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3917. ----: Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings. Rook Endings (Part 1.)

Sahovski Informator, 1985. Large hardback, some foxing to page block edges otherwise VG, d/w. 422pp. 1727 examples. (A.) 18.00

2673. 1857 NEW YORK. D.W.Fiske: The Book of the First American Chess Congress...in 1857.

Olms, Zurich 1985 (Reprint of NY 1859 First Edition.) VG, d/w. 563pp. Includes the 67 games of the tournament - 1.Morphy, 2 Paulsen, 53 problems from the Problem Tourney, a wealth of historical information, particularly on American chess, articles on Morphy, Benjamin Franklin, the chess automaton in America, a bibliography of chess literature published in the United States up to 1859. 30.00

3943. 1880 NEW YORK. Gilberg (C.A.): The Fifth American Chess Congress...Together with An Account of the Preceding Chess Congresses...and Biographical Sketches of Noted Early Chess Players.

Olms, Zurich 1986 (Reprint of NY 1881 First Edition.) VG,d/w. Frontispiece, pp (xii),539. Includes 92 games from the main tournament, 10 from the minor, 128 problems from the Problem Tourney. 1-2 Mackenzie, Grundy 3 Mohle. 20.00

1586. 1889 NEW YORK. Steinitz (W.) Ed: The Book of the Sixth American Chess Congress...in 1889.

Edition Olms Band 29, Zurich, 1982 (Reprint of NY 1891 First Edition.) Thick octavo, imitation blue leather, VG, d/w. pp (xxiv),(iv),xxxviii,490. Includes all 432 games of this marathon event lasting two months. 1-2 Tschigorin, Weiss 3 Gunsberg 4 Blackburne 5 Burn. 25.00

3196. 1894 / 1901 BUFFALO. J.S.Hilbert: The New York State Chess Association Congresses.

Caissa Editions, US 1996. Red cloth, Fine. 95pp., illus, many games, detailed research notes from contemporary sources. First book on these tournaments. (A.) 1894- 1 Showalter. 1901- 1 Pillsbury. Also includes all serious games between Pillsbury & Marshall, article on blindfold play by Pillsbury, material on US chess history of that era. 25.00

4379. 1894 LEIPZIG. Ed: K.Whyld: Leipzig 1894 (9th Congress of Deutscher Schachbund) with Annotations by Dr.S.Tarrasch and others.

Chess Player 1982. p/b. G. 64pp. 153 games, some with informator-style notes, 3pp introduction. 1 Tarrasch 2 Lipke 3 Teichmann. Scarce item. (A.) Whyld states that Max Lange lost the game scores. They came into the hands of Max Blumich, then Heinrich Wagner, from whom Whyld obtained them to publish for the first time! 18.00

3605. 1906 NUREMBERG. Dr.Tarrasch & J.Schenzel: Der Funfzehnte Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes zu Nurnberg 1906.

Veit & Co., Leipzig 1906. 1st Edn. Original printed wrappers, edges untrimmed, wear to spine otherwise good. pp (viii),278. 154 games, most annotated. 1 Marshall 2 Duras 3-4 Forgacs, Schlechter. LN 5278. 50.00

3993. 1909 ST.PETERSBURG. Em. Lasker: The International Chess Congress St.Petersburg 1909. Foreword by Tim Harding.

Russell Ent, US 2008. p/b, small crease to front cover corner o/w VG. 190pp. 175 games, most annotated by Lasker in his clear instructive style. 1-2 Lasker, Rubinstein 3-4 Duras, Spielmann. A world class tournament, now available for the first time in English in algebraic notation. 12.00

2679. 1909 ST.PETERSBURG. Em.Lasker, E.Znosko-Borovsky & B.Malyutin: Mezhdunarodny shakhmatny kongres v pamyat M.I.Chigorina.

St.Petersburg 1910. (Fascimile Reprint, Moscow, 1979.) Large octavo, brown imitation leather, with d/w. VG. Plates, 367pp. Small previous owner name and date to title-page. 175 annotated games from the International tournament - 1-2 Lasker, Rubinstein 3-4 Duras, Spielmann; 140 annotated games from the All-Russian tournament - 1 Alekhine 2 Rotlevi 3 Gregory. A high-quality reprint printed on glossy paper, Limited to only 4000 copies. 40.00

1672. 1914 MANNHEIM. W.Lauterbach: Das Internationale Meisterturnier (XIX.Kongress des Deutschen Schachbundes.)

Rau Verlag, 1964. p/b, VG. 126pp., photos, 93 annotated games. 1 Alekhine 2 Vidmar 3 Spielmann. 12.00

3303. 1914 ST.PETERSBURG by Dr.S.Tarrasch. Translated by Dr.R.Maxham. Ed: D.Brandreth.: International Chess Tournament.

Caissa Editions, US 1993. Red cloth hardback, VG. 267pp., illus. 75 games annotated in detail by Tarrasch and augmented by notes of many other famous players such as Alekhine, Lasker, Marco, Bernstein, Reinfeld. A very good tournament book for one of the greatest chess tournaments of all time.1.Lasker 2. Capablanca 3.Alekhine. (A.) 30.00

942. 1921 BUDAPEST. Becker (A.): Internationales Schachmeisterturnier Budapest 1921.

Lachaga, Argentina, 1977. p/b. G. 70pp. 66 games, most annotated. With Spanish notation. 1.Alekhine 2.Grunfeld 3-4.Kostic, Tartakower. Limited to 350 copies. 14.00

5562. 1924 NEW YORK. A.Alekhine: New York 1924. Foreword by Andy Soltis. 21st Century Edition.

Russell Ent, USA 2008. p/b. Fine. 352pp., a few photos, 110 games annotated by Alekhine. A chapter on Theory of the Openigs. 11 players, double-round tournament. One of the greatest tournaments of all time, won by Lasker from Capablanca, Alekhine & Marshall. (A.) 18.00

2884. 1925 - Gillam (A.J.) Ed: Chess Tournaments and Matches 1925.

Chess Player, 1993. p/b. VG. 186pp. 806 games from the top events of 1925, including some only previously available in magazines. Not annotated. Includes crosstables and indexes. (A.) 14.00

2510. 1925 BRESLAU: Meisterschaft von Deutschland.

Lachaga, Argentina 1977. p/b. G. 70pp. 66 games with notes by the players. With Spanish notation. Limited to 330 copies. 1.Bogoljubow 2.Nimzowitsch 3-4 Rubinstein, Wagner. 14.00

4659. 1932 PASADENA. Sherwood, Brandreth & Monson: Pasadena International Chess Tournament 1932.

Caissa Editions, USA 2011. Red cloth hardback, Fine. 118pp., all 54 of the known games out of the 66 played are given with notes, good photos, especially of Alekhine. Also includes the fascinating story unearthed by Bruce Monson of Lavieve Hines, a very strong young female player who was likely the strongest American female chessplayer up to that time, though almost totally forgotten today. Great Tournaments Series. 1 Alekhine 2 Kashdan. (A.) 30.00

183. 1933 FOLKESTONE (5th Olympiad). Kashdan (I.): Book of the Folkestone 1933 International Chess Team Tournament.

Leeds, Whitehead & Miller, 1933. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, spine lettering faded, small nick at top, binding slightly warped. Frontispiece, 152pp. 142 games annotated by Kashdan and other Masters. The 5th Olympiad. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection, signed by Golombek on endpaper. 28.00

993. 1936-37 HASTINGS. Brandreth (D.) Ed: Hastings 1936/37 International Chess Tournament.

Caissa, USA 1992. F. p/b. 55pp. 45 games, including notes by Alekhine, Fine, Euwe. 1.Alekhine 2.Fine. 10.00

2864. 1940 NEW YORK. Hilbert (J.S.): The United States Chess Championship.

Caissa, US 2002. Red hardback, VG (please note the binding has been placed upside down, so the front cover lettering is actually on the back!). 209pp., a few photos, 136 games from the main tournament plus others from preliminaries and women's ch., including much information on the player's and US chess scene in 1940. 1 Reshevsky 2 Fine 3 Kashdan. (A.) 20.00

1802. 1941 MUNICH. A.Becker: Torneo Internacional de Munich 1941.

Editorial Grabo, Buenos Aires, 1946. 1st Edn. Original card covers, G. 202pp. 120 annotated games with Spanish notation. Paper yellowed as usual. LN 5626. 1.Stoltz 2-3.Alekhine, Lundin. 30.00

663. 1946 LONDON. Cordingley (E.G.R.) Ed: London Chess Congress 1946.

Limited Edition of Tournament Books Number 16. 1946. 4to (21 x 25cm), plain blue cloth, VG. 92 typescript pages, 132 games, most with notes. Copy number 244 of a Limited Edition. Section A 1.H.Steiner 2 O.Bernstein 3 Tartakower. Section B 1.Euwe 2 Christoffel 3 Denker. LN 5686. 40.00

360. 1947 HILVERSUM. M.Euwe & L.Eggink.: 101 Partijen van het Europees Schaaktournooi te Hilversum in 1947.

n.p. n.d.(1947). Original green cloth, gilt lettering, good. 2 photos, 208pp. The world's first FIDE zonal tournament. LN 5708. 1.O'Kelly 2-3 Pachman, Trifunovich. Of British interest Alexander came 5-6th with Szabo. This book is usually found in a purple cloth. 25.00

5982. 1948 THE HAGUE/MOSCOW. Euwe (Max): Match Tournament for the World Chess Championship. Foreword by Hans Ree.

Russell Ent., USA 2013. 1st English Edn. p/b, Fine. 240pp., photos, 50 games annotated by Euwe, round by round reports, previous games between the players, lead-up to the tournament by J.Hannak. 1.Botvinnik 2 Smyslov 3-4 Reshevsky, Keres 5 Euwe. 18.00

1181. 1949 MOSCOW (17th USSR Ch.): XVII pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow, 1952. Original cloth-backed boards, covers worn o/w G. Paper slightly yellowed. 315pp. 190 games. 1-2 Smyslov, Bronstein 3-4 Geller, Taimanov. LN 5775. 18.00

1244. 1951 MOSCOW. (19th USSR Ch.): XIX pervenstvo SSSR po shakhmatam.

Moscow 1953. Original cloth-backed boards, binding very worn, corner of back cover torn off. 276pp. 153 games. 1.Keres 2-3 Petrosian, Geller. LN 5828. 8.00

6040. 1954 NEW YORK. Ed: J.Spence: The Story and Games from the Ninth Biennial United States Chess Championship, New York May - June 1954.

Omaha, Nebraska (1955.) American Tournament Series Vol.13. 4to, original comb-bound blue card covers, VG. pp iv,34 single-sided typescript. 91 games with brief notes below each game, introduction and brief synopsis of the new champion. Limited Edition of 100 copies. 1 Bisguier 2 Evans 3 Seidman. 45.00

6059. 1960 BUENOS AIRES. Argentine Championship: Campeonato Argentino de Ajedrez 1960. Boletin de Partidas.

Federacion Argentina de Ajedrez, Buenos Aires (1960.) Original card covers, spine and paper yellowed o/w VG. 86pp., 193 games with Spanish notation. 1 Najdorf 2 Bolbochan 3 Pelikan. 20.00

6034. 1960 LENINGRAD. J.Sajtar: VIIeme Championnat du Monde Universitaire d'Echecs.

Prague (1960). French edition. p/b, staples rusty, G. 68pp., photos, full results, selection of annotated games. 1 USA 2 USSR. (A.) Spassky was board 1 for USSR. 12.00

6037. 1961 HELSINKI. J.Sajtar: VIIIth World Student Team Chess Championship. Results.

Prague (1961). p/b, spine and front cover worn, inside good. 70pp., photos, full results, selection of annotated games. 1 USSR 2 USA. (A.) Stein was board 1 for USSR, Lombardy Bd 1 for USA. 10.00

537. 1963 ENSCHEDE.: Bulletin FIDE Zone-Schaaktournooi 1.

Enschede (1963). 4to (21 x 30cm), complete bulletins contained in official folder. VG. 66pp. 136 games, with round-by-round commentary, a few games annotated. With German notation. 1.Gligoric 2-3 Darga, Lengyel 4.Penrose. 14.00

2213. 1972 FISCHER - SPASSKY. Roberts, Schonberg, Horowitz & Reshevsky: The New York Times Report on the Chess Match of the Century.

Bantam Books, NY 1972. 1st p/b Edn, paper slightly yellowed o/w VG. 218pp. A lot of background information as well as the games. 6.00

101. 1974 NICE. Keene & Levy: Chess Olympiad Nice 1974. World Team Championship.

Batsford 1975. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 200pp. 123 games, many annotated, results tables. 12.00

220. 1977-78 KORCHNOI-SPASSKY. Keene (R.): Korchnoi vs.Spassky: Chess Crisis.

Allen Unwin 1978. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 124pp. 18 game Candidate's Final won by Korchnoi. 7.00

3200. 1980 LONDON. W.R.Hartston & S.Reuben: Phillips & Drew Kings Chess Tournament.

Pergamon, 1981. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 222pp., photos. 91 games, some annotated. 1-3 Miles, Andersson, Korchnoi. (A.) WITH: The tournament programme, 32pp., with another photo of each player, description and a selected game. 15.00

2031. 1980-81. VILNIUS: 48. UdSSR-Meisterschaft.

G.Katzer, Weilrod 1982. p/b. VG. 77pp. 153 games. 1-2 Beliavsky, Psakhis. 8.00

2799. 1992 FISCHER-SPASSKY Rematch. R.Keene: Fischer-Spassky II. The Return of a Legend.

Batsford 1992. p/b. VG. 130pp. Fischer won 17.5-12.5. (A.) WITH: A commemorative envelope with two postage stamps and two cancels PLUS: A sepia coloured caricature of Fischer on a postcard. 18.00

6049. 1997 KASPAROV vs DEEPER BLUE. B.Pandolfini: Kasparov and Deep Blue. The Historic Chess Match Between Man and Machine.

Fireside Book, NY 1997. p/b. F. 171pp., background info, 6 games annotated in detail, including much instructional advice, games of previous match. Deep Blue won this rematch 3.5-2.5. (A.) 8.00

162. Abrahams (G.): Test Your Chess.

Constable 1963. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 107pp. 45 positions with more than one answer on different levels of difficulty. 8.00

1203. Abrahams (G.): The Chess Mind.

Penguin 1964. 2nd p/b Edn. Paper rather yellowed o/w G. 346pp. An original book dealing with the intellectual processes of the chessplayer. Includes 47 illustrative games. 6.00

6052. ALEKHINE (A.): My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923. Translated from the Original French Manuscripts by J. Du Mont and M.E. Goldstein.

Bell 1950. Reprint. Spine rather worn o/w G. 267pp. 100 annotated games. Regarded as one of the best chess books ever written, for the brilliant games and annotations. 9.00

326. ALEKHINE. Alexander (C.H.O'D.): Alekhine's Best Games of Chess 1938-1945.

Bell 1974. Reprint. VG, red d/w. 117pp. 42 annotated games. . 10.00

4544. ANDERSSEN. Ed: S.Pickard: The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen. Master of Attack. With Annotations Gathered from the Old Masters. Revised & Expanded by Ron Burnett.

Pickard & Son, US 1996. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 349pp. 897 games with Informator style notes (only 94 draws!) Also 80 problems composed by Anderssen and a Memorial essay from 1879 here translated into English for the first time. (A.) 16.00

561. Averbakh (Y.): Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge. Translated by P.H.Clarke.

Pergamon 1982. Reprint. p/b. VG. 137pp. 8.00

4594. Barden (L.): Leonard Barden's Chess Puzzle Book.

Faber 1977. 1st Edn. Hardback, prize inscription on endpaper, VG, d/w. 148pp. 300 positions from games or problems from his Evening Standard column, with solutions at end. Paper slightly yellowed. 9.00

793. Bird (H.E.): Chess History and Reminiscences.

Dean & Son. n.d.(1893) 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt, back of portrait stuck to endpaper otherwise a very good copy. Portrait, pp xxiv, 138. LN 236. Includes sections on the origin of chess, the middle ages, the 19th century (chess clubs, chess masters), blindfold chess, habits and idiosyncracies of chess players. 75.00

2348. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Dover 1979 reprint of 1899 edition, with new introduction by David Hooper. p/b, VG. Portrait, 331pp. 407 games. 15.00

3839. BOGOLJUBOW. Edited by Jack Spence: The Chess Career of E.D.Bogoljubow. Vol.II 1930-1952.

Chess Player (1970). p/b, covers a little stained o/w G. 148pp. 100 games annotated from contemporary journals and tournament books. 16.00

2. Brace (E.R.): An Illustrated Dictionary of Chess.

Chartwell Books, USA 1987. 1st US Edn. VG,d/w. 320pp., diagrams. Over 2000 entries. 9.00

422. Bronstein (D.) & G.Smolyan.: Chess in the Eighties. Trans: K.P.Neat.

Pergamon 1982. 1st English Edn. Hardback, VG. 115pp. Discusses the sport-oriented nature of chess to the detriment of chess as an art form or element of culture, and investigates the psychology and thinking processes involved in chess. 10.00

234. Coles (R.N.): Battles-Royal of the Chessboard.

Williams & Norgate 1948. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket worn on spine and some paper loss on edges). 155pp. 50 annotated games played by the greatest master from 1834 to 1946. With a presentation inscription from the author on endpaper. 12.00

6061. Crothers (Tim): The Queen of Katwe. One Girl's Triumphant Path to Becoming a Chess Champion.

Abacus 2016. p/b, VG. 241pp. A remarkable and inspirational story of how a young Ugandan girl discovered chess and later became a national champion. Her story was also turned into a movie. 6.00

6051. Darlow (Mike): Turned Chessmen for Collectors, Players and Woodworkers.

Stobart Davies, Carmarthenshire 2004. Large p/b (21.5 x 28cm) VG. 168pp., many illustrations, most in colour, including drawings and designs for making chessmen. Includes a history of history with examples of chessmen, a gallery of sets made recently by six woodturners, chess piece symbols, designing chess sets, making chessmen. 35.00

3300. del Rio (Ercole): The War of the Chessmen. La Guerra degli Scacchi, o sia Il Re de'Giuochi. Edited & Translated by Christopher Becker.

Caissa Limited Editions, US 1984. Blue cloth, VG. pp lxi, 184. This is the first publication of a manuscript by del Rio written around 1800 but unpublished until this edition in 1984. The original Italian plus English commentary added by Professor Christopher Becker who has added a long scholarly introduction which traces the early development of chess and explains the place of this work in chess history. Limited to 700 numbered copies. 24.00

4196. DONNER (J.H.): The King. Chess Pieces. Collected and Introduced by Tim Krabbe and Max Pam.

New In Chess, 2008. 2nd unabridged English Edition. p/b. VG. 391pp., photos, some annotated games and positions, a huge anthology of articles and short pieces that Donner had written about chess since 1950, in his witty and unpredictable style, full of insults and ironies. Among his favourite subjects are Fischer, the blunder, luck, why women can't play chess, madness etc. (A.) 18.00

5381. Eales (R.G.) & A.H.Williams: Alekhine's Defence.

Batsford 1973. 1st Edn. G,d/w (jacket spine lettering slightly faded).140pp. 7.00

4. Edwards (R.) & R.Keene.: The Chess Player's Bedside Book.

Batsford, 1975. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 149pp., photos. Interesting articles by various authors, including a chapter on computer chess by David Levy, on Fairy chess, the style of Fischer, chess books for a desert island, British chess in the mid-18th century, world champions I have met by Golombek etc. 8.00

1609. Elo (A.E.): The Rating of Chessplayers Past & Present.

Batsford, 1978. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 206pp. The definitive work, packed with statistics, and quite scarce. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. 28.00

5981. EUWE. I & V.Linder: Max Euwe. Fifth World Chess Champion. Game Annotations by Karsten Muller.

Russell Ent., USA 2017. p/b,VG. 240pp., photos, biography, 104 annotated games, crosstables. Includes "mini-biographies" of many of Euwe's opponents. (A.) 16.00

903. Evans (L.) & others: How to Open a Chess Game.

RHM, US 1974. 1st Edn. Hardback, VG,d/w. 227pp. Includes some very useful sections by Portisch (Developing an Opening Repertoire), Petrosian, Larsen (A Personal Approach to the Openings), Keres (Secret Workshop of a GM), Hort, Gligoric. A highly regarded book. 15.00

6054. FINE (R.): Reuben Fine's Best Games. Masterpieces from an Uncrowned World Champion.

Hardinge Simpole, 2003. A reprint of Fine's 1958 book "Lessons from My Games." p/b, Fine. 225pp. 50 annotated games, with anecdotes and comments on the players he met. 10.00

6060. Fine (Reuben): Osnovne Sahovske Konacnice.

Zagreb 1951. (First Yugoslav edition of Basic Chess Endings.) 2 volumes, cloth-backed boards, spines spotted, paper slightly yellowed o/w G. 336, 367pp. LN 2314. 12.00

5311. FISCHER (R.J.): My 60 Memorable Games. Selected and Fully Annotated by Bobby Fischer. With Introductions to the Games by Larry Evans.

Faber & Faber, London 1969. First UK Edn. Hardback, VG with a VG jacket. 384pp. With two bookplates of the ECF/BCF, Golombek collection. 38.00

35. Freeborough (E.) & C.E.Ranken.: Chess Openings Ancient and Modern.

Kegan Paul &c. 1896. 3rd Edn., revised & corrected. Original brown cloth, wear to spine edges, inner hinges split, paper rather yellow o/w G. 292pp., plus 62pp publisher's book catalogue. The openings are tabulated in a similar way to the later MCO volumes.This edition not in LN. "The most useful book on its subject until the later editions of MCO." (Murray, Short History.) 20.00

3156. Freeborough (E.) & C.E.Ranken.: Chess Openings Ancient and Modern.

Trubner & Co. 1889. 1st Edn. Original blue cloth, spine edges worn, some fading on front cover o/w G. 256pp. The openings are tabulated in a similar way to the later MCO volumes. LN 1841. "The most useful book on its subject until the later editions of MCO." (Murray, Short History.) The first edition seems scarcer than later edns. 35.00

6026. Greig (E.A.): Chess Recipes on the Principal Openings.

"Chess Amateur", Stroud, 1914. Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Original red cloth, covers waterstained in the past, inner hinges cracked, paper yellowed. 159pp. A scarce book. LN 1888. 25.00

1367. Healey (F.): A Collection of 200 Chess Problems Composed by Frank Healey during the Years 1848 to 1904. Selected and Arranged by Percy Healey.

"Chess Amateur", Stroud, 1908. 1st Edn. Original green cloth, spine and covers mostly faded as usual with this book. Inside VG and clean. 225pp. LN 2407. 60.00

1093. Heidenfeld (W.): Draw! Edited with a Foreword by John Nunn.

Allen & Unwin, 1982. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 216pp. 70 annotated games spanning 100 years, all exciting draws. Completed by John Nunn after Heidenfeld's death. (A.) 25.00

1955. Hobart (Young (F.J.)): BCM Guide to the Openings in 178 Games. Selected and Arranged by "Hobart."

n.d.(1898). Only Edn. Original dark blue cloth, paper yellowed, a few chess club ink stamps o/w G. (vi),102pp. 178 named games arranged by opening, with notes. LN 1878. Hobart was the pseudonym of Francis Joseph Young who emigrated to Australia and died in Hobart, Tasmania in 1922. 25.00

4444. Hollander (Hans & Barbara): Schachpartie durch Zeiten und Welten. Mit Beitragen von Hans Krieger, Egbert Meissenburg.

Edition Braus, Hamburg 2005. Large heavy hardback (25 x 31cm) VG,d/w. 368pp., illustrated throughout with coloured illustrations mainly of chess sets, old and modern, also from paintings, prints and books. Covers chess in literature, pictures and chess pieces from the Middle Ages through to the 20th Century. A fine work. 45.00

6055. KAMSKY (Gata): Gata Kamsky - Chess Gamer. Volume 1: Awakening (1989-1996).

Thinkers Publishing, Belgium 2019. Heavy p/b, small tape repair foot of spine o/w VG. 437pp., 22 games analysed in great detail, and includes what Kamsky thought, felt and experienced at the time and during the game. He also sometimes shares his personal opinions and things like politics and his philosophy of life. A five time US champion and 1996 FIDE World Championship challenger, this volume covers the period up to his early retirement from the game. (A.) 20.00

2982. KARPOV (A.): Anatoly Karpov's Best Games. Translated by Sarah J. Young.

Batsford 2001. Reprint. p/b. VG. 175pp. 43 annotated games, the majority from 1984-94. (A.) 10.00

607. KARPOV (A.): Chess at the Top 1979-84. Trans: K.Neat.

Pergamon 1984. 1st English Edn. p/b, G. 194pp. 49 games annotated by Karpov himself from his most successful period. (A.) 10.00

329. KARPOV. O'Connell (K.J.) & J.Adams.: The Games of Anatoly Karpov.

Batsford 1974. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 352pp., photos, crosstables 347 games, most annotated. Karpov was only 23 when this book was published, and had qualified to play a World title match with Fischer in 1975, following a string of strong tournament and match victories. 14.00

4729. Kasparov (G.) with Mig Greengard: How Life Imitates Chess.

Heinemann 2007. 1st Edn. VG,d/w 271pp. "Drawing on a wealth of revealing and instructive stories... Kasparov reveals the strategic ways of thinking that always give a player - in life as in chess - the edge." 10.00

6050. Kasparov (Garry) with Mig Greengard: Deep Thinking. Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins.

John Murray, 2017. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 287pp. Kasparov tells his side of the story of Deep Blue for the first time. He also tells the story of AI more generally, and how he's evolved to embrace it. Full of expert knowledge and fascinating insights. 12.00

4015. KASPAROV. M.Yudovich: Garri Kasparov. His Career in Chess. Translated by Oleg Zilbert.

Raduga, Moscow 1988. 1st English Edn. VG. 204pp., photos, biography, 73 annotated games. (A.) 10.00

4024. KEENE (R.): Grandmaster Strategy. Ray Keene's Best Games.

Hardinge Simpole, 2002. Reprint of 1999 private edition. p/b. VG. 212pp., biographical material, crosstables,100 annotated games. (A.) 15.00

389. Keres (P.) & A.Kotov.: The Art of the Middle Game. Translated and Edited by H.Golombek.

Penguin 1964. 1st English Edn. p/b, paper rather yellowed o/w G. 238pp. Includes some of Keres' best writing. Includes planning, attacking the king, defending difficult positions, pawn positions in the centre, the art of analysis. 5.00

2450. Kiefer (A.): Das Schachspiel in Literatur und Kunst.

Verlag Munchner, (1958) 1st Edn. Grey cloth, covered with clear plastic, underlining to a few pages otherwise good. 233pp. 17 plates of paintings, woodcuts, chesspieces. Includes chess history, literature, poetry, art, drama, machines etc. 18.00

1460. KORCHNOI. V.Korchnoi, R.Wade & L.Blackstock: Korchnoi's 400 Best Games.

Batsford, 1978. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 264pp. Playing record and informator-style notes. (A.) 12.00

589. Lasker (Edward): Chess and Checkers. The Way to Mastership.

Appleton, NY & London, 1919. (Reprint a year after 1st Edn). Original boards with green cloth spine, VG. 284pp. Includes elementary tactics, principles of chess strategy, 2 illustrative games of Edward Lasker, a few problems. The last 62 pages deal with checkers (or draughts). LN 1339. 12.00

4062. LASKER (Emanuel.) Editor: A.Khalifman: II.Games 1904-1940.

Chess Stars 1998. Large p/b. VG. 303pp., crosstables, 297 games with languageless notes by GM's. (A.) 12.00

3129. Maurensig (Paolo): The Luneburg Variation. Translated by Jon Rothschild.

Phoenix House, 1998. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 140pp. "Gripping psychological tale" with a chess theme, first novel of the Italian author. 10.00

3187. NAPIER (William Ewart). J.S.Hilbert: Napier The Forgotten Chessmaster.

Caissa Editions, US 1997. 1st Edn. Hardback, red cloth, VG. 354pp., illus, 321 games, some annotated, detailed biography of a player active from 1896 to 1905 who retired from chess before the age of 25! He played hundreds of exciting attacking games. (A.) 35.00

416. NUNN (J.): John Nunn's Best Games 1985-1993.

Batsford 1995. 1st Edn. VG. p/b. 320pp. 40 games analysed in depth, with anecdotes from the events. (A.) BCF Book of the Year winner 1995. 12.00

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Batsford, 1992. 1st Edn. p/b, spine colour faded o/w VG. 320pp. (A.) Comprehensive work checked by computer database with hundreds of examples. 12.00

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Trubner & Co. 1888. 1st Edn. Original blue cloth, spine darkened, cloth partly split on top joint, foxing on endpapers otherwise internally good. Frontispiece, pp (viii),227. Includes 134 problems, analysis of the Pierce Gambit, and various articles mainly concerning problems, and list of subscribers. LN 1839. A scarce work which appears in various binding colours. 70.00

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Mitre Press 1948. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 152pp. 100 games with brief notes. 12.00

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The Chess Player Series No.80. 1968. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 43pp. Biography and selection of annotated games. With small label of ECF, Pollard collection. Scarce item. 10.00

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Batsford 1979. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w. 207pp. 90 annotated games from 1956 to 1976. One of the world's strongest players during the 1960s and 70s. 15.00

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Bell 1947. 1st Edn. VG, d/w (jacket with a couple of small edge tears). 93pp. 52 annotated games from 1821 to 1946. 10.00

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McKay, US 1947. 1st Edn. G,d/w (jacket torn with paper loss in several places). 111pp. 300 positions from named games to solve, with mates in one, two and three moves. 5.00

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Dover 1956. New edn of "Chess by Yourself." p/b. G. 144pp. 10 games with points given for each move. 5.00

5494. REINFELD: Alex Dunne: Fred Reinfeld. The Man who Taught America Chess, with 282 Games.

McFarland, US 2019. Tall p/b, VG. 194pp., photos, 282 games, some annotated, biography, sections on his chess books and non-chess books, bibliography, indexes. (A.) Widely known as a prolific chess author, Reinfeld was at one time a very strong player ranking just below Fine and Reshevsky in the US. This is the first book on Reinfeld and "covers his remarkable contributions to the chess world, with many of his famous annotations preserved for the modern reader." 35.00

141. Reti (R.): Masters of the Chess Board. Translated from the German by M.A.Schwendemann.

Bell 1972. Reprint. VG,d/w (red jacket). Paper slightly yellowed. 211pp. 66 games, biographies and styles of the great masters from Anderssen to Alekhine. "One of the finest works on the game." 14.00

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Elk & Ruby 2021. 1st English Edn. Hardback, fine. 382pp., photos, lengthy biography, 72 games and part games annotated by the author with updated analysis by IM Grigory Bogdanovich. Romanovsky (1892-1964) was Soviet chess champion in 1923 and 1927 (jointly), and one of Soviet chess's greatest teachers, standing at the very foundation of the Soviet Chess School. (A.) 35.00

6046. RUBINSTEIN (Akiba) Zenon Franco: Rubinstein Move by Move.

Everyman Chess, 2015. Large p/b, Fine. 400pp. 33 games analyzed in detail, including questions and answers for the reader, also includes supplementary games containing the same themes. GM Franco selects and examines his favourite Rubinstein games. (A.) 18.00

6058. Samarian (Sergiu): Opening Tactics for Club Players. Translated from the French by Elaine Pritchard.

Robert Hale, 1980. 1st English Edn. VG,d/w. 170pp., includes 76 complete annotated games. Three large sections include Gambits - Past and Present, and Opening Repertoires for White and Black. 8.00

6048. Sokolov (Ivan): Sacrifice and Initiative in Chess. Seize the Moment to get the Advantage.

New in Chess, 2013. 1st Edn. p/b, Fine. 255pp., 92 annotated games. "An entertaining and instructive guide, packed with useful advice, sparkling examples and practical exercises." (A.) 18.00

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Chess Digesr 1987. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 134pp. 7.00

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Chess Player, n.d.(1969) p/b. G. (214)pp. 86 games, many annotated by Spielmann. Includes part 2 of Spielmann's philosophy on all aspects of chess. Quite scarce. 15.00

2451. Standage (T.): The Mechanical Turk. The True Story of the Chess-Playing Machine that Fooled the World.

Allen Lane/Penguin Press 2002. 1st UK Edn. VG, d/w (price label on back). 274pp., illus. The story of Wolfgang von Kempelen's automaton, known as The Turk. 12.00

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Chess Digest, US 1990. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 202pp. Biography and 30 annotated games. (A.) 10.00

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Bell 1954. 1st Edn. VG, in a classic Bell jacket. 171pp. Annotated games from the 30's to 50's arranged by opening. 14.00

29. Tevis (Walter): The Queen's Gambit.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 2020. Reprint. p/b, VG. 243pp. A novel about a female chess prodigy by the author of "The Hustler." Popularized by the Netflix drama series 7.00

1624. THOMAS (A.R.B.): Chess for the Love of It.

Routledge, Kegan Paul, 1973. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 82pp. Reminiscences of the author (many times West of England and Devon Champion), and a selection of his games. 9.00

1235. Walker (G.): Chess Studies: Comprising One Thousand Games, a Collection of Classical and Brilliant Specimens of Chess Skill.

Kegan Paul &c.1893. New Edn, with Introduction by E.Freeborough. Roy8vo, original brown cloth, wear to top of spine otherwise a good copy. pp xvi,(172). 1020 games. "Walker established the custom of recording games, and his Chess Studies...has become a classic." (Oxford Companion.) Includes all 85 games from the Bourdonnais - McDonnell match, other games by these two players, 62 games by Philidor, 50 games by Mouret while conducting the automaton etc.. Same content as 1844 edition except with new introduction. LN 3146. 80.00

6032. Walker (G.) Ed: The Philidorian; A Magazine of Chess, and other Scientific Games. No.2, 4, and 6.

G.Walker & Son, 1838. First Edition in book form, bound in plain cloth, staining on covers, wear to head and foot of spine, contents in good condition. Title-page, No.2 January p.41-80, No.4 March p.121-160, including folding diagram "Three Pawns against King.", No.6 May p.201-256, including "Bibliographical Catalogue of Printed Books, and Writers, on Chess, up to the Present Time, by George Walker." LN 6121. Whyld/Ravilious p.122. The earliest British chess magazine and very scarce. ALSO BOUND IN IS: The Chess Player's Chronicle Vol.2 p.1-16, Vol.5 p.353-400, Vol.6 p.33-64, 97-128, Vol.12 p.1-64, 97-128, 161-223, 289-318, Vol.13 p.1-32, 65-128, 257-288. 100.00

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Dover 1976. p/b. VG. 369pp. 335 annotated games as reported in The Year Book of Chess 1907-1915. 10.00

5052. Winkelman (B.F.): Modern Chess. An Introduction to the Art of Chess as Played by the Modern Chess Master.

McKay, USA 1935. 3rd Revised Edn. Original red cloth, G. 233pp. 83 games with brief notes, comments on leading players. Covers the development of modern chess from Damiano, Ruy Lopez, Philidor onwards through to the 1930s. LN 1561. 18.00

803. YANOFSKY (D.A): Chess the Hard Way!

Pitman 1953. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 149pp. Some 50 annotated games and biography. With a bookplate on endpaper. Scarce. 28.00

1321. Zweig (S.): The Royal Game and other Stories. With an Introduction by John Fowles. Translated from the German by Jill Sutcliffe.

J.Cape, 1981. 1st UK Edn thus. VG, d/w. 250pp. Paper slightly yellowed. The famous chess novel (49 pages) plus four other stories. 15.00