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Books in this section may also appear in other sections. Tournaments are listed first, then alphabetical by author. Check Magazine & Opening Sections separately for additions. RETURN TO HOME PAGE Tony Peterson, 15 Harbour View Park, Rope Walk, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5DQ, UK. Tel: 01903 730371. email: tony@chessbooks.co.uk £0.00

5459. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton, Wormald, and Duffy.)

261 large pages from the 1870's. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. CAN ALSO BE SOLD IN TWO LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £320.00

5455. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton.)

189 large pages between 1843 and 1849. Most pages have one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents, some have a problem only. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. £180.00

5454. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton.)

374 large pages from the 1850's. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. This is quite a large portion of all the chess pages printed in the 1850's. CAN ALSO BE SOLD IN TWO OR THREE LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £450.00

5458. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column by Howard Staunton.)

258 large pages from the 1860's. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and Staunton's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. CAN ALSO BE SOLD IN TWO LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £320.00

5460. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column edited by J.W.Abbott.)

238 large pages from 1900-1910. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and the editor's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. These pages are rarely found as a collection. CAN ALSO BE SOLD AS TWO LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £350.00

5457. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column edited by J.W.Abbott.)

260 large pages from the 1890's. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and the editor's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. These pages are rarely found as a collection. CAN ALSO BE SOLD AS TWO LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £350.00

5456. ---: Illustrated London News pages. (Chess column mostly edited by P.T.Duffy.)

434 large pages from the 1880's. Each page has one or more games with notes, diagram(s), some news, and the editor's answers to correspondents. Includes games of all the leading players of the period. This is a large portion of all the chess pages printed in the 1880's, and they are rarely found as a collection. CAN ALSO BE SOLD AS TWO OR THREE LOTS - PLEASE INQUIRE. £550.00

5422. ---: Shakhmaty in English. (Translation of Shakhmaty v SSSR). Editor-in-chief: Hanon W.Russell.

Woodmont, Connecticut, USA. Vol.1 No.6 Dec 1965 through to Vol.2 No.5 Nov 1966, plus No.7 Jan 1967. 13 issues bound in one volume (23 x 28cm) dark blue cloth, VG. Most issues with 20 to 24 pages. Includes articles, news, photos, annotated games, problems and studies. Small stain on four pages at end. Includes index for 1965. English descriptive notation is used. This short run periodical ended with Vol.2 No.10. Any issues are very scarce. Di Felice, Chess Periodicals 2428. £50.00

5447. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.V. No.20.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2019. New h/b. 576pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Tournament Research 1900-1908 by Tony Gillam (the first of a number of articles intending to list all the major tournaments and tournament books from 1900 to 1939, including newly found games) 183 pages; Biography of Edward Alberoni, Unknown French-American player; Forgotten chess tournaments - Wiener Meister-Turnier 1882; Three Classical Chess Matches Williams v Harrwitz, 1846-1853; Great Chess Players series: Staunton, Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Alekhine, Capablanca, including newly published games, Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898 Part Four; Women's Chess- Louisa Fagan Pt.4 1902, Chess Women Notes; Chess Miscellany Nos.476-500; Chess reviews on Menchik and Sultan Khan books; Corrections of "Chess Columns"; Chess Problems; 501 games in all. Contributors: Vlastimil Fiala, Tony Gillam, Alain Pallier, Paul Brown. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £30.00

5464. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: PAULSEN (Louis). Hans Renette: Louis Paulsen: A Chess Biography with 719 Games. Foreword by Michael Negele.

McFarland, USA 2019. Large hardback, dark maroon cloth. 441pp., many photos, 719 games, many annotated, appendices, bibliography, indexes. (A.) "Louis Paulsen (1833–1891) was one of the 19th century’s strongest chess players and a world record holder in blindfold chess. He maintained an unbeaten record in matches, created several opening systems and was an originator of the positional approach to the game. This extensive biography—the first in English—explores Paulsen’s life and career and includes 719 of his games, presented here with both contemporary and modern comments." £60.00

5461. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: TAL, PETROSIAN, SPASSKY AND KORCHNOI. By A.Soltis: Tal, Petrosian, Spassky and Korchnoi. A Chess Multibiography with 207 Games.

McFarland, USA 2019. Large hardback. 394pp. This book describes the intense rivalry—and collaboration—of the four players who created the golden era when USSR chess players dominated the world. More than 200 annotated games are included, along with personal details—many for the first time in English. (A.) £55.00

3990. .: KARL International. The Cultural Chess Magazine.

1/2008. Editor: Harry Schaak, Frankfurt. (No more published). 68pp., photos, some games. KARL has been published in German since 2001. This is the pilot issue of the English language KARL International, concentrating on German Chess Olympiads, including articles on Hamburg 1930, Munich 1936, Siegen 1970, a preview of Dresden 2008, interviews with Uhlmann, Hecht and Bischoff. £7.50

3541. 1906 LODZ. Ed: D.Brandreth: International Tournament.

Brandreth, US 1971. A4 size, yellow card covers, stapled. VG. 7pp single-sided. Preface with comments on tournaments without books, 18 games. Numbered & signed Edition of 475 copies. £17.00

3429. 1907 OSTEND. W.Kubel: Das Championturnier zu Ostende im Jahre 1907.

W.Kubel, Koln 1971. Large p/b, stapled, covers stained and creased o/w G. 19pp. 60 games, a few with notes. 1 Tarrasch 2 Schlecter 3 -4 Janowski, Marshall. £7.00

5462. 1907 VIENNA. 1907 OSTENDE. Match 1930 Wagner - Heinicke. 1931 BERLIN. 1946 MAASTRICHT. 1967 WINNIPEG. W.Kubel: Das Internationale Turnier des Wiener Schachklubs, Wien 1907.

W.Kubel, Koln 1974. 8 separate works bound in 1, Large p/b, stapled, plain covers, small edge splits o/w G. Vienna 1907, 32pp., 91 games, some commentary and annotations, 2nd Edn.1 Mieses 2 Burns 3-5 Maroczy, Tartakower, Vidmar. Ostende 1907 (Championturner), 19pp., 60 games. 1 Tarrasch 2 Schlechter. Match H.Wagner - Heinicke, Hamburg 1930, 6pp., 12 games, Copy 42 of 100 copies. Berlin 1931, 5pp, 15 games, 1 H.Steiner, Limited to 100 copies. Maastricht 1946, 10pp, 45 games, 1 Euwe. Winnipeg 1967, 9pp, 45 games, 1-2 Darga, Larsen. This collection also includes essays on Jews and chess and Psychology in chess by Krogius. £20.00

4053. 1920 BERLIN. E.Post: Der 20 Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.

Leipzig n.d.(1920) 1st Edn. Original cloth, spine faded o/w G. 156pp., selection of 80 annotated games from the various Master tournaments.LN 5335. Top group- 1 Samisch. £40.00

1540. 1921 LASKER-CAPABLANCA. 1927 CAPABLANCA-ALEKHINE. J.R.Capablanca: World's Championship Matches.

Dover 1977. Reprint of original works. p/b. VG. 81pp. 48 games, first match annotated by Capablanca, second by Yates & Winter. £9.00

1426. 1922 LONDON. Ed: W.H.Watts.: Chess Pie. The Official Souvenir of the International Tournament.

BCF/Printing Craft (1922.) 4to (8.5 x 11in.) original wrappers, with coloured illustration on front, covers frayed at edges, split on spine, otherwise a good copy of a scarce item. 92pp., including fine photographic portraits, page of facsimile autographs, details of the players and selected games, problems, articles, advert pages. Published prior to the tournament. £28.00

3212. 1930 SAN REMO. Dr.J.A.Seitz: El Record de Victorias del Dr.Alekhine.

Edicion Enroque, Argentina No.19-24, 1943. Bound in cloth boards, pages yellowed. G. p.221-284, 1-64. 120 games, some annotated, plus some from other events. Not listed in LN 1955 catalogue. 1.Alekhine (14/15!!) 2.Nimzowitsch 3.Rubinstein. £30.00

1256. 1936 AMSTERDAM: Internationales Schachmeisterturnier.

Lachaga, Argentina 1975. p/b. VG. 46pp. 28 games annotated by Fine, Euwe &c. Edition Limited to 325 copies. 1-2 Euwe, Fine 3.Alekhine. £14.00

3195. 1938 BOSTON (Open Champ.): Year Book of the American Chess Federation Volume 4, 1939.

ACF, 1939. p/b. VG. 72pp., illus. 34 games selected and annotated by Reinfeld. LN 5578. Masters' Final - 1-2 Horowitz, Kashdan. Signed dedication on endpaper from George Koltanowski to F.J.Weinhart, who beat Koltanowski in a simultaneous display in 1945. Weinhart's scoresheet is loosely included, and a newspaper cutting about the display is pasted in. £40.00

2269. 1939 BUENOS AIRES. M.Czerniak: Torneo Internacional del Circulo de Ajedrez.

Buenos Aires, 1946. Original card covers, detached. 87pp. 66 annotated games. 1-2 Najdorf, Keres 3-4 Czerniak, Stahlberg. LN 5601. £20.00

5466. 1939 MARGATE. Ed: D.Brandreth: International Chess Tournament.

(Brandreth, US 1979) A4 size, yellow card covers, stapled. VG. 13pp single-sided. 45 games. 1 Keres 2-3 Capablanca, Flohr. Capablanca's final tournament. £14.00

477. 1946 GB v USSR. Klein (E.) & W.Winter: The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match.

Pitman 1947. 1st Edn. G. 119pp., illus. 12 board double-round match won 18-6 by the Soviets. An attractive little book with biographies of the players, background information on the match, the 24 games annotated by Klein, theoretical review. £25.00

1181. 1949 MOSCOW (17th USSR Ch.): XVII pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow, 1952. Original cloth-backed boards, very worn. 315pp. 190 games. 1-2 Smyslov, Bronstein 3-4 Geller, Taimanov. LN 5775. £12.00

831. 1954 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV. Golombek (H.): World Chess Championship 1954.

Macgibbon & Kee 1954. 1st Edn. G,d/w (slightly torn at head and foot of spine). 166pp. 24 annotated games plus previous encounters. Includes clock times after each move. Pen ticks against game titles. Match drawn 12-12 with Botvinnik retaining his title. £15.00

1701. 1957 MOSCOW. (24th USSR Ch.): Bulletin No.1-14.

Moscow, 1957. 4to, loose bulletins, G. 112pp in all. 231 games, some annotated. 1.Tal 2-3 Bronstein, Keres. £15.00

5452. 1958 VARNA (5th World Student Team Championship) R.Bobekov: Peto svetovno studentsko shakhmatno parvenstvo.

Sofia 1958. p/b. G. 98pp. 43 annotated games. 2060 copies printed. 1 USSR (Tal, Spassky) 2 Bulgaria 3 Czechoslovakia. £12.00

5451. 1959 SOFIA (13th Bulgarian Championship): XIII Republikansko parvenstvo.

Sofia 1959. p/b, G. 40pp. 105 games without notes. Opening theory. Only 2000 copies printed. 1. V.Popov 2 Bobotsov. £10.00

1982. 1966 VENICE + 1967 MONTE CARLO: .

CP No.51. 1967. p/b. G. 28pp. 110 games. Venice - 1 Ivkov 2 Antoshin. Monte Carlo - 1 Fischer 2 Smyslov. (A.) £7.00

2695. 1967 MOSCOW: Moscow, Leningrad, Riga, Kiev, Lvov.

Swiss Chess Agency, Zurich (1967.) p/b. G. 88pp, illus, some annotated from the original Russian bulletins (in Russian). Five events to commemorate 50 years since Russian revolution, including all 153 games from main Moscow GM event (1 Stein) and selection from other events. £12.00

3325. 1972 AMSTERDAM.: Toernooiboek Twaalfde IBM Schaaktoernooi.

(Amst. 1972) p/b, G. 175pp., photos, 120 games from GM group, some annotated, 66 from Master group. 1.Polugaevsky 2.Korchnoi 3.Uhlmann. £9.00

487. 1974 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. Hartston & Keene: Karpov-Korchnoi 1974.

OUP 1974. p/b, front cover creased, paper rather yellowed. 94pp. (A.) Karpov won 12.5-11.5. £4.00

4491. 1975 BUENOS AIRES.: 52 Campeonato Argentino de Ajedrez.

Federacion Argentina de Ajedrez, (Lachaga) 1975. p/b, covers a little creased and stained o/w G. 54pp. 190 games. 1-2 Najdorf, Panno 3 L.Bronstein. £7.00

220. 1977-78 KORCHNOI-SPASSKY. Keene (R.): Korchnoi vs.Spassky: Chess Crisis.

Allen Unwin 1978. 1st Edn. p/b, some cover wear o/w G. 124pp. 18 game Candidate's Final won by Korchnoi. £7.00

905. 1978 KARPOV - KORCHNOI. Hartston (W.R.): The Battle of Baguio City.

Hutchinson 1978. 1st. p/b. VG. 121pp. 32 annotated games, Karpov winning 16.5-15.5. £6.00

1723. 1981 KARPOV-KORCHNOI. W.R.Hartston: World Chess Championship.

Fontana 1981. p/b, paper yellowed o/w VG. 124pp. Karpov won 11-7. £6.00

1185. 1987 KASPAROV - KARPOV IV. Keene, Goodman & Spanier: Showdown in Seville.

Batsford 1987. p/b. VG. 126pp. Paper rather yellowed. Match drawn 12-12 with Kasparov winning the final game to retain his title. (A.) £6.00

5448. 1987 KASPAROV - KARPOV. K.Neat: World Chess Championship Seville 1987.

Cadogan 1993. p/b. VG. 126pp. Based on contemporary Russian sources. Match drawn 12-12 with Kasparov winning the final game to retain his title. (A.) £7.50

2434. 1995 KASPAROV - ANAND. J.Hall & J.R.Cartier: A View from the Top. The Kasparov - Anand PCA Match, New York 1995.

Hays, US 1996. p/b. F. 123pp. With analytical contributions by GMs Shamkovich and Palatnik. Kasparov won 10.5-7.5. (A.) £7.00

3870. ALBIN / MARCO: Urcan (O.G.): Chess Fathering a Nation. Adolf Albin (1848-1920) and Georg Marco (1863-1923).

Moravian Chess, 2004. Hardback, F. 218pp., biography and playing record of each, 124 & 123 annotated games. Two Romanian-born player who spent many of their years in Vienna, and were leading players in the 1890's and 1900's. (A.) £28.00

4175. ANDERSON. J.Donaldson: The Life and Games of Frank Ross Anderson (1928-1980).

Moravian Chess, 2009. New hardback. 361pp. Biography, career record, photos, 523 games, many briefly annotated. Anderson was a strong Canadian IM and twice Canadian champion. (A.) £30.00

859. Andrade (B.J.da C.): Andradiana. 256 Selected Chess Problems...with Solutions; his Favourite Quotations about the Problem Art.

Chess, S.C. 1961. 1st Edn. G. 81pp. Foxing to first few pages. 256 of the author's problems, published posthumously. £15.00

3. Assiac. (H.Fraenkel.): Adventure in Chess.

Turnstile Press, 1951. 1st Edn. G. 192pp. A collection of articles, now enlarged, from the author's column in the New Statesman. With cardboard chess set at back intact and unused. £8.00

221. Assiac. (H.Fraenkel.): The Delights of Chess. With Drawings by Vicky.

MacGibbon & Kee 1960. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket faded on spine as usual). 268pp. An anthology of games and anecdotes, including on famous players and a number of British players such as Alexander, Clarke, Golombek, Penrose, Barden. £10.00

5446. Barnes (B.P.): Comins Mansfield MBE: Chess Problems of a Grandmaster.

BCPS, Surrey 1976. Large p/b. VG. 38pp. 200 two-move problems by Comins Mansfield with commentaries and biographical notes. Limited Edition of 750 copies. £12.00

5432. Beasley (J.D.): Some Flights of Chess Fancy.

The author, Harpenden, 1989. 1st Edn. Spiral bound card covers, VG. 42pp., about 100 of the author's own varied problems and studies. (A.) £8.00

5434. Beasley (John): More Flights of Chess Fancy.

SNZZ, Brno 2000. 1st Edn. p/b. 28pp., 25 of the author's own varied problems. There is parallel text in English and Czech, the latter translated by Michal Dragoun. (A.) £8.00

51. BOTVINNIK (M.M.): Selected Games 1967-1970.

Pergamon 1981. 1st English Edn. p/b. VG. 312pp. 40 games, plus articles, including his pioneering work in computer chess. (A.) £14.00

5439. Boyer (J.): Jeux d'Echecs non Orthodoxes.

J.Boyer, Paris 1951. 1st Edn. p/b, covers rubbed, paper yellowed. 100pp. 49 chapters on chess variants with diagrams. LN 4823. £12.00

5290. Branch (W.S.): The History of Checkers from its Earliest Known Date - its Evolution and Growth. Specially Written for Pittsburg Leader, Oct.1911 - Apr.1912.

Transcribed by Ken Whyld, Gainsborough, 2003. Large format, slide binder, plastic cover, VG. 40pp. Limited Edition of 40 numbered copies. A series of weekly articles first published in the "Pittsburg Leader". The checker editor comments that this "is the first complete and comprehensive history of draughts ever printed." Checkers is of course the American name for draughts. £20.00

5235. Brandreth (Dale A.): Collecting Chess Tournament Books - A Fascinating Hobby.

Yorklyn, USA 1977. First printing of 500 copies. Large format, card covers, stapled, G. 10 pages printed single-sided. A very interesting read, by one of the leading chess book dealers, including comments on being a book dealer. Signed by Brandreth on title-page. £25.00

592. Clarke (P.H.): 100 Soviet Chess Miniatures.

Bell 1963. 1st Edn. VG, with the classic Bell jacket. 174pp. 100 annotated games mostly from the 50's & 60's. £15.00

189. Cockburn (A.): Idle Passion. Chess and the Dance of Death.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1975. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 248pp. An exploration of the culture and fascination of chess, drawing from many sources. Includes sections on Morphy, Fischer, Marcel Duchamp, the chess novels of Nabokov and Zweig, "splendors and miseries of the great chess champions", etc. £12.00

2162. Crawley (Capt.): Chess: Its Theory and Practice. To Which is Added a Treatise on Draughts.

Ward, Lock & Co. n.d.(c.188-). 12th Edn, Revised. Original blue cloth, slightly rubbed o/w G. pp 188, plus adverts. Includes 33 games, 32 problems. This edition not in LN catalogue. £35.00

1876. Davidson (H.A.): A Short History of Chess.

Greenberg, NY 1949. 1st Edn. VG, d/w (slight wear on corners). 228pp., 4 plates. The author states that he knows of no other history of chess being published in the U.S. before this one. £30.00

804. DENKER (A.S.): If You Must Play Chess.

McKay, Phila.1947. 1st Edn. VG, with VG d/w. 190pp. 55 annotated games. £24.00

4557. Edwards (Jon): Sacking the Citadel. The History, Theory and Practice of the Classic Bishop Sacrifice.

Russell Ent., US 2011. p/b, stain on page block edge o/w VG. 400pp. Entirely on Greco's Greek Gift sacrifice Bxh7+ followed by Ng5+ and a Queen attack on h7. Starts with a chapter on the Life & Times of Giaocchino Greco, several on art of attack and combination, contemporary theory, followed by 308 annotated games from 1620 through to 2009, 30 test positions, bibliography, indices of openings, asset combinations, players. (A.) £20.00

3902. FINE. A.Woodger: Reuben Fine. A Comprehensive Record of an American Chess Career, 1929-1951.

McFarland, US 2018. Repr. Large p/b. F. 392pp., photos, playing record, 882 games, many annotated. (A.) £35.00

37. Gossip (G.H.D.): The Chess-Player's Manual. Revised & Edited and with an American Appendix by S.Lipschutz.

George Routledge, NY, London &c. (1888) Thick 8vo, original green and red pictorial cloth, spine edges slightly rubbed o/w VG. pp xi,884, 122. A large and impressive work in attractive binding. LN 970. £70.00

5453. Griffith & White: Modern Chess Openings. Edited and Completely Revised by Walter Korn.

Pitman, 1952. 8th Edn. VG, d/w (small stain on spine). 317pp. £8.00

5427. Grondijs (H.) & R.van Zutphen: The Problem of the Knight's Tour Resolved by Chapais in "Essais analytiques sur les Echecs".

De Groene Loper, Maastricht 2018. Tall 8vo, hardback, blue cloth. 124pp., many diagrams and coloured facsimiles. Edition Limited to 37 signed and numbered copies. £120.00

5463. Harding (T.D.) Ed: Games of World Correspondence Chess Championships I - VII.

Batsford, 1979. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket slightly faded on spine). 152pp. "Contains over 700 games", with informator-style notes, and full crosstables of the seven events and preliminary groups played between 1950 & 1976. (A.) £10.00

757. Karpov (A.) & Y.Gik.: Chess Kaleidoscope.

Pergamon 1981. 1st English Edn. p/b, VG. 168pp. (A.) Includes "Seven Chess Letters" - geometry and symmetry in chess, problems and studies, decisive games for the World Championship, computer chess, and 15 of Karpov's best games. £8.00

5436. Kasparian (G.M.): Razvitie Etyudnych idej.

Erevan 1979. 1st Edn. Cloth-backed boards, G. 343pp. 1380 endgame studies. On the development of endgame studies. £12.00

3490. KASPAROV (G.): The Test of Time. Translated by K.P.Neat.

Pergamon, 1986. Repr. Large p/b, VG. 214pp., photos, biography, many games analysed in depth. Quite scarce and sought-after. (A.) £20.00

1729. King (D.): How Good is your Chess.

Cadogan 1993. p/b. VG. 127pp. 20 games, with test-yourself guide. (A.) Signed "To Pam from Daniel King." £12.00

4942. Kling (J.): The Chess Euclid; A Collection of Two Hundred Chess Problems and End-Games. Composed by Herr Kling. Revised and Corrected by the Author.

H.Hurst & Co, London 1849. First Edition. Tall 8vo, rebound in brown cloth, G. Frontispiece, pp(iv)(vi), 214 problems printed two to a page, in red and blue, 26pp solutions at end, 16pp adverts (not chess). Includes a list of subscribers accounting for 149 copies. LN 2393. An attractively produced and scarce book. This copy with signature of W.Timbrell Pierce (author of problem books in late 19th C.) There are two handwritten indexes of a sort, there are neat notes in green ink to nearly all of the problems regarding where the problems have been published, and some observations and notes to solutions, which adds to the interest of the book. £170.00

2716. Kofman (R.M.) Ed: Izbrannye kompozicii: A.Grin, A.Dombrovskis, R.Kofman, Al.Kuznecov, A.Popandopulo.

Moscow 1985. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 368pp. Over 100 problems of each composer, with commentaries. £10.00

871. Konig (I.): Chess from Morphy to Botvinnik. A Century of Chess Evolution.

Bell 1952. Repr. Wear to spine corners o/w G. 202pp. 107 annotated games arranged by openings. £12.00

19. Kotov (A.) & M.Yudovich.: The Soviet School of Chess.

Dover, NY 1961. p/b, VG. 390pp., illustrations. Includes biographies and numerous annotated games, chess literature, history etc.. £10.00

4714. Lane (G.): Improve Your Chess in 7 Days.

Batsford, 2007. p/b. F. 204pp. Packed with practical tips and hints on how to improve. (A.) £10.00

4692. Lewis (W.): First Series of Progressive Lessons on the Game of Chess.

Simpkin, Marshall & Co. 1842. New Edition, Carefully Revised. Original green cloth, very worn, but the contents are in good condition. pp 2 (proposals leaf), xiv, 223, (1) advert. LN 662. Scarce title. £80.00

22. Matthews (K.): British Chess.

Collins,1948. 1st Edn. VG, with VG d/w. Gift inscription on endpaper. 50pp., well illustrated, some coloured. "Britain in Pictures" series. A history of chess in Britain. £12.00

1284. Mednis (E.): Practical Endgame Lessons.

Batsford 1979. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 332pp. Aimed at club players and based on the exposition of general principles. £12.00

914. Montigny (A.): Stratagems of Chess, or a Collection of Critical and Remarkable Situations, Selected from the Works of Eminent Masters, Illustrated on Plates.

T.& J.Allman, London 1818. 4th English Edn. Sm.8vo, contemporary half calf, spine gilt-tooled, slightly rubbed. Engraved plate (often missing), pp 229, 3 (adverts). Includes 120 engraved diagrams of endgame studies.The plate is foxed as usual. LN 2158. A nice copy. £140.00

140. MORPHY. Sergeant (P.W.): Morphy's Games of Chess. Being a Selection of 300 of his Games with Annotations and Biographical Introduction.

Bell 1937. Repr. G with VG d/w. 352pp., portrait. "Brings together for the first time...a great quantity of material from all quarters." £18.00

1726. Nicolin (G.): A.Paul Weber. Schachspieler. Mit einem Geleitwort von Lothar Schmid.

Hans Christians, Hamburg, 1988. 1st Edn. Large square format (250 x 280mm., 10 x 11in.) VG, d/w. 160pp., illustrating and describing 143 of Weber's lithographs and pen drawings, many coloured, usually of a caricature nature, often with historical characters or animals. £35.00

143. PETROSIAN. O'Kelly de Galway (A.): Tigran Petrosian World Champion.

Pergamon 1975. Repr. p/b, G. 119pp. 30 annotated games. £10.00

2091. Philidor: (Peter Pratt): Studies of Chess; containing Caissa, A Poem, by Sir Williams Jones; A Systematic Introduction to the Game; and the Whole Analysis of Chess by Mr.A.D.Philidor: with Original Critical Remarks.

S.Bagster, London, 1803. First Pratt Edition. 2 volumes bound in 1, contemporary calf, rebacked with later leather, raised bands, title-label, good copy. Engraved frontispiece, pp (xii),271, iv,267, 3 (adverts). A stain through top corner of pages, larger on first and last few pages, LN 599. £220.00

4204. Phillips Auctioneers: Chess.

9 Nov 1999. Sale catalogue. G. 40pp., illustrations, 156 lots with price estimates, of chess sets, a few books, pictures and ephemera. £12.00

5438. Porreca (G.): Studi Scacchistici.

Murisa, Milan 1972. 2nd Edn. p/b, G. 375pp. 484 studies. £8.00

1993. Reti (R.): Modern Ideas in Chess. Translated by John Hart.

Bell, 1923. 1st English Edn. Foxing on page block edge as usual, but a VG bright copy. 183pp. Discusses the ideas and styles of all the great players from Morphy to Tartakower, with illustrative games. A classic work. £15.00

3560. Rowson (J.): The Seven Deadly Chess Sins.

Gambit 2002. Repr. p/b. F. 208pp. "Thought-provoking and entertaining book...investigates the main reasons why chess-players sometimes go horribly astray." (A.) £12.00

5440. Rudenko (V.F.): Presledovanie temy.

Moscow 1983. p/b. G. 432pp. 1162 problems from the 1950s to 80s. £8.00

3178. SCHLECHTER. R.Spielmann: Partisamlingar. V. Karl Schlechter.

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