Problems by A.F.Mackenzie 1887-1905. Edited by Alain C.White.

J.H.Graham, New York 1905. 1st Edn. Thick 8vo, rebound in a nice quarter brown leather, spine gilt-ruled with a black title-label, marbled boards. Without the frontispiece. pp xciv, 476, 3 page "In Memoriam" to Mackenzie at end. Comprises an introduction by White and record of Mackenzie's composing career, a long chapter by Mackenzie "Some thoughts on Problem Matters" and 282 numbered problems with solutions and notes. Two or three red pen notes. Christmas Series No.1. A scarce work and by far the thickest volume in the series. £280.00

4940. Christmas Series No.33. F.Dedrle: Echo.

Prague 1927. Large 8vo, red cloth, rebacked with original backstrip laid down, internally good.. Portrait of White, pp lxv, 136. With Merry Christmas slip. Introduction to Echo problems in Czech, English and German, 674 problems. With a stamp of the BCPS to title-page. Christmas Series No.33. £90.00

592. Clarke (P.H.): 100 Soviet Chess Miniatures.

Bell 1963. 1st Edn. VG, with the classic Bell jacket in great condition.174pp. 100 annotated games mostly from the 50's & 60's. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £16.00

3822. Depasquale (C.): My 60 Memorable Columns. Editor: Cathy Chua.

Chess World, Victoria 1995. p/b. VG. 123pp., 60 of the author's columns from the Melbourne newspaper "The Age" between 1990-95, most including a game or position, all of them memorable, entertaining or amusing. The games are not annotated but commented on in the articles. Scarce. (A.) £18.00

5981. EUWE. I & V.Linder: Max Euwe. Fifth World Chess Champion. Game Annotations by Karsten Muller.

Russell Ent., USA 2017. p/b, Fine. 240pp., photos, biography, 104 annotated games, crosstables. Includes "mini-biographies" of many of Euwe's opponents. (A.) £17.00

834. FISCHER. Hays (Lou): Bobby Fischer. Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion.

Hays, Texas,1995. Large p/b, VG. 288pp. 1043 games, some with brief notes, full playing record and indexes. "1995 edition with 101 new games." (A.) £15.00

4708. Harding (Tim): Eminent Victorian Chess Players. Ten Biographies.

McFarland, US 2012. Large p/b, Fine. 400pp., many illustrations from old photos and drawings., over 160 games, many annotated. Includes 6 appendices including career records and career of Mephisto, extensive chapter notes, bibliography, indices of images, opponents, openings, general index. (A.) Comprises the biographies of Captain Evans, Staunton, Lowenthal, Bird, Skipworth, Steinitz, Blackburne, Zukertort, Burn, Gunsberg. The author has combined deep reading in primary sources with genealogical research to reveal new facts and correct previous misunderstandings. The lives of several other important figures in Victorian chess are also provided. £40.00

41. Healey (F.): A Collection of Two Hundred Chess Problems Composed by F.Healey.

Longmans, Green 1866. 1st Edn. Original red cloth, rebacked with original backstrip laid down. Frontispiece, ppxii,266. Includes two to five movers, including some prize problems, and a list of subscribers. Two ink stamps to the frontispiece, some pencil notes. LN 2406. On the front endpaper is the signature of Capt. G.S.Nares. This was George Strong Nares, who reached the rank of Vice-Admiral of the Royal Navy and was Knighted. He was well known as an Arctic explorer and also undertook many important naval surveying expeditions. £120.00

1455. JUNGE. H.Riedl.: Das Leben und Schaffen von Klaus Junge. 1924-1945.

Schachfirma Fruth, 1995. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 208pp. photos, biography, crosstables. Includes 106 annotated games. A very strong young German player who played many tournaments in 1941-2 culminating in =1st with Alekhine at Prague 1942. He was killed in action in 1945 aged 21. A scarce title. £20.00

3733. KHOLMOV. A.Woodger: Ratmir Holmov.

Chess Player, 1999. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 96pp. Brief biography, tournament results, 64 annotated games. (A.) A strong Soviet GM mainly active in the USSR in the 1950s and 60s but continuing up to 1997. £12.00

5990. KRAMNIK. S.W.Gordon & T.Taylor: Young Lions: Vladimir Kramnik.

3 Girls Publishing, Salt Lake City, 1994. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 140pp. 308 games, 13 annotated at the end, plus 21 combinations to solve, crosstables of major events. (A.) £14.00

5985. Lancel (Edmond): Pour Apprendre á Jouer aux Échecs.

L'Echiquier, Bruxelles (1932). Very large newspaper style (43 X 57cm) four pages, folded twice, a little yellowed, a 9cm tear on one page. An introduction to playing chess, plus many adverts on the last page. A very scarce item due to it's size and fragility. LN 1569. £30.00

2004. Lasa (T.von der): Zur Geschichte und Literatur des Schachspiels.

Leipzig 1897. (Facsimile Reprint 1976.) VG. pp viii,269. His most important book, still perhaps the clearest account of the game's development in Europe from medieval times. (Oxford Companion.) £30.00

1311. LASKER: PERIODICAL: Lasker and his Contemporaries. No.1.

Thinkers' Press, Iowa, 1978. Large format p/b, VG. 34pp., illustrated. Includes several articles concerning Lasker, including Capablanca vs Lasker: Negotiating a Match; The Profundity of Lasker by Wolfgang Heidenfeld; forgotten games etc.. £12.00

4118. LASKER: PERIODICAL: Lasker and his Contemporaries. No.2.

Thinkers' Press, Iowa, 1979. Large format p/b. VG. pp 38-75, illustrated. Various articles on Lasker, some games, his 1910 Buenos Aires lectures, interview, Najdorf on Alekhine, Hannak on Schlechter, the Great Steinitz Hoax by Purdy. . £12.00

873. LASKER: PERIODICAL: Lasker and his Contemporaries. No.5.

Thinkers' Press, Iowa, 1997. Large format p/b. Fine. 64pp., illustrated. Long article on Lasker's first two months in USA 1892, others on Capt.Evans, Carlos Torre, Essential Tools for Exploring Chess History, Forgotten Games etc.. £15.00

5983. Lewis (W.): Oriental Chess, or Specimens of Hindoostanee Excellence in that Celebrated Game. Vol.1 only (of 2).

J.M.Richardson, 1817. 1st Edition. Small volume (12 x 14cm.) new green cloth, internally VG. pp (xii), 150 engraved diagrams. Many of the positions are taken from a treatise originally compiled in the Sanscrit language, along with others from the best European authors. A repair to the edge of the half-title-page. Volume 2 contains the Solutions. I believe this is the first published work of the prolific chess author William Lewis. Whyld/Ravilious, Chess Texts 1817:9. £100.00

858. Lommer (H.M.): 1357 End-Game Studies. The Best Chess Compositions 1935-1973.

Pitman, 1975. 1st Edn. VG, d/w (jacket spine a bit faded). 234pp. The studies are classified by pieces, with index of names and sources. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £20.00

1817. Pennell (M.): Chessmen and Intellectual Property.

Venezia, 1993. Large p/b, VG. 24pp., 52 line illustrations of chesspieces. Published as a Supplement to "Scacchi e Scienze Applicate." The author, a Senior Examiner at the British Patents Office, discusses some 9 classes of Patented Chessmen. Scarce item. £18.00

3332. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Number 2.

Sept.1993. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b. VG. 123pp, illus. Includes articles on leading Russian trainer Dvoretsky, chess studies in the computer age, Wolff on winning the US Championship, Hochberg on chess literature anthologies, Edward Winter reviews 6 books on the Fischer-Spassky 1992 match, Brady reviews the film "Searching for Bobby Fischer. (A.) £15.00

3333. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Number 3.

Dec.1995. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b, VG. 125pp, illus. Includes articles on "The Immortal Game" Anderssen-Kieseritzky 1851 by Hubner, Dvoretsky analyses a Capablanca-Alekhine endgame, chess fiction and problems of Nabokov, a detailed review of rating systems by Mark Glickman, book reviews. (A.) £15.00

2555. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Premiere Issue.

Dec.1992. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b, VG. 127pp, illus. Includes large section "Observations and Reflections" by T.Hanke on the 1992 Fischer-Spassky match, also Anand-Ivanchuk match, new documents on the 1927 New York tournament, new analysis of Fischer-Keres, Bled 1961 game. (A.) £15.00

5959. Reti (R.): Masters of the Chess Board. Translated from the German by M.A.Schwendemann.

Bell 1933. 1st Edn. Small splits on joints, some underlining and a few notes. 211pp. 66 games, biographies and styles of the great masters from Anderssen to Alekhine. "One of the finest works on the game." £8.00

5991. SAMISCH. H.Wieteck: Schach- und Lebenskunstler Friedrich Samisch.

Erich Munster verlag, Nurnberg 1987. 1st Edn. p/b, Fine. 63pp., brief biography, 40 annotated games. A strong German GM particularly active in the 1920s and 30s. £12.00

560. SIMAGIN. A.Woodger: Vladimir Simagin.

Chess Player, 2000. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 99pp. Biography, 76 annotated games. (A.) A strong Soviet GM active mainly within the USSR in 1940s to 1960s. £12.00

2160. Staunton (H.): The Chess-Player's Text Book: A Concise and Easy Introduction to the Game. Revised by E.E.Cunnington.

John Jaques & Son, n.d.(c.1910) Original red cloth, wear to covers with patchy fading, internally good. pp viii,132, plus (4) adverts. £9.00

2346. SULTAN KHAN. Coles (R.N.): Mir Sultan Khan.

BCM Quarterly No.10. 1965. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 92pp., biography, tournament record, 60 annotated games. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £10.00

3182. Sutherland (M.A.) & H.M.Lommer: 1234 Modern End-Game Studies. With Appendix containing 24 Additional Studies.

Printing Craft, n.d.(1938.) 1st Edn. Dark blue cloth, cover slightly scuffed o/w VG. 383pp. Arranged systematically by pieces. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £25.00

464. TAIMANOV (M.): Taimanov's Selected Games. Trans & Ed: K.Neat.

Cadogan 1995. Large p/b, VG. 198pp. 60 annotated games grouped by strategical motif and revealing his personal approach to chess. (A.) £14.00

58. TAL. Clarke (P.H.): Mikhail Tal's Best Games of Chess.

Bell, 1969. Reprint. VG, with red jacket. 195pp. 50 games from the period 1951 to 1960. £12.00

5989. TEICHMANN. H.Wieteck: Richard Teichmann und das Zweite Internationale Schachturnier in Karlsbad 1911.

Dreier, Ludwigshafen 1999. 1st Edn. Hardback, glazed boards, VG. 139pp., 69 games, of which 55 annotated. Includes brief biography and all of Teichmann's games from Karlsbad 1911, a 26 player tournament which he won ahead of Rubinstein and Schlechter. (A.) Limited to 555 numbered copies. £20.00

2394. TEICHMANN. J.Spence: The Chess Career of Richard Teichmann. Revised Edition Edited by A.J.Gillam.

Chess Player, 1995. p/b. VG. 79pp., biography, playing record, 142 lightly annotated games. Greatly enlarged from the 1st Edn. £16.00