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5403. ---- JUST PUBLISHED: RICHTER: Alan McGowan: Kurt Richter. A Chess Biography with 499 Games.

McFarland, US, 2018. Large hardback. 368pp., many photos, crosstables, biography, 499 games, some annotated. Appendices of tournament and match results, openings, bibliography, indexes. The first work in English devoted to the life and games of the strong German chess master Kurt Richter (1900-1969). His imaginative and combinational style of play was appreciated by many. (A.) £65.00

5393. ---- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: LASKER (Emanuel): Editors: R.Forster, M.Negele, R.Tischbierek: Emanuel Lasker. Volume 1. Struggle and Victories. World Chess Champion for 27 Years.

Exzelsior Verlag, Berlin 2018. New hardback, dark blue cloth with gilt lettering. pp xiv,450, numerous fine photos, many rarely seen, good selection of annotated games. Includes biography, ancestors, family and childhood, Lasker in Great Britain, The American Views, Lasker and Mathematics, his Endgame studies and problems, his battles with Tarrasch, "Dominator" of the chess world, illustration sources, bibliography, general index. (A.) A splendid book with essays by leading experts, about a unique figure, whose intellectual horizon and ambitions went far beyond the 64 squares. The first of three volumes. £50.00

2884. 1925 - Gillam (A.J.) Ed: Chess Tournaments and Matches 1925.

Chess Player, 1993. p/b. VG. 186pp. 806 games from the top events of 1925, including some only previously available in magazines. Not annotated. Includes crosstables and indexes. (A.) £15.00

4659. 1932 PASADENA. Sherwood, Brandreth & Monson: Pasadena International Chess Tournament 1932.

Caissa Editions, USA 2011. Red cloth hardback, F. 118pp., all 54 of the known games out of the 66 played are given with notes, good photos, especially of Alekhine. Also includes the fascinating story unearthed by Bruce Monson of Lavieve Hines, a very strong young female player who was likely the strongest American female chessplayer up to that time, though almost totally forgotten today. Great Tournaments Series. 1 Alekhine 2 Kashdan. (A.) £28.00

1642. 1937 STOCKHOLM. W.H.Cozens: The Lost Olympiad.

BCM Quarterly No.22. 1985. p/b. VG. 222pp. c.200 games, many annotated, most appearing for the first time. The first book about this Olympiad won by USA from Hungary. (A.) £8.00

1114. 1952 SALTSJOBADEN (Stockholm) (2nd Interzonal). Averbakh & others: (In Russian.)

Moscow 1954. Original brown cloth, paper yellowed as usual o/w VG. 303pp. 210 games, many annotated. 1.Kotov 2-3 Petrosian, Taimanov 4.Geller. The 2nd Interzonal tournament and Kotov's finest result, 3pts clear. £22.00

5418. 1973 BATH: Vth European Team Chess Championships.

Bulletins of Play, July 6-13, 1973. Large p/b. VG. 35pp. 224 games. 1 USSR 2 Yugoslavia 3 Hungary. (A.) £8.00

2715. Archakov (V.M.): Shakhmatnaja kompozicija na Ukraine.

Kiev, 1986. 1st. p/b. G. 167pp. 509 problems by various Ukrainian composers mainly from the 1970's & 1980's. £8.00

3. Assiac. (H.Fraenkel.): Adventure in Chess.

Turnstile Press, 1951. 1st Edn. G. 192pp. A collection of articles, now enlarged, from the author's column in the New Statesman. With cardboard chess set at back intact and unused. £8.00

5416. Bakcsi (G.): En Passant Felugyelo Visszater.

Sport Budapest 1985. p/b, VG. 406pp., hundreds of problems. £10.00

5411. Baumgartner (G.): Faszinierendes Schachproblem. Kompositionen von I.A.Schiffmann.

The author, Heidelberg (1963). 1st Edn. p/b, light foxing to covers o/w G. 72pp., at least 109 problems from 1920's, with solutions and commentary. £10.00

3222. BIRD (Henry): McCormick (G.H.) & A.Soltis: Birdís Defense to the Ruy Lopez.

McFarland, US 1981. 1st Edn. Black cloth, G. 187pp., biography, playing record, and 24 games of Henry Bird in which he uses his Defence, 216 other games & variations. £14.00

32. Blackburne (S.S.): Terms and Themes of Chess Problems. With a Preface by A.F.Mackenzie.

Routledge n.d.(1907.) 1st Edn. Original blue cloth, spine faded and piece missing from foot of spine, internally G. Frontispiece, 169pp. Includes over 300 problems. "A New and Enlarged Edition of 'Problem Terms and Characteristics.'" LN 2543. £20.00

5409. Bloodgood (C.F.): The Tactical Grob.

Chess Ltd.,(1974?) p/b. VG. 51pp. Opening 1.P-KN4 (1.g4.) £5.00

4551. Bondarenko (F.S.): Etyud v peshechnom okonchanii.

Moscow 1973. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 159pp. 636 endgame studies by various composers. £8.00

4882. Bondarenko (F.S.): Razvintne shakhmatnogo etyuda.

Kiev, 1982. p/b. G. 232pp. 394 studies. £7.00

969. Bouwmeester (H.): Modern End-Game Studies for the Chessplayer. Trans & Ed: H.Golombek.

Bell 1959. 1st English Edn. VG,d/w. 128pp. 101 studies (25 more than the Dutch edn.) £14.00

170. Cessolis, Jacobus de. Caxton (William): The Game of the Chesse. Reproduced in Facsimile from a Copy in the British Museum. With a Few Remarks on Caxton's Typographical Productions by Vincent Figgins.

London, John Russell Smith, 1860. 4to (215 x 290mm) dark green half leather, marbled paper-covered boards, inner hinges repaired. pp (iv),(168) including a number of fine woodcuts, plus 15pp of Remarks, and other details. A FACSIMILE OF THE SECOND EDITION OF CAXTON'S WORK (c.1480) AND THE FIRST WITH WOODCUTS, using the copy in the British Museum, and printed on paper made expressly for its publication and imitating the original reed and water-marks. 2nd Figgins edition (the first being 1855, issued without a title-page.) LN 4229. A very good copy with wide margins. £250.00

2162. Crawley (Capt.): Chess: Its Theory and Practice. To Which is Added a Treatise on Draughts.

Ward, Lock & Co. n.d.(c.188-). 12th Edn, Revised. Original blue cloth, slightly rubbed o/w G. pp 188, plus adverts. Includes 33 games, 32 problems. This edition not in LN catalogue. £35.00

5407. Davies (N.): 10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess.

Everyman 2010. 1st Edn. p/b. 159pp.Includes 64 games. (A.) Packed with useful advice and drawing heavily on the games and thoughts of players who have been the author's students over the years and experienced a clear improvement in their play. £10.00

212. Dickins (A.S.M.) & H.Ebert.: 100 Classics of the Chessboard.

Pergamon 1983. 1st Edn. Scarce hardback, G. 217pp. (A.) Games, studies, combinations, problems, which have become historically famous, and are above all entertaining. £10.00

2714. Ejvazova (Z.E.): Korolevy shakhmatnoi kompozicii.

Baku 1986. 1st Edn. Covers a little spotted o/w G. 235pp. 350 problems by various female composers, with commentary. £8.00

565. Euwe (Dr.M.): From Steinitz to Fischer.

Beograd 1976. 1st. Large p/b, slight cover wear o/w G. 223pp. 600 games with languageless notes. Biography and playing record of each World Champion. (A.) £8.00

694. Euwe (Dr.M.): The Development of Chess Style.

Bell 1968. 1st English Edn. G,d/w (jacket slightly worn at head and foot of spine). 152pp. 44 annotated games following the evolution of chess from Greco to Spassky. £10.00

718. Euwe (M.) & H.Kramer: The Middle Game. Book 1 Static Features. Book 2 Dynamic & Subjective Features.

Bell 1964-65. 1st English Edn. 2 volumes, G, d/w's (jackets with clear plastic protection, not removeable). A few tick marks. 293 & 346pp. 481 examples, mostly complete games, and section on the personal style of 38 players. A classic work. £20.00

2597. Euwe (M.) & W.Meiden.: Chess Master and Grandmaster.

Allen & Unwin 1978. 1st UK Edn. A little stained on page block edge o/w VG,d/w. 367pp. 25 annotated games played between masters and grandmasters between 1970 & 1975, "revealing the reason for each significant move." £10.00

5404. Euwe (M.) & W.Meiden.: Chess Master v Chess Amateur.

Dover 1994. Repr. p/b, VG. 314pp. 25 deeply annotated games played between an amateur and master, "provides the average player with numerous ways to improve his game." £8.00

5278. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.V. No.17.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2016. H/b, one corner bumped o/w VG. 634pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Early Career of F.D.Yates, second part (1907-1908) 92 pages, Biographies & games of Chigorin pt.3, W.Maczuski, Forgotten chess tournaments - 10th District of Columbia Championship Tournament, Spring 1939; International Tournament of Graz 1890; Matches Dubois v Wyvill 1845-46; Euwe v Keres 1939-40; Staunton, Morphy, Alekhine, Capablanca, Lasker, Steinitz etc., with unknown games, Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898 First Part; Women's Chess- Louisa Fagan Pt.1 1899; Contents of QCH Vol.9-16; Chess research and miscellany, 1916 Rice Memorial Problem and Endgame Tournament 1916; 413 games in all. Contributors: Fiala, Gillam, Hilbert, Ansel, Zavatarelli, Bottlik, Pallier. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £25.00

431. Fox (M.) & R.James: The Complete Chess Addict.

Faber 1987. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 264pp., illustrations, games, positions, hundreds of interesting, entertaining, and bizarre facts. (A.) £10.00

5413. Grasemann (H.): Problem Juwelen. Auslese 1958-1962.

Engelhardt, Berlin (1964). 1st Edn. p/b, G. 115pp., 265 problems with solutions and commentary. £8.00

193. Griffith (R.C.) & J.H.White: Modern Chess Openings. With an Introduction by H.E.Atkins.

Longmans,Green 1913. 2nd Edition (revised.) Original green cloth. VG. xii,196pp. A scarce early edition. £30.00

5414. Grossi (D.): Multi-Themes. Compositions de Damien Grossi.

1977. p/b. G. 24pp. 72 problems with notes and solutions. Scarce. £9.00

5408. GULKO (B.) & Dr.J.R.Sneed: Lessons with a Grandmaster. 1. Enhance Your Chess Strategy and Psychology. 2. Improve your Tactical Vision and Dynamic Play.

Everyman 2011-12. 2 volumes, p/b's, F. 298+301pp. 55 games of Gulko against world class players annotated by way of a series of conversations between Gulko and student Sneed, a Professor of psychology and amateur player. Typical questions an amateur would ask, with focus on strategy, tactics and the role of psychology in chess competition. (A.) £24.00

1407. Harding (T.D.): Better Chess for Average Players.

Dover 1996. Repr., corrected and slightly revised. p/b, VG. 237pp. (A.) A coaching manual in 30 graduated units. £7.00

124. Harley (B.): Mate in Two Moves. A Treatise on the Two-Move Chess Problem.

Bell 1944. Repr. Cloth a bit faded o/w G. 216pp. 174 examples with explanations. £6.00

5405. HEISMAN (D.): The Improving Chess Thinker.

Mongoose Press, Boston 2009. 1st. p/b. F. 220pp. (A.) All about learning a more powerful thinking process and full of helpful tips and principles, by one of the USA's top chess instructors. £12.00

5412. Henneberger (H.): Kunstschach in der Schweiz. Schachprobleme und Studien Schweizerischer Komponisten von 1966-1976.

Schweizer Kunstschachfreunde, 1980. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 154pp. 266 problems and studies. £10.00

1593. Hooper (D.): A Pocket Guide to Chess Endgames.

Bell, 1979. Repr. p/b, VG. 197pp. A very useful work. £7.00

2871. Howard (K.S.): How to Solve Chess Problems.

Dover 1961. 2nd Revised Edn. p/b, spine faded, G. 171pp. Introduction to problem solving and 112 problems by American composers. £6.00

2717. Kasparian (G.M.): Etyudy, stati, analisy.

Moscow 1988. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 288pp. 400 endgame studies by Kasparian, plus various essays. £10.00

2230. KASPARIAN (G.M.): Sbornik etyudov i partii.

Erevan, 1987. 1st Edn. Cloth-backed boards, VG. 352pp. Includes 400 studies and 124 games of Kasparian. £12.00

2712. Kasparian (G.M.): Tainy etyudista.

Erevan 1984. 1st Edn. VG. 279pp. Around 900 endgame studies. £10.00

5417. Kasparov (G.): Checkmate Tactics.

Everyman, 2010. 1st Edn. Oblong coloured hardback, VG,d/w. 96pp. "This book will help you learn how to recognize the critical positions that come from pins, forks, skewers, overloaded pieces, as well as many other tactical themes." £10.00

390. Keres (P.): Practical Chess Endings.

Batsford, 1977. Repr. p/b,.G. 262pp. One of the best books on the endgame by a great endgame player. £8.00

5420. Kieboom (B.): 300 Schaak Problemen van Jac. Haring.

Spectrum, Utrecht / Antwerp 1984. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 140pp. Includes solutions and commentary. £8.00

2590. Kofman (R.M.): Izbrannye etyudy: S.Kaminera & M.Liburkina.

Moscow 1981. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 160pp. Over 167 studies of Kaminer and Liburkin. Forward by Botvinnik. £7.00

5398. Kosikov (A.): Elements of Chess Strategy. Translated by J. Sugden.

Gambit 2010. 1st English Edn. p/b. F. 159pp. Includes devising a plan, a system of self-discipline, advantage of the bishop pair, opposite bishops in the middlegame, by one of the world's leading trainers from Ukraine. (A.) £12.00

1964. Kotov (A.): Train Like a Grandmaster.

Batsford, 1981. 1st English Edn. p/b, G. 124pp. Follow-up to "Think" and "Play Like A GM", includes Soviet training methods, various schools of chess, annotating games. (A.) £7.00

2718. KUBBEL. Ya.G.Vladimirov & Yu.G.Fokin: Leonid Kubbel.

Moscow 1984. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 384pp., biography and around 450 problems and 250 studies. £12.00

3308. LASKER (Edward.): Chess Secrets I Learned from the Masters.

Dover 1969. Repr. p/b, VG. 428pp. Numerous games and anecdotes of the author's meetings with masters. £10.00

2392. Linde (A. van der): Geschichte und Literatur des Schachspiels.

Berlin 1874. Facsimile reprint by Edition Olms, Zurich 1981. 2 volumes in 1. VG, d/w. pp 422, 154, 524. This is a very important bibliography and historical work, particularly for early chess literature. Gives full details of all the books and magazines. Both the original and reprint are scarce. £75.00

5415. Lossa (G.): 200 Schachratsel Kapriolen auf dem Schachbrett.

J.Beyer, 1984. Small p/b, VG. 152pp. 200 problems. Series: Kleine Schachbucherei Bd.18. £10.00

254. Mason (J.): Social Chess. A Collection of Short & Brilliant Games with Historical and Practical Illustrations.

Horace Cox, 1900. Original maroon cloth, gilt, stamped 1901 on front cover, cloth a bit faded and marked o/w G. xv,174pp., 2 plates. Includes 131 annotated games. LN 3196. £15.00

3794. Matanovic (A.) Ed: Encyclopaedia of Chess Middlegames. Combinations.

Chess Informant, 1980. Large h/b, covers a bit spotted o/w G, d/w frayed on back edge. 351pp. 1817 positions, arranged by themes, index of players. (A.) £10.00

22. Matthews (K.): British Chess.

Collins,1948. 1st Edn. VG, with VG d/w. 50pp., well illustrated, some coloured. "Britain in Pictures" series. A history of chess in Britain. £12.00

2075. Mieses (J.): The Chess Pilot.

Williams & Norgate, 1947. 1st Edn. p/b with attractive cover design, but spine worn with paper loss. 64pp. Basic opening guide. £5.00

198. Morley (F.V.): My One Contribution to Chess.

Faber 1947. 1st Edn. Spine slightly faded o/w G. 110pp. Concerning a chess variant using a larger board, and fragments of autobiography and philosopy. £8.00

2710. Niemeijer (Dr.M.): The Danish Wizard. One Hundred Chess Problems of Knud Harald Hannemann.

Wassenaar, 1963. 1st. p/b. VG. 59pp. 100 problems with commentary. £12.00

2652. Nunn (J.): Secrets of Practical Chess.

Gambit 1998. 1st. p/b. VG. 176pp. Packed with useful advice that will help players of all standards. (A.) £8.00

499. Nunn (J.) & W.Cozens.: The King-Hunt.

Batsford 1996. p/b. VG. 160pp. 55 games of the most exciting king-hunts from the last 150 years. New algebraic edition of Cozens' 1970 work. £8.00

5234. Sadler (Matthew) & Natasha Regan: Chess for Life.

Gambit, 2016. Large p/b, F. 223pp., numerous games and positions. A thought-provoking, wide-ranging and inspiring book in which the authors examine how chess style and abilities vary with age. Includes interviews with grandmasters who have stayed strong into their forties, fifties and beyond, with lots of useful advice. Includes chapters on Capablanca, Miles, Gaprindashvili, interviews with Pia Cramling, Nunn, Judit Polgar, Terry Chapman, Jon Speelman, Tiviakov, Ingrid Lauterbach, Short, Seirawan, Arkell. (A.) £14.00

756. Schenk (G.): The Passionate Game. Lessons in Chess and Love.

Routledge, 1937. 1st English Edn. G, with a torn and repaired jacket. 8 coloured plates, 99pp. "A novel and interesting method of imparting the first principles of chess...draws parallels between the problems of life and those of chess." A scarce work. £18.00

3642. SCHLECHTER. Dr.S.Petrovic: Karl Schlechter.

Zagreb 1972. p/b. VG. 84pp., illus., 100 games, some annotated (in Serbo-Croat). £7.00

5406. Seel (C.): The Philidor. A Secret Weapon.

Chessgate AG, 2007. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 132pp. Some light staining to last few pages. (A.) £8.00

2759. Shereshevsky (M.I.): Endgame Strategy. Translated by K.P.Neat.

Pergamon, 1988. Repr. p/b. VG. 218pp. (A.) Includes specific advice on how to improve endgame technique, using both classic and modern examples. £10.00

394. Siehndel (K-H) & others.: Problemschach. 407 Aufgaben und Studien.

Berlin 1985. 2nd Edn. VG,d/w. 252pp. Includes 320 problems with solutions and commentary. £7.50

3539. Smullyan (R.): The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights. 50 New Problems of Chess Detection.

Hutchinson, 1983. 1st UK Edn. p/b. VG. 170pp. 50 retrograde problems each with a new Arabian Knights tale. (A.) £7.00

712. Stahlberg (G.): Chess and Chessmasters. Trans & Ed: H.Golombek.

Bell 1955. 1st English Edn (with additional sections not in the Swedish edn.) VG,d/w. 131pp. A section on the leading Masters from Lasker onwards with 44 annotated games. "May be regarded as a sequel to Reti's Masters of the Chessboard." Scarce work. £28.00

1897. SUBA (M.): Dynamic Chess Strategy.

Pergamon, 1991. 1st Edn. p/b, covers creased o/w G. 147pp. 36 annotated games, witty account of his chess career and explanation of his ideas. (A.) £10.00

289. TARTAKOWER (S.G.): My Best Games of Chess 1905-1930. Trans & Ed: H.Golombek.

D.Van Nostrand, NY n.d.(1953.) 1st US Edn. VG,d/w (jacket spine a bit yellowed). 250pp. 101 annotated games enlivened with personal comments on the history and leading figures of the chess world of the period. A sought-after work. This has the same jacket as the Bell edition except with "Van Nostrand" at foot of spine. £25.00

5410. Umnov (E.I.): Schachkompositionen. Ein Vergleich Zwischen Problem, Studie und Partie.

W.Rau, 1961. 1st German Edn. p/b, VG. 88pp. £7.00

2582. Umnov (E.I.): Sovremennaja Shakhmatnaja Zadacha.

Moscow 1967. 1st Edn. p/b, light spotting on front cover o/w G. 199pp. 375 problems from 1940's to 60's. £6.00

878. Webb (S.): Chess for Tigers.

OUP 1978. 1st. p/b. VG. 99pp. (A.) A popular book giving practical advice on playing to win. £6.00

2819. Weeramantry (S.) & E.Eusebi: Best Lessons of a Chess Coach.

McKay, US 1993. 1st. p/b. VG. 322pp. By a leading US chess coach. (A.) Presented as a series of game-oriented lectures given to young players of various skill levels. This volume focuses primarily on the theme of building and maintaining an attack. £10.00

3677. YERMOLINSKY (A.): The Road to Chess Improvement.

Gambit 2005. Repr. Large p/b, VG. 224pp., many annotated games and positions, mainly his own. Yermolinsky trained himself to top GM standard and passes on many insights. Also discusses a variety of important opening set-ups. (A.) £14.00

1321. Zweig (S.): The Royal Game and other Stories. With an Introduction by John Fowles. Translated from the German by Jill Sutcliffe.

J.Cape, 1981. 1st UK Edn thus. VG, d/w. 250pp. The famous chess novel plus four other stories. £15.00