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5897. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Smith (Andrew): Off the Board Chess. The Best Games & Chess Experiences of Andrew Smith (FM)..

Self published, 2021. Large hardback (22 x 30cm). 413pp., coloured photographic endpapers, 153 annotated games, numerous amusing anecdotes. The author was part of the English chess boom of the 1970's and the games are from that period up to 2004, and feature many against well known British players. (A.) 20.00

5889. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: Fulton (Anthony): The Southern Counties Chess Union - A Retrospective. An Authoritative Account of the Major Episodes of the first 125 Years of the Southern Counties Chess Union.

2022. New p/b. 383pp. Packed with information and statistics. A significant contribution to English chess history. With a lengthy bibliography and results sources. 16.00

5886. ---- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.VI. No.23.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2021. New h/b. 572pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Bogoljubov: Denazification Updated by Prof. Bernd-Peter Lange; Chess biography: The Early Chess Career of F. D. Yates (Part Five: Summer 1910); Forgotten Chess Tournaments - Tournament Research 1923-24 by Tony Gillam ; Classical Chess Matches: H. Staunton vs. D. Harrwitz Duels (1846 and 1853); Great Chess Players series: De La Bourdonnais, Staunton, Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine, Euwe; Ireland vs. Yorkshire Correspondence Chess Match, 1908-1909; Women's Chess- Louisa Matilda Ballard Fagan: Part Seven: 1905, Chess Women Notes; Chess Miscellany; Chess Research; Chess reviews on Louis Paulsen and Steinitz in London books; Chess Problems - Zadachy y Etyudy (1927-1930) by Alain Pallier; many contributions are by Vlastimil Fiala. 403 games in all, some lightly annotated; (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) 30.00

3608. -----: FIDE ALBUM 1980 - 1982 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1988. p/b, VG. 431pp. 1083 problems & studies, index of themes & composers. 18.00

1637. 1899 LONDON: The Book of the London International Chess Congress.

BCM Classic Reprint (1967) of the original 1900 edition. p/b, VG. pp liv, 232. 202 games. 1.Lasker 2-4 Janowsky, Maroczy, Pillsbury. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 15.00

4738. 1903 VIENNA. J.Spence: Vienna Gambit Tournament 1903. Annotations by G.Marco.

Chess Player No.67. (1968). Card covers, black spine. G. 55pp. 90 games with brief notes. All games were King's Gambit. 1 Tchigorin 2 Marshall 3 Marco. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 15.00

1414. 1937 EUWE - ALEKHINE. Alekhine (A.A.): The World's Chess Championship 1937. Ed: H.Golombek.

Pitman 1938. 1st Edn. Original yellow cloth, covers have patchy fading o/w G. 203pp., 2 plates, 25 games, plus 5 exhibition games, annotated by Alekhine & Euwe. With a label of the ECF collection. 14.00

4081. 1939-1940 EUWE - KERES. Dr.Max Euwe: Euwe-Keres 1939/40. Officieel Matchboek.

De Schaakwereld (Amsterdam), 1940. 1st Edn. Original card covers with d/w, tape repair to head and foot of spine o/w VG. 63pp. 14 match games, 5 previous encounters, all annotated. Keres won 7.5-6.5. LN 5135. 30.00

1579. 1946 BARCELONA. R.Llorens: Torneo Internacional de Barcelona. Organizado por el Club Ajedrez Barcelona en Conmemoracion de sus Bodas de Plata.

(1947.) Roy8vo, original coloured wrappers, spine with small paper loss at head and foot o/w G. 223pp., errata slip, photos, 91 annotated games with Spanish notation, history of Barcelona chess club, results of previous tournaments, round by round reports. With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. 1.Najdorf 2.Janofsky. LN 5672. 35.00

477. 1946 GB v USSR. Klein (E.) & W.Winter: The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match.

Pitman 1947. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 119pp., illus. 12 board double-round match won 18-6 by the Soviets. An attractive little book with biographies of the players, background information on the match, the 24 games annotated by Klein, theoretical review. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 28.00

1413. 1946 MOSCOW v PRAGUE.: Chess Match.

Chess SC, 1946. p/b, covers dusty and torn at foot of spine o/w G. 60pp. 72 games. Moscow won 51.5 - 20.5. (A.) (The first half of the match was played in Prague, the second in Moscow.) With a small label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. 8.00

1242. 1946 PRAGUE. H.Golombek: Prague 1946.

"Chess" SC, n.d. (c.1950.) 1st Edn. Roy8vo, original cloth, spine faded o/w G. 115pp. 91 annotated games. 1.Najdorf 2-3 Stoltz, Trifunovic. (A.) Not in LN 1955 catalogue. Betts 25-174. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. 28.00

767. 1949 TRENCANSKE TEPLICE. C.Kottnauer & others: Mezinarodni Mistrovsky Turnaj na Pamet Richarda Retiho.

Praha 1951. 1st Edn. Original cloth-backed boards, G with d/w (torn with some loss on top edge). 8pp photos, 304pp. 190 annotated games. 20 players. LN 5785. 1.Stahlberg 2-3.Pachman, Szabo. With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. 20.00

957. 1950 MOSCOW. (18th USSR Ch.) Barcza & Toth: XVIII Szovjet Sakkbajnoksag.

Kecskemet 1951. Original blue cloth, spine faded, paper yellowed as usual, o/w G. 111pp. 153 games. 1.Keres. With two bookplates of the BCF/ECF, Golombek collection. 18.00

2926. 1955 MOSCOW. H.Golombek: XXII USSR Chess Championship.

BCM (1956). p/b. G. 80pp. 197 games, with brief notes, introduction to each round. 1-2 Geller (won play-off), Smyslov. (A.) (In same format as BCM Quarterly series.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. 18.00

5730. 1964 KRAKOW. J.Sajtar: XIth World Student Team Chess Championship. Results.

Prague (1964). p/b. G. 83pp., photos, full results, selection of annotated games. 1 USSR 2 Czechoslovakia 3 Hungary. (A.) With withdrawn label of Chess Centre Ltd., Golombek collection. 14.00

5874. 1967 MOSCOW (50th Anniversary tournament).: Medjunarodni Turnir Velemajstora Moskva.

M.Petronic, Beograd 1967. p/b, VG. 57pp. 153 games. 1 Stein 2-5 Bobotsov, Giplis, Smyslov, Tal. One of the strongest tournaments of the era. 10.00

1768. 1970-71: J.D.Slater Young Masters Tournament, Hastings, 1971. England v West Germany, Cheltenham, 1971. Holland v England, Flushing, 1970.

Ed: L.Pickett, Pub: R.G.Wade (1971). Large p/b, stapled. VG. (19pp.) 95 games in all. (A.) Limited Edn of 250. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. 20.00

3456. 1978 BUENOS AIRES. (23rd Olympiad.) Bilek (I.): Gyozelmunk a Sakkolimpian.

Sport Budapest 1979. Large octavo, VG, d/w (a little frayed at top). 267pp., photos. Results and annotated games of the Hungarian teams, plus selection of other games. With 2 bookplates of the BCF/ECF, Golombek collection. 18.00

4105. 1978 NIKSIC: Ed: Wade & H.Thomas.

Master Chess (1978). p/b. VG. (24)pp. 66 games, with informator style notes by S.Taulbut. 1-2 Gulko, Timman 3 Vaganian. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. 4.00

2327. 1978 TILBURG: 2e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

Amsterdam 1979. p/b, spine faded o/w G. 160pp., photos, 66 annotated games. 1 Portisch 2 Timman 3-5 Dzindzichasjvili, Hubner, Miles. 10.00

1902. 1979 BUENOS AIRES. A.J.Miles: Second Clarin Tournament.

Chess Player 1980. p/b. G. 56pp. 91 games. 1.Larsen 3pts clear. 2-5 Andersson, Miles, Najdorf, Spassky. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. 7.00

5880. 1982 HAMBURG.: FIDE TV-World Cup 1982.

R.G.Wade, (1982.) p/b, VG. 8pp.,28 games. 2 groups of 4 players, Karpov beating Spassky 2.5-1.5 in the final. (A.) With a label of the ECF, Wade collection. 5.00

4507. 1982 TOLUCA.: Interzonal.

R.G.Wade (1982). p/b. VG. 24pp., printed on green paper, 91 games. 1-2 Torre, Portisch 3 Spassky. (A.) With a label of the ECF, Golombek collection. 5.00

5879. 1984 TILBURG: Miles Wins Tilburg 1984.

GM Editions (1984.) p/b. G. 20pp., printed on yellow paper, 66 games. 1 Miles 2-5 Hubner, Tukmakov, Ribli, Beliavsky. Also 14 games from Women's World Championship match, Chiburdanidze beat Levitina 8.5-5.5. (A.) With a label of the ECF, Golombek collection at the back. 6.00

2294. 1984-85 & 1985 KARPOV-KASPAROV. Averbakh & Taimanov: The World Chess Championship Moscow 1984/85 & Moscow 1985.

Raduga Pub., Moscow 1986. 1st English Edn. Hardback, VG. 256pp., photos. (A.) The 48 game aborted match and rematch which Kasparov won 13-11. All games annotated, plus interviews and essays. A good book on these two epic matches. 12.00

2396. 1985 TILBURG: 9e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

1985. p/b. VG. 64pp., photos, 56 games. 1-3 Hubner, Korchnoi, Miles. 8.00

4185. 1986 TILBURG: 10e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

1986. p/b. VG. 103pp., photos, 56 games. 1 Belyavsky 2 Ljubojevik 3 Karpov. 8.00

2262. 1988 TILBURG: 12th Interpolis Chess Tournament.

NIC, 1988. p/b, VG. 96pp., photos, interviews, 56 games, many annotated. 1 Karpov 2 Short. In English. (A.) 10.00

4816. 1989 ROTTERDAM. F.van der Vliet & G.den Broeder: World Cup Tournament 5. GMA Grand Prix.

Eindhoven 1989. p/b, G. 156pp., photos, reports, 121 games, most annotated. Text in English. 1 Timman 2 Karpov 3 Vaganian. (A.) 12.00

2973. 1996 AMSTERDAM: VSB Schaaktoernooi 1996.

New In Chess, 1996. Hardback, VG. 236pp., many photos, 45 games, many annotated by the players, many articles, interviews, results of previous VSB tournaments with some games. In Dutch. 1-2 Topalov, Kasparov 3-4 Anand, Short. 18.00

5705. 1996 VIENNA. D.Kohlmeyer: Schachelite in Wien. Das Bank Austria Schachfestival 1996.

Verlag Bock & Kubler, Berlin 1996. Large hardback, Fine, d/w. 112pp, photos, a few coloured, various articles, interview with Karpov, 45 games, some annotated, plus some from other events. 1-3 Karpov, Gelfand, Topalov. (A.) A high-quality production on glossy paper. 16.00

3382. ALEKHINE (A.): My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923.

Bell 1927. 1st Edn. Original dark green cloth, a good copy. Portrait, 267pp. 100 annotated games. Scarce first edition of this classic work regarded as one of the best chess books ever written, for the brilliant games and annotations. With two bookplates and signature of Sir Richard Clarke, KCB, OBE. Clarke was a high-ranking civil servant who also devised the BCF grading system. There are some marginal ink annotations possibly by Clarke. 28.00

3072. Allen (E.W.) & E.M.Hassberg (Editors): To Alain White. A Tribute from his Friends on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday, March the Third, 1945.

The Overbrook Press, Stamford, Connecticut 1945. 4to, original brown cloth, small black plastic label to foot of spine, edges a little rubbed otherwise good. Portrait of White, pp (viii), 77, (1). 143 problems. Loose 4pp printed insert "A Note of Thanks from Alain White" Aug.3 1945. The book was printed to commemorate the 65th birthday of Alain White. With 3 stamps of the British Chess Problem Society to endpapers. Edition Limited to 300 copies. 140.00

2862. Berger (J.): Probleme Studien und Partien von J.Berger 1862-1912.

Veit & Co., Leipzig 1914. 1st Edn. Original printed wrappers, spine backed with later blue tape, wear to foot of spine, internally good. Portrait, pp xii, 253, (3) adverts. An accomplished player, problem and study composer, he also edited the "Deutsche Schachzeitung." This scarce book comprises 240 problems, 52 studies, 120 games with brief notes. With a label from the library of Dr. E.E.Zepler. With 2 stamps of the BCPS library. LN 2628. 65.00

4668. Birgfeld (E.) Editor: Fata Morgana A Study in "White-to-Play" Selfmates with about 950 Examples (c.700 Originals.) With Assistance of Dawson, Massmann, Nanz & Pauly.

A.Stein, Berlin 1922. 1st Edn. Large 8vo, original grey cloth-backed boards, spine is worn with splits on joints, binding a bit loose, contents good. 396pp., introduction in English and German, main text in German only. With a prize label awarded to A.W. Mongredien, and several stamps of the British Chess Problem Society. L/N 2666. 50.00

134. CAPABLANCA.: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.14. Jose Raoul Capablanca.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1963. Red cloth, VG. 571 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 24.00

832. Chernev (I.): The 1000 Best Short Games of Chess. A Treasury of Masterpieces in Miniature.

Hodder & Stoughton 1957. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 555pp. 1000 games with brief notes, arranged by various themes. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 18.00

409. Chernev (I.): The Golden Dozen. The Twelve Greatest Chess Players of All Time.

OUP 1976. 1st Edn. Oblong hardback, G,d/w (a bit faded on spine). 331pp. 115 annotated games and superb photos. With a bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. 14.00

3489. Christmas Series No.24. Heathcote (G.): Chess Idylls. A Collection of Problems by Godfrey Heathcote. Edited by M.Marble, A.C.White & G.Hume.

Stroud, 1918. Original dark red cloth, VG. 299pp. 300 problems, lengthly introduction, notes and prize list. Without Christmas slip. With a label of the BCPS to endpaper and a gift inscription. Christmas Series No.24. 90.00

1479. Christmas Series No.25. White (A.C.): A.C.W. Flights of Fancy in the Chess World. Ed: George Hume.

Leeds, 1919. Green cloth, "A.C.W." on front cover and spine, VG. 158pp, plate. Without Christmas slip. With a list of titles for sale, nos.1-25. A reprint of light-hearted sketches, most carrying problems. Usually bound in red cloth. With a stamp of the BCPS library to endpapers. Christmas Series No.25. 100.00

215. Christmas Series No.26. Sim (M.) G.Hume & A.C.White.: D.J.Densmore and the Densmore Memorial Tourney 1918.

Stroud 1920. Red cloth, a small black number to foot of spine o/w VG. 2 portraits. 239pp., biography of Densmore, review of his work, 50 of his problems, and 85 from the Memorial tourney. With Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.26. 65.00

4940. Christmas Series No.33. F.Dedrle: Echo.

Prague 1927. Large 8vo, red cloth, split on joints, loose, spine worn, internally good.. Portrait of White, pp lxv, 136. With Christmas slip. Introduction to Echo problems in Czech, English and German, 674 problems. With a stamp of the BCPS to title-page. Christmas Series No.33. 60.00

532. Christmas Series No.35. White (A.C.): The Properties of Castling. Ed: G.Hume.

Stroud 1928. Red cloth, small black number to foot of spine, small light stain on front cover o/w VG. 129pp. 100 problems. With Christmas slip. With a chess club ink stamp to title-page and back endpaper. Christmas Series No.35. 60.00

1287. Christmas Series No.38. White (A.C.) & G.Hume.: Valves and Bi-Valves.

Stroud 1930. Red cloth, a black number to foot of spine o/w G. 176pp. 125 problems. With Christmas slip. With a stamp of the BCPS to front and back endpapers. Christmas Series No.38. 50.00

2349. Christmas Series No.39. White (A.C.): Problems by My Friends. Ed: George Hume & L.H.Jokisch.

Stroud, 1931. Red cloth, slight marking to foot of spine o/w G. Portraits, 251pp. 185 problems all contributed as part of a world-wide tribute to A.C.White on his 50th birthday. With Merry Christmas slip. With a label on endpaper printed "From Alain C. White" to (handwritten) C.M.Fox (of Fairy Chess fame), who also contributes a problem. Christmas Series No.39. 70.00

1860. Christmas Series No.41. Keeble (J.): An English Bohemian: A Tribute to B.G.Laws. Edited by G.Hume.

Stroud, 1933. Red cloth, small black number to foot of spine o/w VG. 176pp., biography of Laws, 113 problems. With Merry Christmas slip. With a stamp of the BCPS to endpaper. Christmas Series No.41. 60.00

3019. COLLE. F.Reinfeld: Colle's Chess Masterpieces.

Dover 1984. (Reprint of 1936 work.) p/b, VG. 92pp. 51 annotated games. 10.00

441. Cook (W.): The Chess Players' Compendium. A Practical Guide to the Openings.

Hollings 1910. 5th Edn, with a New Supplement by Alfred Emery. Roy8vo, original green cloth, back inner hinge split otherwise good. pp (v),301, 31 (Supplement), advert pages. Includes indexes of players and authorities consulted. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 18.00

2677. EUWE: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.18. Dr.Machgielis Euwe.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1959. Red cloth, VG. 488 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 28.00

223. EUWE (M.): From My Games 1920-1937. Translated and with Introductory Notes by Fred Reinfeld.

Bell 1946. Reprint. G. 234pp. 75 annotated games. Some more Euwe games are handwritten on the last two blank pages. With two bookplates and pencil signature of Sir Richard Clarke, KCB, OBE. Clarke was a high-ranking civil servant and also devised the BCF grading system. 12.00

2363. Fine (R.): Chess Marches On!

Chess Review, US 1945. 1st Edn. G. 221pp. 50 annotated games from 1941-44 each with introductory essay. With two labels of the BCF/ECF, Golombek collection. 12.00

2061. FISCHER (R.J.): My 60 Memorable Games. Selected and Fully Annotated by Bobby Fischer. With Introductions to the Games by Larry Evans.

Faber & Faber, London 1972. Reprint. Hardback, previous owner name on front endpaper otherwise VG,d/w. 384pp. The hardback has become very collectable in recent years. 24.00

5804. FISCHER. John Donaldson: Bobby Fischer and His World.

Siles Press, Los Angeles 2020. Large thick p/b, fine. 644pp., many photos, 99 annotated games, large biography. (A.) "IM Donaldson examines Fischer's life and career from his days as a child prodigy through the height of his World Championship triumph and into his tumultuous final years. Donaldson's meticulous research has uncovered previously lost games and a wealth of unknown material about Fischer... first-hand accounts, interviews, letters, and articles." 30.00

5. Foldeak (A.): Chess Olympiads.

Hungary, Corvina Press, (1968). 2nd Enlarged Edn. VG,d/w. 417pp., numerous annotated games, and full results of the first 18 Olympiads from 1927 to 1968. With a bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. 12.00

244. Freeborough (E.): Select Chess End-Games from Actual Play.

Kegan Paul &c.1895. 1st Edn. Original dark red cloth, small black label on front cover o/w G. pp viii,86. 87 examples. With a stamp of the BCPS on title-page. LN 2188. 20.00

418. Gligorich (S.): Selected Chess Masterpieces.

Pitman 1970. 1st Edn. VG, d/w.169pp. 45 annotated games from the 1960's involving leading players, each with an interesting introduction. Gligoric's first original English book. 12.00

830. Glyn (Anthony): The Dragon Variation.

Hutchinson 1969. 1st Edn. Covers slightly marked o/w G, (no jacket). 312pp. A chess and travel novel set in ten different cities. 12.00

2682. Hooper (D.) & K.Whyld.: The Oxford Companion to Chess.

OUP, 1984. 1st Edn. Hardback, G, (no jacket). 407pp. A comprehensive encyclopaedia. This edition includes some entries, game scores and compositions not used in the 2nd edn. 15.00

1851. KERES (Paul): Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.21.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1960. Red cloth, binding is slightly warped o/w VG. 500 games with a diagram every 5 moves, plus booklet of notes. 24.00

645. KERES. Neishtadt (I.): Paul Keres Chess Master Class. Trans: K.P.Neat.

Pergamon 1983. 1st English Edn. p/b, slight yellowing of paper o/w G. 182pp., photos. (A.) Using numerous examples of Keres's play...a virtual textbook on attacking play. Sections include the calculation of variations, attack, defence and counter-attack, the practical endgame. 12.00

2143. Klett (Ph.): Schachprobleme. Mit einer Einfuhrung in die Theorie des Schachproblems.

Veit, Leipzig 1878. 1st Edn. Contemporary black half leather, very rubbed, otherwise good. pp (vi), 227. 112 of Klett's problems. With a stamp of the British Chess Problem Society to title-page, old chess club label on endpaper. LN 2438. A leading exponent of the so-called Old German style of the problem art. 70.00

2193. Kotrc (J.) & K.Traxler: Schachprobleme aus den Jahren 1884-1910.

Published by the authors, Wien 1910. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth. G. 2 portraits, 46pp introduction, 110 problems of Kotrc, 137 of Traxler (two well-known Czech problemists), solutions, list of subscribers (89 copies.) With a problem solving prize label on endpaper. LN 2605. 60.00

4761. Kraemer & Zepler: Im Banne des Schachproblems. Ausgewahlte Schachaufgaben und Studien.

De Gruyter 1951. 1st Edn. p/b, wear on back cover, paper yellowed o/w G. 158pp. 198 problems and studies. LN 2958. 12.00

336. LASKER (Emanuel.) Reinfeld & Fine.: Lasker's Greatest Chess Games 1889-1914.

Dover 1965. Reprint of 1935 work titled Dr.Lasker's Chess Career. p/b. VG. 165pp. 75 annotated games. With an ink stamp and bookplate of the BCF/ECF collection. 8.00

914. Montigny (A.): Stratagems of Chess, or a Collection of Critical and Remarkable Situations, Selected from the Works of Eminent Masters, Illustrated on Plates.

T.& J.Allman, London 1817. 3rd English Edn. Sm.8vo, old half leather, covers are loose. Internally good. Engraved plate, pp 150, 69. Includes120 engraved diagrams of endgame studies. With a stamp and label of the British Chess Problem Society. LN 2157. Priced low due to poor binding 60.00

3189. MORPHY: Lowenthal (J.): Morphy's Games of Chess being the Best Games Played by the Distinguished Champion in Europe and America. With Analytical and Critical Notes.

Bohn 1860. Batsford Chess Classics 1985. Facsimile reprint of 1st Edn. VG, d/w. pp viii,485,(2) index. The only collection of Morphy's games made with his assistance. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 18.00

4898. Niemeijer (Dr.M.): Miscellanea Caissana.

Wassenaar 1977. p/b. VG. 39pp., around 200 problems by various composers, article on Bibliotheca Van der Linde-Niemeijeriana. 10.00

1927. PACHMAN (L.): Meine 100 Besten Partien und Meine Probleme.

Rau verlag, 1978. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 127pp. 100 annotated games, details of his tournaments. 12.00

339. PETROSIAN (T.): Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.26. Tigran Petrosjan.

Hamburg 1963. Red cloth, VG. 350 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 28.00

59. PETROSIAN. Clarke (P.H.): Petrosian's Best Games of Chess 1946-1963.

Bell 1964. 1st Edn. G, with classic Bell jacket slightly faded on spine, a little foxing on page block edge. 208pp. 60 games. With a bookplate of the ECF, Ravilious collection. 12.00

5885. Pospisil (Josef): Dr. Jan Dobrusky. Sachove Ulohy.

Praha 1907. 1st Edn. Plain dark green cloth, G. Portrait of Dobrusky, 151pp., brief biography, 244 problems.Some yellowing of paper. LN 2578. With two stamps of the British Chess Problem Society. 40.00

2181. RETI (R.) J.Kalendovsky: Sachovy Myslitel. (Czech biography.)

Prague 1989. 1st. G, d/w (frayed on top edge). 365pp. Includes 200 annotated games, 56 studies, photos, full translation of "Die Neuen Ideen." Paper yellowed. With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. 12.00

5872. ROMANOVSKY (Peter): Selected Games Peter Romanovsky. With a Detailed Biography by Sergei Tkachenko.

Elk & Ruby 2021. 1st Edn. New p/b. 382pp., photos, lengthy biography, 72 games and part games annotated by the author with updated analysis by IM Grigory Bogdanovich. Romanovsky (1892-1964) was Soviet chess champion in 1923 and 1927 (jointly), and one of Soviet chess's greatest teachers, standing at the very foundation of the Soviet Chess School. (A.) 28.00

351. Saidy (A.): The Battle of Chess Ideas.

Batsford 1972. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 160pp. "Examines ten geat players and their best games and shows how they illustrate important ideas in chess" from Botvinnik to Fischer. With a bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. 12.00

5721. SHORT & TIMMAN. Editor: A.Kulagin: The Way to Linares' Summit.

Olbrich, Wurzburg 1993. 1st Edn. Large heavy p/b, G. 536pp., many photos at end, 2423 games in all. Includes Short's and Timman's games in the 1991 World Championship cycle 1991-93, these are annotated with informator style notes. Then there are 843 games of Short from 1973-92 and 1480 games of Timman from 1968-92, these are without any notes and arranged by ECO openings. Also 37 games with notes of Short versus Timman up to 1992. Published with assistance of Central Chess Club Moscow. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 22.00

2676. STEINITZ: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.7. Wilhelm Steinitz.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1968. Red cloth, VG. 575 games with a diagram every 5 moves. Includes 87pp of text of Steinitz's chess life in German and English. With the booklet of notes. One of the scarcer volumes in this series. 35.00

4229. TAL (M.): The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal.

RHM Press, US 1976. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 519pp., photos, biography, 100 games annotated by Tal himself, including anecdotes. "Quite probably the greatest chess book ever written" - M.Chandler. With a label of the ECF, Pollard collection. 14.00

133. TAL.: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.25. Michail Tal.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1961. Red cloth, VG. 419 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With the booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 20.00

2661. Williams (P.H.) & R.Gevers: All Change Here! A Treatise on the Change-Mate Two-Mover together with a Collection of 325 Examples.

Stroud, 1919. 1st Edn. Original red cloth, back cover is nearly detached, inner stiching loose, some staining on covers, old waterstaining to lower edge of pages. 395pp. LN 2654. Scarce and similar to the Christmas Series. With a label of the British Chess Problem Society, presented by F. Bonner Feast. A reading copy. 25.00

2720. Winter-Wood (E.J.): Chess Souvenirs, A Collection of 104 Chess Problems.... To which is added The Unexpected Guest, A Chess Tale.

W.W.Morgan Jun., 1886. 1st Edn. Sm8vo, original red cloth, gilt-lettered, good, but missing the title-page (photo copy provided). viii,136,(8) adverts. 104 problems, mainly two-movers, and 30 page chess poem by T.Winter-Wood. A scarce book. LN 2471. Two hand-written problems have been added to the endpapers. Once the copy of Philip H. Williams with his name stamps, and presented by his wife to the British Chess Problem Society. 80.00