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Books in this section may also appear in other sections. Tournaments are listed first, then alphabetical by author. Check Magazine & Opening Sections separately for additions. RETURN TO HOME PAGE Tony Peterson, 15 Harbour View Park, Rope Walk, Littlehampton, West Sussex, BN17 5DQ, UK. Tel: 01903 730371. email: tony@chessbooks.co.uk £0.00

5560. --- JUST PUBLISHED: Castedo (P.M. & L.M.): The Gijón International Chess Tournaments 1944-1965. A History with Biographies and 213 Games.

McFarland, USA 2019. New p/b. 244pp., photos. "Drawing on primary sources and testamonies of former players and organisers, chapters feature the tournament tables, winner's biographies, historical commentaries and 213 games (some annotated). Appendices with biographical notes and tables of participants for each year are included." £38.00

4301. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1914 - 1944 / I Two-movers.

Zagreb 1971. p/b, cover creasing o/w G. 179pp. 725 compositions. Introduction in Russian, English & German. £12.00

3166. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1914 - 1944 / II Three-movers and More-Movers.

Zagreb 1972. p/b, split on top joint o/w G. 304pp. 1278 compositions. Introduction in Russian, English & German. £15.00

4302. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1914 - 1944 / III Self-Mates, Help-Mates, others, Endgame Studies.

Zagreb 1975. p/b, G. 199pp. 806 compositions. Introduction in Russian, English & German. £15.00

4306. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1945 - 1955 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1964. Hardback, blue cloth, faded, writing on title-page and endpaper o/w G. 479p. 1891 problems & studies, index of composers. Introduction in Russian, English & German. £18.00

3726. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1962 - 1964. (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1968. p/b. G. 259pp. 908 problems & studies, index of composers. (Also: Blue cloth hardback, VG £20.00 ) £15.00

3938. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1968 - 1970 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1977. p/b, stain on back cover, writing on endpaper o/w G. 200pp., 805 problems & studies, index of themes & composers. £12.00

4657. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1974-1976 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1980. p/b, covers creased o/w G. 200pp. 800 problems & studies, index of themes & composers. £12.00

4658. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1977-1979 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1984. p/b, cover crease, writing on title-page o/w G. 199pp. 800 problems & studies, index of themes & composers. £12.00

4584. 1862 LONDON + 1861 BRISTOL. B.Suhle: Der Schachkongress zu London im Jahre 1862, nebst dem Schachkongress zu Bristol im Jahre 1861.

Berlin 1864. Reprint by Edition Olms, Zurich 1984. 2 parts in 1 volumes, F,d/w. pp 80,40. Includes 69 problems from the Problem tournaments, 102 games with brief notes. London: 1 Anderssen 2 Paulsen 3 Owen. Bristol: 1 Paulsen 2 Boden. £16.00

3943. 1880 NEW YORK. Gilberg (C.A.): The Fifth American Chess Congress...Together with An Account of the Preceding Chess Congresses...and Biographical Sketches of Noted Early Chess Players.

Olms, Zurich 1986 (Reprint of NY 1881 First Edition.) VG,d/w (jacket spine slightly faded). Frontispiece, pp (xii),539. Includes 92 games from the main tournament, 10 from the minor, 128 problems from the Problem Tourney. 1-2 Mackenzie, Grundy 3 Mohle. £20.00

1636. 1883 LONDON. Edited by J.I.Minchin.: Games Played in the London International Chess Tournament, 1883.

BCM Classic Reprint No.11 (1973) of the original 2nd Edn (1885). p/b. G. pp (iv), lvi, 308. 242 games annotated by Zukertort, Steinitz, Mason and Bird. 1.Zukertort 2.Steinitz 3.Blackburne. £15.00

1637. 1899 LONDON: The Book of the London International Chess Congress.

BCM Classic Reprint (1967) of the original 1900 edition. p/b, back cover creased o/w VG. pp liv, 232. 202 games. 1.Lasker 2-4 Janowsky, Maroczy, Pillsbury. £14.00

3993. 1909 ST.PETERSBURG. Em. Lasker: The International Chess Congress St.Petersburg 1909. Foreword by Tim Harding.

Russell Ent, US 2008. p/b. VG. 190pp. 175 games, most annotated by Lasker in his clear instructive style. 1-2 Lasker, Rubinstein 3-4 Duras, Spielmann. A world class tournament, now available for the first time in English in algebraic notation. £14.00

5555. 1911 Karlsbad. Dr.M.Vidmar: Das Zweite Internationale Schachturnier in Karlsbad 1911.

BCM Classic Reprint No.9, n.d.(1970) VOLUME 2 ONLY. p/b, G. 192pp. 169 games with brief notes (in German) from rounds 13-25. 1 Teichmann 2-3 Rubinstein, Schlecter. 25 rounds! £8.00

2419. 1911 Karlsbad. Dr.M.Vidmar: Das Zweite Internationale Schachturnier in Karlsbad 1911.

BCM Classic Reprint No.9, n.d.(1970) 2 volumes, p/b's. G. Each 192pp. 325 games with brief notes (in German). 1 Teichmann 2-3 Rubinstein, Schlecter. 25 rounds! £24.00

5562. 1924 NEW YORK. A.Alekhine: New York 1924. Foreword by Andy Soltis. 21st Century Edition.

Russell Ent, USA 2008. p/b. F. 352pp., a few photos, 110 games annotated by Alekhine. A chapter on Theory of the Openigs. 11 players, double-round tournament. One of the greatest tournaments of all time, won by Lasker from Capablanca, Alekhine & Marshall. (A.) £18.00

1610. 1930 SAN REMO.: Annotations by Alekhine, Botvinnik, Nimzovich etc.

Chess Digest, 1973. p/b, slightly marked, staples rusty o/w G. 156pp. 120 games. 1.Alekhine (14/15!!) 2.Nimzowitsch 3.Rubinstein. £14.00

5563. 1936 NOTTINGHAM. A.Alekhine: Nottingham 1936. Foreword by Andy Soltis. 21st Century Edition.

Russell Ent, USA 2009. p/b. VG. 195pp., group photo, 105 games annotated by Alekhine. 1-2 Botvinnik, Capablanca. (A.) One of the greatest chess tournaments, featuring four World Champions - Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine and Euwe. £16.00

5544. 1941 LENINGRAD / MOSCOW. S.Belawenetz & M.Judowitsch: 6 Notables Maestros. Traduccion... Lachaga & Lexow.

Editorial Grabo, Argentina 1941. 1st Spanish Edn. Original card covers, front inner hinge split, a little wear o/w G. 110pp. 60 games with notes, in Spanish notation, 4 photos. A match Tournament for the Absolute Chess Championship of the U.S.S.R. 1.Botvinnik 2.Keres 3.Smyslov. LN 5622. SIGNED ON HALF-TITLE BY BOTVINNIK. £60.00

477. 1946 GB v USSR. Klein (E.) & W.Winter: The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match.

Pitman 1947. 1st Edn. Paper yellowed on edges o/w G. 119pp., illus. 12 board double-round match won 18-6 by the Soviets. An attractive little book with biographies of the players, background information on the match, the 24 games annotated by Klein, theoretical review. £20.00

1861. 1950 DUBROVNIK.: IX Olympiade. (Bulletins 1-15, plus 5 extra.)

Dubrovnik, 1950. 20 issues bound in original wrappers, small paper loss to foot of spine o/w G. 163pp in all, 480 games. LN 5801. 1.Yugoslavia 2.Argentina 3.W.Germany. SIGNED ON FRONT COVER BY GLIGORIC, board 1 for Yugoslavia. £40.00

1258. 1957 MOSCOW. P.H.Clarke: 24th USSR Chess Championship.

BCM Quarterly No.1 (1957). p/b, back cover with stain o/w G. 120pp. 231 games, some annotated. 1.Tal 2-3 Bronstein, Keres. 22 players, 21 rounds over 1 month! (A.) £20.00

2865. 1960 BOTVINNIK - TAL. L.Abramov & S.Flohr: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. Sonderheft 1. Weltmeisterschaft 1960.

E.Wildhagen, Hamburg 1960. p/b, covers and pages yellowed, some pencil marks. (68)pp. photos, 21 annotated games. Tal won 12.5 - 8.5. Signed by H.G.Schenk (chess author) inside front cover. £10.00

5556. 1963 BOTVINNIK - PETROSIAN. R.G.Wade: The World Chess Championship.

Hardinge Simpole 2002. Reprint of 1963 edn. p/b. VG. 218pp., photos, biographies, annotated games, with clock times given. Petrosian won 12.5-9.5. £10.00

4506. 1979 MONTREAL. Wade, Blackstock & Hosking: Tournament of the Stars.

(1979.) p/b, G. 79pp. 90 annotated games. (A.) A very strong tournament. 1-2 Karpov, Tal 3 Portisch. £7.00

3888. 1993 KASPAROV-SHORT and KARPOV-TIMMAN. W.Hartston: Short v Kasparov. The Hi-Jacking of the World Chess Championship.

Hodder & Stoughton 1993. p/b, spine creased o/w G. Paper yellowed, slight staining at foot. 200pp., much background information and general chess history, photos, 20 annotated games, plus the 21 games of the Karpov - Timman FIDE match, some earlier games. (A.) Kasparov won 12.5 - 7.5, and Karpov won 12.5 - 8.5. £8.00

232. Abrahams (G.): Not Only Chess. A Selection of Chessays.

Allen & Unwin 1974. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 264pp. A collection of essays, some games, endgame studies etc.. £9.00

1339. Addison (S.): The Book of Extraordinary Chess Problems. 120 Unusual Puzzles.

Crowood Press, 1989. 1st. VG, d/w. Paper slightly yellowed. 116pp. £9.00

291. ALEXANDER. Golombek (H.) & W.Hartston.: The Best Games of C.H.O'D.Alexander. With a Memoir by Sir Stuart Milner-Barry.

OUP 1976. 1st Edn. VG. Photos, 167pp printed on green paper. 70 annotated games. A nice book and quite scarce. £22.00

4544. ANDERSSEN. Ed: S.Pickard: The Chess Games of Adolph Anderssen. Master of Attack. With Annotations Gathered from the Old Masters. Revised & Expanded by Ron Burnett.

Pickard & Son, US 1996. 1st Edn. p/b.G. 349pp. 897 games with Informator style notes (only 94 draws!) Also 80 problems composed by Anderssen and a Memorial essay from 1879 here translated into English for the first time. (A.) £14.00

3365. Andrews (H.J.C.) et al: The Chess Problem: Text-Book with Illustrations containing 400 Positions Selected from the Works of Andrews, E.N.Frankenstein, B.G.Laws, and C.Planck.

(1887). Tynron Press, Scotland, 1989. Reprint of 1st Edn. p/b. VG. pp viii,332. Facsimile of a classic 19th century problem book. £15.00

5566. Ban (J.) Editor: 1st International Tungsram Cup Chess Problem Competition 1978.

Hungarian Chess Federation, 1978. p/b. VG. 32pp., 57 problems. £7.00

3076. BERNSTEIN (Sidney.): Combat: My 50 Years at the Chessboard.

Atlantis Press, NY 1977. 1st Edn. p/b, corners slightly bumped o/w G. 118pp., biography, 142 annotated games from 1930 to 1977. A few pen notes. Bernstein played for the USA, and in strong US tournaments. £18.00

506. Bird (H.E.): Chess Masterpieces: Comprising a Collection of 150 Choice Games.

Dean & Son, 1875. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, some spine and edge wear. Additional title-page, (iv),140pp. Small pencil marks to pages. Over 150 games from 1851 to 1874, index of players and openings. LN 3166. One of the scarcer of Bird's works. £50.00

31. Bird (H.E.): The Chess Openings, considered Critically and Practically.

Dean & Son, n.d.(1878.) 1st Edn. Original red cloth, gilt lettering and chessboard on front cover, spine slightly faded o/w G. Folding plate, pp xvi, 248. Includes many illustrative games and list of subscribers. This book was issued in a number of different colour cloth covers. £70.00

1408. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Mr.Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Longmans, Green 1899. 1st Edn. Large octavo, original cloth sides, spine is missing. Portrait, pp ix, 331. 407 games. Priced low due to poor binding £20.00

3814. BLACKBURNE. O.Hindle: J.H.Blackburne. The Final Years.

Chess Player, 1998. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 80pp., introduction, 79 annotated games from 1900-1919, including some exhibition games. Includes brief biographical details on most of Blackburne's opponents. (A.) £14.00

4763. BOGOLJUBOW. S.Soloviov: Bogoljubow - The Fate of a Chess Player.

Chess Stars, Bulgaria 2004. Large p/b, last few pages a little waterstained o/w G. 280pp. Biography, crosstables, 200 games annotated in informator style. (A.) £15.00

2112. BURN. R.N.Coles: Amos Burn, the Quiet Chessmaster.

Chess Notes, Brighton 1983. Large size, card covers, corner stain o/w G. 82pp., biography, 62 annotated games. Very scarce due to small print run. (A.) £30.00

4733. CAPABLANCA (J.R.): My Chess Career. Expanded Edition. Ed: L.Laird.

Grandmasters Publishing, US 1994. p/b, one corner creased o/w VG. 238pp. 50 annotated games plus biographical material. (A.) This new edition is very scarce and has 15 more games than the 1920 edition, including games from his matches with Lasker and Alekhine, and Nottingham 1936. £20.00

419. CHIGORIN. Bogoljubov (E.): Mikhail Chigorin. Selected Games. Ed: C.Leach.

Batsford/Caissa 1987. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 128pp. 240 games with languageless notes from various sources. (A.) "First English publication of Chigorin's games." £12.00

218. Christmas Series No.28. Hume (G.) & A.C.White.: The Good Companion Two-Mover.

Stroud 1922. Red cloth, larger squarish format, spine discoloured, a little staining to covers, internally good. Many plates of problemists, xx,418pp. Without Merry Christmas slip. A selection of over 900 problems from the club's folders, presented in topical and thematic groups with text and index. One of the best volumes in the series. Christmas Series No.28. £70.00

2653. Christmas Series No.37. SHINKMAN: Ed O.Wurzburg, A.C.White & G.Hume: The Golden Argosy: 600 Chess Problems by W.A.Shinkman.

Stroud, 1929. Large octavo, red cloth, spine slightly faded, small stain on front cover o/w G. 288pp. 672 problems with solutions at end, Appreciation of Shinkman. Without Merry Christmas slip. A worthy tribute to the great American composer. Includes a listing of the series to date, nos.1-37. Christmas Series No.37. £75.00

33. Cook (W.): Synopsis of the Chess Openings. A Tabulated Analysis.

Simpkin Marshall 1888. 4th Edition, with Additions & Emendations. Original brown cloth, covers marked o/w G. 142pp. Some foxing. LN 1818. £16.00

3276. Du Mont (J.): Chess Openings Illustrated. I. Centre Counter.

Bell, 1919 1st Edn. Original pictorial cloth, G. 75pp. 31 illustrative games. LN 1935. £14.00

1497. Eales (R.G.): Cambridge Chess.

Chess SC (1978) 1st. p/b. VG. 92pp. 64 annotated games. Cambridge University Chess Club, with a strong emphasis on the 1970's. Presentation inscription from Barry Wood (B.H.Wood). £12.00

4279. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Spring 15/2010.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. April 2010. Hardback, VG. 468pp. Includes: Salo Flohr, chess activities in 1930, 2nd part, 184pp & 56 games, biographies of Chigorin, Barda, van Lennep, Forgotten chess tournaments - Mexico City 1932, Australian Chess Championship match Wallace v Hodgson, 1896, miscellaneous pieces on Alekhine, Capablanca, Lasker, Steinitz etc., with unknown games, Elaine Saunders by Tony Gillam, early women's chess, Chess Research - how to proceed, chess miscellany, 294 games in all. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £25.00

2493. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Spring 1/1999.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 1999. Some small speckles to front cover o/w VG. 312pp. Includes: Pillsbury's Simultaneous Tour of the UK in 1902, biographies of Spielmann, Leonhardt, Teichmann, complete report of Nice 1930, Cintron vs Alekhine 1933, historial database of Charousek with 271 games, sections on chess research, miscellany, reviews, 419 games in all. (A.) £15.00

3706. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Winter 13/2007.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. July 2007. Hardback, G. 436pp. Includes: Short History of Origins of Chess Tournaments, biographies of Hromadka pt.9, R.Sze, William Lewis, forgotten chess tournaments - Munich 1886, Zoppot 1937, Showalter v Albin match NY 1894, articles on Staunton - Harrwitz match, Steinitz, Alekhine, Capablanca etc., with unknown games, later years of Chess Players' Chronicle, Chess in California 1945-51, 326 games in all, correspondence chess, miscellany, reviews. (A.) £20.00

4712. FISCHER: H.Olafsson: Bobby Fischer Comes Home. The Final Years in Iceland, a Saga of Friendship and Lost Illusions. Foreword by V.Anand.

New in Chess 2012. p/b, VG. 143pp., a few photos. GM Helgi Olaffson spent countless hours with Fischer during his final years in Iceland and gives an intimate and revealing picture of those times. £14.00

2950. Forbes (Duncan): The History of Chess, from the Time of the Early Invention of the Game in India, till the Period of its Establishment in Western and Central Europe.

Facsimile Reprint of the original 1860 edition, Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2005. Hardback, purple cloth, VG. Frontispiece, pp viii, 312, lx (appendix), 3 plates at end. LN 211. £25.00

431. Fox (M.) & R.James: The Complete Chess Addict.

Faber 1987. 1st Edn. p/b, some creasing to covers o/w G. 264pp., illustrations, games, positions, hundreds of interesting, entertaining, and bizarre facts. (A.) £10.00

432. Fox (M.) & R.James: The Even More Complete Chess Addict.

Faber 1993. New (greatly enlarged) Edn. p/b, crease down spine o/w VG. 369pp, illus. A huge collection of chess trivia and anecdotes, including many games. (A.) £12.00

285. Graham (F.L.): Chess Sets.

Studio Vista 1968. 1st Edn. VG. 84pp., many illus. Includes large section on modern sets. £12.00

5565. Grand (P. le), J.C.M. & H.Schogt: 60 Componisten in 60 Jaar.

Van Spijk, Venlo, 1991. p/b, G. 36pp., 60 problems from 1931 to 1990. £7.00

959. GRECO. Hoffmann (Prof.L.) (Translator & Editor): The Games of Greco. With a Bibliography of Greco by J.A.Leon.

Routledge 1900. 1st Edn. Sm8vo (115 x 150mm) original purple cloth, some wear to edges, new endpapers, a tight copy. pp xxiv,246, adverts. Includes 77 games and 13 endgames. A scarce work, the first on Greco in English since Lewis's work of 1833. LN 398. £65.00

1651. Hartston (W.R.): The Guinness Book of Chess Grandmasters.

1996. 1st. Large p/b, VG. 224pp., many photos, biographies of leading players, 292 famous games. (A.) £10.00

191. Harwood (G.): Caissa's Web. The Chess Bedside Book.

Latimer 1975. 1st Edn. G,d/w. 167pp., 12 plates. An anthology including poetry, drama, fiction, history, proverbs, cartoons, paintings. (No games.) Presentation inscription from Peter H.Clarke, chess author and one of the leading English players of the 1960's. £18.00

1317. Hoffer (L.): Chess.

Routledge, 1904. 5th Edn. Original red cloth with man and lady playing chess on front cover, a bit marked o/w G. x,246pp., adverts. £8.00

273. Horowitz (I.A.): Chess: Games to Remember.

Pelham 1973. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w, inscription on endpaper. 266pp. A collection of 261 best games from 1960-1971. £12.00

609. ILYIN-GENEVSKY (A.): Notes of a Soviet Master. Trans: B.Cafferty. Ed: D.Brandreth.

Caissa Editions, 1986. Blue hardback, VG. 54pp. First English translation of his memoirs first published in Russian in 1929, plus an additional selection of 50 games (2 with notes.) (A.) £18.00

312. JANOWSKY. A.Cherniaev & A.Meynell: David Janowski Artist of the Chessboard. Edited by John Sugden.

Hardinge Simpole, 2005. p/b. VG. 147pp., brief biography, playing record, 64 annotated games. (A.) "The first collection in English of his best games." £16.00

4024. KEENE (R.): Grandmaster Strategy. Ray Keene's Best Games.

Hardinge Simpole, 2002. Reprint of 1999 private edition. p/b. VG. 212pp., biographical material, 100 annotated games. (A.) £15.00

555. KERES (Paul.): Photographs and Games.

Paide, Estonia. 1995 Large hardback (17x24cm). VG. 479pp., photos, 1944 games without notes, playing record, some crosstables. A substantial work. (A.) £15.00

5567. Keym (W.): Eigenartige Schachprobleme.

Nightrider Unlimited, 2010. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. Over 500 problems grouped by various themes. Scarce book. £15.00

931. Kluver (H.): Erich Brunner. Ein Kunstler und Deuter des Schachproblems.

Berlin 1958. 1st Edn. VG. 200pp., portrait, biography and 300 problems. £15.00

875. LARSEN (B.): Larsen's Selected Games of Chess 1948-69.

Bell 1970. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w (protected in clear plastic). 181pp. 50 annotated games. A sought-after title. £20.00

1264. LASKER, EM. Hannak (Dr.J.): Emanuel Lasker. The Life of a Chess Master. Foreword by Albert Einstein. Translated by H.Fraenkel.

Dover 1991. Reprint of 1959 English Edn. p/b, VG. 320pp. 100 games with light notes, crosstables, and full biography. £14.00

4118. LASKER: PERIODICAL: Lasker and his Contemporaries. No.2.

Thinkers' Press, Iowa, 1979. Large format p/b. VG. pp 38-75, illustrated. Various articles on Lasker, some games, lecture, interview, Najdorf on Alekhine, Hannak on Schlechter. £10.00

3980. Lipnitsky (I.): Questions of Modern Chess Theory. A Soviet Classic. Translated by J.Sugden.

Quality Chess 2008. 1st English Edn. p/b, F. 229pp. 16 chapters covering various opening and middlegame topics, with numerous annotated games and part games. "The lost masterpiece of Soviet chess literature...published in 1956...updated for the 21st century and now available for the first time in English." (A.) £15.00

1285. Lombardy (W.): Snatched Opportunities on the Chessboard.

Batsford 1973. 1st UK Edn. VG, d/w. 340pp. 200 quick victories in master games mostly from the 1960's, grouped by openings. Includes an article pasted to front endpapers concerning corrections to the book. £12.00

5557. LOMBARDY (W.): Understanding Chess. My System, My Games, My Life.

Lombardy / Russell, USA 2011. 1st Edn. p/b, F. 312pp., photos, 156 games, most annotated and interspersed with anecdotes. Very interesting self-published book by one of the strongest American players of the 20th century. Very scarce, probably due to a small print-run. £50.00

286. MARSHALL (F.J.): My Fifty Years of Chess.

Bell / Chess Review, NY 1942. 1st Edn. Crease down spine o/w G. 242pp., photos, biography, 140 annotated games. £18.00

3600. Mason (J.): Chess Openings. (Edited by L.Hoffer.)

The Field & Queen (Horace Cox) n.d.(c.1915.) 3rd Edn. Original cloth, G. pp xx,132. This edition not in LN 1955 catalogue. £14.00

254. Mason (J.): Social Chess. A Collection of Short & Brilliant Games with Historical and Practical Illustrations.

The Field & Queen (Horace Cox), (1901). Original maroon cloth, gilt, stamped 1901 on front cover, VG. xv,174pp., 2 plates. Includes 131 annotated games. LN 3196. £20.00

3108. Mason (J.): The Art of Chess.

Horace Cox, 1898. 2nd edn, revised & enlarged. Original blue cloth, gilt, wear to spine edges o/w G. Portrait, pp xvi,423. Covers many end games, combinations, and openings. LN 1114. £18.00

1842. Mason (J.): The Principles of Chess in Theory and Practice.

H.Cox 1902. 4th Edn., Revised & Enlarged (Reprinted.) Original maroon cloth, gilt, VG. Portrait, pp viii,330. £20.00

958. Moffatt (W.): Memorable Chess Games, Brilliants, and Miniatures, with Notes, Queries, and Answers.

Stroud 1913. Original purple cloth, faded area on front cover o/w good. Pencil ticks against games. 189pp. 321 games arranged by opening. PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR AND LIMITED TO 365 COPIES ONLY. LN 3212. A scarce book. £75.00

140. MORPHY. Sergeant (P.W.): Morphy's Games of Chess. Being a Selection of 300 of his Games with Annotations and Biographical Introduction.

Bell 1925. Repr. Original green cloth, G. 352pp., portrait. "Brings together for the first time...a great quantity of material from all quarters." £15.00

1933. Nanning (F.W.) & A.M.Koldijk.: Thema-Boek.

Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden, 1948. 1st Edn. p/b, spine missing, with plastic covering. 160pp. Over 300 problems arranged by themes. Previous owner pen and pencil notes, including added diagram. LN 2929. £10.00

1392. Napier (W.E.): Paul Morphy and the Golden Age of Chess. Ed: Horowitz.

McKay, NY 1957 1st Edn. VG,d/w. Portrait, 288pp. Numerous games with introductions and anecdotes, from the 1830's to 1920's. £18.00

3187. NAPIER (William Ewart). J.S.Hilbert: Napier The Forgotten Chessmaster.

Caissa Editions, US 1997. 1st Edn. Hardback, red cloth, VG. 354pp., illus, 321 games, some annotated, detailed biography of a player active from 1896 to 1905 who retired from chess before the age of 25! £35.00

3509. PERIODICAL: The "British Chess Magazine" Chess Annual 1926. Ed: M.E.Goldstein.

Leeds, 1927. Sm8vo, original red cloth, covers G but content loose from covers. 210pp. A record of chess events in 1926 both home and abroad, including 109 games with notes, selection of prize problems etc. The third of three such Annuals. £25.00

5072. Periodical: The Chess World. International Chess Review. (Edited by G.Koltanowski, Antwerp.) Vol.1 No.1 - 10/11. (All published.)

Oct.1932 - July/Aug.1933. Bound in one volume, contemporary dark blue cloth, gilt lettered spine, VG. 432pp., plates, includes 500 games, mostly in algebraic notation, some annotated, problems, endgames. A truly international monthly magazine with news from around the world, book reviews, letters etc. Very scarce. LN 5976. £170.00

3098. POLGAR (J.) T.Karolyi: Judit Polgar: The Princess of Chess.

Batsford 2004. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 288pp. 89 annotated games. (A.) The strongest female player of all time. £12.00

4749. POLGARS. Susan Polgar with Paul Truong: Breaking Through: How the Polgar Sisters Changed the Game of Chess.

Everyman 2005. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 320pp., photos, many games, most annotated, biography. (A.) £14.00

1799. Pruen (Thomas) & Philidor: An Introduction to the History and Study of Chess; with Copious Descriptions.... To which is Added The Analysis of Chess of Andre Danican Philidor. The Whole Simplified and Arranged in a Manner Entirely New, by an Amateur.

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Dover reprint, 1975. p/b, VG. pp 665, plus index of players. All games with notes and arranged by opening. An unsurpassed selection of games ranging over 150 years. £15.00

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Self published, 2014. Green cloth, VG. 146pp. A collection of biographical notes on some British chess personalities of the 19th Century, some are covered briefly, others in detail. The book is extensively researched and is based on new historical material. Source references are given, and an index of names. Includes three illustrative games, one problem, four diagrams. The final chapter is an update on the author's research into Staunton's former identity. £20.00

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Chess Informant, Serbia 2012. Large hardback, F. 519pp. A to Z arrangement covering both problems and studies, plus general index, and indices of composers and names, and "pattern themes" quick reference. 1726 diagrams are given in all. £30.00

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Caissa Editions, US 2000. Red cloth hardback, Fine in d/w. 481pp, photos, 570 games, some annotated, very detailed biography of the colourful and turbulent life of this strong US player. (A.) £40.00

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