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5745. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 7: 1874-1875.

Chess Player 2020. New p/b. 201pp., illustrations,158 annotated games with sources given, notes, comprehensive indices. Detailed coverage of New York chess in 1874 and 1875. Includes Bird's visit to New York in 1875. Limited to 100 numbered copies. £20.00

5697. ---- AVAILABLE AGAIN: 1935 WARSAW. Ed: A.J.Gillam: Warsaw Olympiad 1935.

The Chess Player, Nottingham 2020. Rare and Unpublished Chess Tournaments and Matches No.134. New p/b. 343pp., including 26 pages of reports, photos, around 510 games and positions (of 760 played) plus many annotations, opening index, player index, all the pairings in round order. In addition there is a report on the Women's World Championship with final table, 44 pairings in round order and 5 games. 1 USA 2 Sweden 3 Poland. (A.) £29.00

5771. 1904 MONTE CARLO. G.Marco: Die Partien des IV. Internationalen Turniers zu Monte-Carlo.

Chess Player 1983. A facsimile of pages 101-130 of the 1904 Edition of the Wiener Schachzeitung. p/b, VG. 30 games with brief notes, sketches of the players, round by round commentary. 1 Maroczy 2 Schlechter 3 Marshall. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £15.00

1675. 1907 OSTEND. Dr.Tarrasch: Das Champion-Turnier zu Ostende im Jahre 1907.

BCM Classic Reprint, 1975. p/b. VG. 136pp. 60 annotated games. 1 Tarrasch 2 Schlecter 3 -4 Janowski, Marshall. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £10.00

5746. 1920 MOSCOW. Ed: A.J.Gillam: Chess Player Rare and Unpublished Tournament book series No.135

. First USSR Championship Moscow 1920. Stapled booklet with plastic jacket; 43 pages; 15 pages of articles on the championship and 52 of the 120 games, many with notes from a variety of Russian, Polish and other sources. The Championship was won by Alekhine from Romanovsky and Levenfish. SEE WEBSITE FOR OTHER TITLES IN THIS SERIES. £10.00

2884. 1925 - Gillam (A.J.) Ed: Chess Tournaments and Matches 1925.

Chess Player, 1993. p/b. VG. 186pp. 806 games from the top events of 1925, including some only previously available in magazines. Not annotated. Includes crosstables and indexes. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £15.00

183. 1933 FOLKESTONE (5th Olympiad). Kashdan (I.): Book of the Folkestone 1933 International Chess Team Tournament.

Leeds, Whitehead & Miller, 1933. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, spine lettering slightly faded o/w VG. Frontispiece, 152pp. 142 games annotated by Kashdan and other Masters. The 5th Olympiad. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £30.00

1844. 1934 LENINGRAD. P.A.Romanovsky: Turnir Masterov s uchastiem M.Euwe i H.Kmocha.

Moscow, 1935. 1st Edn. Original cloth, a bit stained o/w G. 146pp. 66 annotated games. Final page removed which only contained the publishing details. Only 6000 copies printed. LN 5476. 1 Botvinnik 2-3 Romanovsky, Riumin. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £50.00

1350. 1935 MOSCOW. (Ed: N.V.Krylenko & I.Rabinovich): Vtoroy Mezhdunarodnyy Shakhmatnyy Turnir Moskva 1935.

Moscow & Leningrad 1936. 1st Edn. Original cloth, soiled, lower joint split, paper yellowed as usual, last few pages loose. 596pp. The foreword by Krylenko has been removed. 190 annotated games, opening survey, details of previous Russian tournaments etc. LN 5506. 1-2 Botvinnik, Flohr 3 Lasker 4 Capablanca. An excellent and scarce tournament book. £50.00

1220. 1936 NOTTINGHAM. Ed: W.H.Watts.: Chess Pie No.3. The Official Souvenir of the International Tournament.

BCF/Printing-Craft (1936.) 4to (8.5 x 11in.) original wrappers, with coloured illustration on front, spine sunned otherwise a very good copy of a scarce item. 98pp., including fine photographic portraits, chessmen, page of facsimile autographs, details of the players and selected games, various articles, advert pages. Published prior to the tournament. LN 5538. With a label of the ECF, Pollard collection. £60.00

288. 1941 LENINGRAD-MOSCOW. Botvinnik (M.): Championship Chess. Match Tournament for the Absolute Chess Championship of the U.S.S.R.

MacGibbon & Kee 1950. 1st English Edn. Some marking to covers, spine sunned o/w G. 186pp. 60 annotated games. 1.Botvinnik 2.Keres 3.Smyslov. With bookplate of the ECF collection. £14.00

5079. 1946 GRONINGEN. (Euwe (M.) & H.Kmoch.): (International Chess Tournament. Translated & Edited by B.H.Wood.)

Supplement from Chess SC 1946. Large format, bound in boards with cloth spine, G. No title-page issued but complete with 164pp. 190 games. The first big post-war tournament, with 20 players. 1 Botvinnik 2 Euwe 3 Smyslov. Later published as a separate book in 1949. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £25.00

782. 1949 VIENNA.: Carl Schlecter Gedenkturnier 1949. Herausgegeben vom Schachklub Hietzing (Wien.)

W.Verkauf 1949. 1st Edn. Original printed card covers. VG. 64pp. 91 games. 1-2 Foltys, Puc. LN 5787. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £18.00

596. 1950 AMSTERDAM. Euwe (M.) & L.Prins: Wereldschaaktoernooi.

Lochem 1951. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, G. 280pp., 4 plates, 190 games, most annotated. A well produced tournament book. 1.Najdorf (15/19 unbeaten) 2.Reshevsky 3.Stahlberg. £25.00

479. 1951 BOTVINNIK-BRONSTEIN. Winter (W.) & R.G.Wade: The World Chess Championship 1951.

Turnstile Press 1951. 1st Edn. G,d/w (yellowed on spine). 133pp.,illus., 24 annotated games. Match scores in red pen against games. Result 5-5 plus 14 draws, Botvinnik retaining his title. With bookplate and signature of Sir Richard Clarke, KCB, OBE. Clarke was a high-ranking civil servant and also devised the BCF grading system. £18.00

2686. 1951 BUDAPEST. J.Ban: A VII Magyar Sakkbajnoksag.

(Budapest),1953. Original thin card covers, small loss at foot of spine o/w G. 119pp. 231 games. Paper yellowed as usual. 1 Barcza 2 Szabo 3 Bakonyi. LN 5821. £14.00

831. 1954 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV. Golombek (H.): World Chess Championship 1954.

Macgibbon & Kee 1954. 1st Edn. G,d/w, slight indent to spine. 166pp. 24 annotated games plus previous encounters. Includes clock times after each move. Match drawn 12-12 with Botvinnik retaining his title. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £15.00

602. 1956 AMSTERDAM. Euwe (Dr.M.) & W.J.Muhring: Das Kandidatenturnier fur die Weltmeisterschaft.

W. ten Have Verlag, Amsterdam 1956. 1st Edn. Beige cloth, VG, name erased from endpaper. 191pp. 90 annotated games. The 3rd Candidates Tournament. 1.Smyslov 2.Keres. £20.00

1401. 1957 BOTVINNIK - SMYSLOV. Golombek (H.): World Chess Championship.

MacGibbon & Kee, 1957. 1st Edn. G, d/w (torn with some paper loss on spine). 144pp. The clock times are given after each move. Smyslov won 12.5 - 9.5. £14.00

4418. 1968 AMSTERDAM: IBM Meestertoernooi.

Amsterdam, 1968. Set of bulletins fixed in original card covers, slight cover wear o/w G. 176pp. 186 games, some annotated, from GM and Master groups. 1 Kavalek 2 Bronstein. £14.00

82. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. Byrne (R.) & I.Nei.: Both Sides of the Chessboard.

Batsford, 1974. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (slightly marked). Photos, 211pp., also includes Fischer's matches with Taimanov, Larsen and Petrosian, all annotated. "The definitive account" at that time, from both an American and Soviet perspective. With a bookplate of the ECF, Rumsey collection. £15.00

182. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. Clarke (P.H.) & W.J.Welch.: Spassky versus Fischer. Commentary, Games, Notes, Statistics.

Barnstaple, 1972. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 70pp. Scarce item. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £14.00

656. 1972 FISCHER-SPASSKY. Evans (L.) & K.Smith: Fischer-Spassky Move by Move.

Batsford 1973. 1st Edn. p/b, some pencil notes, a couple in pen o/w G. 261pp., a diagram and comment after every move, plus the famous cartoons from Chess Digest. £12.00

2024. 1977 LENINGRAD. Ed: Wade, Blackstock & Thomas: 45th USSR Championship.

Master Chess (1978). p/b. VG. 32pp. 126 games, informator style notes by Tal from '64'. (A.) 1-2 Dorfman, Gulko 3 Polugaevsky. With a bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. £6.00

5786. 1978 BUDAPEST: IV. Nemzetkozi Tungsram Sakkverseny.

(1978). p/b, G. 32pp. 120 games. 1 Nunn 2 Csom 3-4 Adorjan, Kuzmin. £8.00

2994. 1978 TBILISI. Keene, Nunn & Wade: 46th USSR Chess Championships.

1979. p/b. G. 120pp., portrait sketches, 153 games with Informator-style notes. 1-2 Tal, Tseshkovsky 3 Polugaevsky. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £7.00

5785. 1978-79 HASTINGS. L.Christiansen: 54th Hastings International Chess Congress 1978-79.

Self published, Modesto, California 1979. p/b, G. 78pp., 105 games, 15 annotated by Christiansen. 1 Andersson 2-5 Csom, Kochiev, Speelman, Vasyukov. (A.) £14.00

5780. 1979 LEEUWARDEN: Schaakampioenschap Nederland. Toernooi-magazine 1979.

Leeuwarden 1979. Large format p/b, G. 80pp., photos, 91 games, some annotated. 1 Ligterink 2-3 Timman, Ree. £10.00

5782. 1980 HILVERSUM: Rabo-HSG Schaaktoernooi 1980.

Hilversums Schaakgenootschap (1980). p/b, G. 47pp., selection of games, some annotated. Piece of brown paper stuck on inside front cover affecting a few names of organisers. Group A (Swiss) 1-3 v.d.Weij, v.Eijbergen, Schoute. £9.00

5781. 1980 LEEUWARDEN: Schaakampioenschap Nederland. Toernooi-magazine 1980.

Leeuwarden 1980. Large format p/b, G. 84pp., photos, 91 games, some annotated. 1 Timman, 2-7 tied. £10.00

3251. 1980 WIJK AAN ZEE: 42e Hoogoven Schaaktoernooi. Magazine.

(1980.) Large p/b. VG. 80pp., many photos, 91 games from GM group, some annotated. 1-2 Seirawan, Browne 3 Korchnoi. £10.00

2258. 1982 TILBURG: 6e Interpolis Schaaktournooi.

Tilburg, (1983.) p/b. VG. 163pp., photos, 66 games, some annotated. 1 Karpov 2 Timman 3-4 Andersson, Sosonko. (Petrosian, Smyslov, Portisch, Larsen also played.) £10.00

5773. 1984 USSR v Rest of the World.: London Docklands, June 1984.

Bulletin, 1984. Large format, stapled at top corner only. G. 4 round 10 board match with 40 games, one annotated, opening speech by Brian Walden. Also 10 games from Kasparov satellite simul against British & US juniors. USSR won 21-19. (A.) With 2 bookplates of ECF/BCF, Golombek collection. £12.00

5789. 1984 WIJK AAN ZEE. P. van der Sterren: 46e Hoogovens Schaaktoernooi.

Hoogovens IJmuiden (1984). p/b, VG. 172pp., photos, 91 games from GM group, some annotated, plus others from Master group. 1-2 Korchnoi, Beliavsky 3 P.Nikolic. £12.00

5787. 1986 WIJK AAN ZEE. Cor van Wijgerden: 48e Hoogovens Schaaktoernooi.

1986. p/b, G. 185pp., photos, 157 games from GM and Master groups, some annotated. GM: 1 Short 2-4 Ljubojevic, v.d.Wiel, Nikolic. Master: 1 Hulak, 2 J.Piket. £10.00

168. ALEKHINE (A.): My Best Games of Chess 1908-1923.

Bell 1973. Repr. VG, with a red d/w (slight wear on top edge). 267pp. 100 annotated games. Regarded as one of the best chess books ever written, for the brilliant games and annotations. With a bookplate of the ECF, Rumsey collection. £12.00

70. ALEKHINE. Kotov (A.): Alexander Alekhine.

Batsford 1975. 1st English Edn. VG,d/w. 218pp. Biography and 75 annotated games. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £14.00

5769. Alster (Dr. L.): Sachovy Sbornik 1955. (Czech Year Book).

Prague 1957. Cream cloth, VG. 272pp. many annotated games, problems, results and crosstables. With bookplate of the ECF collection. £12.00

1281. ANDERSSON. V.Ravikumar: Ulf Andersson's Decisive Games.

Madras (1986). 1st. p/b. VG. 80pp. 82 games, 32 annotated. Included is a loose 4 page biography of Andersson by Jan Berglund, 1985. (A.) A scarce item. With a small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. £18.00

859. Andrade (B.J.da C.): Andradiana. 256 Selected Chess Problems...with Solutions; his Favourite Quotations about the Problem Art.

Chess, S.C. 1961. 1st Edn. G. 81pp. 256 of the author's problems, published posthumously. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £15.00

2811. Beal (D.F.) Ed: Advances in Computer Chess 4.

Pergamon Press, 1986. 1st Edn. VG. 197pp. Various contributors, including H.Berliner, D.Michie, D.Levy, W.Hartston, R.M.Hyatt. A collection of 13 papers presented at the fourth "Advances in Computer Chess" conference held at Brunel University, London, in April 1984. With a bookplate of the ECF, Rumsey collection. £18.00

5433. Beasley (J.D.): 51 Flights of Chess Fancy and a few other frolics.

The author, Harpenden, 2009. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 72pp., 51 of the author's endgame studies, problems and a few non-chess puzzles. (A.) With a label of the BCVS collection. £10.00

793. Bird (H.E.): Chess History and Reminiscences.

Dean & Son. n.d.(1893) 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt, a little foxing on first and last pages otherwise a good copy. Portrait, pp xxiv, 138. LN 236. Includes sections on the origin of chess, the middle ages, the 19th century (chess clubs, chess masters), blindfold chess, habits and idiosyncracies of chess players. With a label of the ECF, Pollard Collection. £70.00

506. Bird (H.E.): Chess Masterpieces: Comprising a Collection of 150 Choice Games.

Dean & Son, 1875. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, lower cover is detached, corner cut from title-page. Additional title-page, (iv),140pp. Over 150 games from 1851 to 1874, index of players and openings. LN 3166. One of the scarcer of Bird's works. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection with his pencil signature above. £60.00

1408. BLACKBURNE (J.H.) Graham (P.A.): Mr.Blackburne's Games at Chess Selected, Annotated and Arranged by Himself. Edited, with a Biographical Sketch and a Brief History of Blindfold Chess by P.A.Graham.

Longmans, Green 1899. 1st Edn. Large octavo, original cloth, spine lightly sunned and frayed at top otherwise a good tight copy. Portrait, pp ix, 331, adverts. 407 games with brief notes, 28 problems, index of games. With 2 bookplates of the ECF/BCF, Golombek Collection, and pencil signature of Golombek. £70.00

5069. BLACKBURNE: Tim Harding: Joseph Henry Blackburne. A Chess Biography.

McFarland, US 2015. Large hardback. 582pp., many photos, appendices with tournament and match record, interviews, compositions, blindfold exhibitions, notes, bibliography, indices. (A.) "This first comprehensive biography of Britain’s greatest chess player of the 19th and early 20th centuries presents more than 1,000 of Blackburne’s games chronologically, including all his surviving games from serious competition, annotated in varying detail. Many are masterpieces containing beautiful combinations and instructive endgame play. Blackburne’s unusual family and social background are fully explored." (Publisher's note.) £60.00

2568. BOTVINNIK: Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.23. Dr.Michail Botwinnik.

Wildhagen, Hamburg 1959. Red cloth, VG. 400 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With the booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £25.00

825. BOTVINNIK (M.): Half a Century of Chess.

Pergamon, 1984. 1st English Edn. Large p/b, G. 278pp. 90 annotated games from 1925 to 1966. Includes his impressions of the chess and human aspects of his opponents, as well as typical episodes from tournament life. (A.) With a label of the ECF, Pollard collection. £20.00

50. BOTVINNIK (M.M.): One Hundred Selected Games.

Macgibbon & Kee 1951. 1st English Edn. Maroon cloth, VG. 272pp., including biography and his article on the Russian and Soviet school of chess. 100 annotated games. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £16.00

1440. BOTVINNIK. Reinfeld (F.): Botvinnik the Invincible.

McKay, US 1946. 1st Edn. G. 220pp., 10 page biography, 62 annotated games with an introduction to each one. With a bookplate of the ECF collection.. £15.00

2438. BRONSTEIN. Vainstein (B.S.): David Bronstein - Chess Improviser.

Pergamon Press, 1983. 1st English Edn. Hardback, VG. 194pp. "The author describe's Bronstein's meteoric rise to the chess heights, with the help of 28 remarkable annotated games. Then Bronstein himself annotates all the games from his dramatic 1951 match with Botvinnik." A scarce work. (A.) £28.00

2112. BURN. R.N.Coles: Amos Burn, the Quiet Chessmaster.

Chess Notes, Brighton 1983. Large size, card covers,VG. 82pp., biography, 62 annotated games. Very scarce due to small print run. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £30.00

190. Capablanca (J.R.): Capablanca's Last Chess Lectures.

Herbert Jenkins, 1967. 1st UK Edn. VG, with d/w (frayed at top of spine) 132pp. Twelve lectures originally delivered shortly before his death in 1942. A scarce book. With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £18.00

327. CHAROUSEK. Sergeant (P.W.): Charousek's Games of Chess.

Bell 1919. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, some tiny nicks to joints o/w G. Portrait, 221pp., biography, 146 annotated games. A scarce work. With bookplate and signature of Sir Richard Clarke, KCB, OBE. Clarke was a high-ranking civil servant and also devised the BCF grading system. £28.00

419. CHIGORIN. Bogoljubov (E.): Mikhail Chigorin. Selected Games. Ed: C.Leach.

Batsford/Caissa 1987. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 128pp. 240 games with languageless notes from various sources. (A.) "First English publication of Chigorin's games." With bookplate of the ECF, Wade collection. £12.00

274. Christmas Series No.34. Dawson (T.R.) & W.Pauly.: Asymmetry.

Stroud 1927. Red cloth, spine slightly sunned, small stain on front cover o/w G. 154pp. 100 problems with introduction and extensive notes. Without Merry Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.34. With labels of Glasgow Chess Club and BCVS collection. With some small relevant cuttings of Edgar Holladay. £50.00

532. Christmas Series No.35. White (A.C.): The Properties of Castling. Ed: G.Hume.

Stroud 1928. Red cloth, spine faded o/w VG. 129pp. 100 problems. Ink annotations on 4 pages. Without Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.35. With a bookplate of R.Ivar Gunn and label of ECF, Pollard collection. £60.00

3153. Christmas Series No.40. Kipping (C.S.): The Chessmen Speak. Edited by George Hume.

Stroud, 1932. Red cloth, spine faded o/w VG. Portrait, 180pp. 147 three-move problems by Kipping. Christmas Series No.40. With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. £40.00

267. Christmas Series No.43. White (A.C.): Conspiracy: A Selection of Help-Mate Problems. Ed: G.Hume.

Stroud 1935. Red cloth, slight marking on covers o/w VG. 117pp. 100 help-mate problems. Without Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.43. With bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. £50.00

804. DENKER (A.S.): If You Must Play Chess.

McKay, Phila.1947. 1st Edn. G. 190pp. 55 annotated games. With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £14.00

5775. Dickins (A.S.M.): Fairy Chess Problems.

Published Privately, Surrey 1980. I believe this is a 1983 photocopy of the 2nd Edn, as small notes are written on the title-page. p/b, G. (76)pp. A selection of articles from various sources. With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. £15.00

910. Ewart (B.): Chess: Man vs Machine.

A.S.Barnes, US 1980. 1st Edn. Large format, VG, d/w (slightly frayed at top edge). 287pp., numerous illustrations, some coloured, from old photographs, prints, paintings etc.. The major part of the book deals with chess automata (the Turk, Ajeeb, Mephisto etc.) including games and bibliography, also a chapter on computer chess. "The first complete history of chess-playing machines." With a label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. £35.00

853. Feast (F.B.): Chess Cameos. A Treatise on the Two-Move Problem.

Whitehead & Miller, Leeds 1936. 1st Edn. Sm8vo, original blue cloth. VG. 90pp. LN 2782. With a label of the ECF, Wade collection. £20.00

605. FISCHER (R.): Bobby Fischer's Games of Chess. With a Foreword by H.Golombek.

Museum Press, London 1959. 1st UK Edn. Green cloth, G, (without the jacket). 97pp. Fischer's first book with 35 games, 14 annotated by him and a brief account of his career to May 1958. Slight yellowing to some page edges. A scarce and sought after book. With a label of the ECF, Ravilious collection. £70.00

5642. FISCHER. Levy (D.): How Fischer Plays Chess.

Collins, 1975. 1st Edn. Hardback, VG, d/w.160pp., photos, 65 annotated games. Pencil ticks against games. With bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. £14.00

420. GLIGORIC. Edited by C.Leach: Svetozar Gligoric Collected Games.

Caissa 1988. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 201pp. 371 games with languageless notes from 1939 to 1986.. (A.) "Largest collection of Gligoric's games." With a bookplate of the ECF, Rumsey collection. £14.00

1505. Groot (A.D. De): Thought and Choice in Chess. Psychological Studies 4.

Mouton & Co., The Hague/Paris, 1965. 1st Edn. Blue cloth, inscription and tape marks on endpapers, stain on 2 pages o/w G. 463pp. An important work on psychology and human thinking by Dutch chess master and professor of psychology De Groot, who achieved great distinction in his field. Back in 1938 he undertook an experimental study with players such as Alekhine, Euwe, Keres, Fine & Flohr who all played in the AVRO tournament. £45.00

3183. Hayes (J.E.) & D.N.L.Levy: The World Computer Chess Championship Stockholm 1974.

Edinburgh University Press, 1976. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 105pp. 25 games from the championship won by Kaissa (USSR), a few other games, a short history, concepts and mechanisms, chess thinking, bibliography, the first draft of Levy's Computer Chess Challenge wager. £24.00

1093. Heidenfeld (W.): Draw! Edited with a Foreword by John Nunn.

Allen & Unwin, 1982. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 216pp. 70 annotated games spanning 100 years, all exciting draws. Completed by John Nunn after Heidenfeld's death. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £25.00

4296. Keats (V.): Chess, Jews and History. Vol.1.

Oxford, 1994. Folio (8.5 x 12in., 215 x 300mm) hardbound cloth. VG. Well illustrated from old books, paintings etc., 396pp, 3p index., including history, chess in medieval Spain, de Lucena, Ruy Lopez, Jewish chess literature etc. £55.00

4049. Keres (P.): Sowjetisches Schach IV 1953 - 1960. Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.36.

Hamburg 1963. Red cloth, VG. 400 games with a diagram every 5 moves. With booklet of notes. One of the scarcest in this series. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £40.00

5776. Keym (W.): Chess Problems Out of the Box.

Nightrider Unlimited, 2018. Revised and Updated English Edn. p/b, VG. 184pp., around 500 problems from all eras. An anthology of 500 extraordinary problems, many involving retrograde analysis. (A.) £12.00

1382. Kipping (C.S.): The Chess Problem Science. Vol.1 The Power of the Pieces. (Two Movers) Foreword by Alain C.White. ALL PUBLISHED.

Leeds, 1938. Original card covers, VG. 59pp. With a label BCVS collection. £12.00

1292. Klett (Philipp.): A Selection of Chess Problems. With a Solving Commentary by J.D.Beasley.

BCM 1978. Limited Edn. p/b. VG. 48pp. 51 problems. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £8.00

871. Konig (I.): Chess from Morphy to Botwinnik. A Century of Chess Evolution.

Bell 1951. 1st Edn. G, d/w (some paper loss to corners). 202pp. 107 annotated games arranged by openings. £12.00

19. Kotov (A.) & M.Yudovich.: The Soviet School of Chess.

Moscow 1958. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w. 390pp., illustrations. Includes biographies and numerous annotated games, chess literature, history etc.. £14.00

2692. Kotov (A.) & S.Flohr: Sowjetisches Schach 1917-1935. Weltgeschichte des Schachs. No.33.

Hamburg 1960. Red cloth, VG. 400 games with a diagram every 5 moves, plus booklet of notes. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £30.00

49. LASKER, EM. Hannak (Dr.J.): Emanuel Lasker. The Life of a Chess Master. Foreword by Albert Einstein. Translated by H.Fraenkel.

A.Deutsch 1959. 1st English Edn. VG, d/w. 320pp. 100 games with light notes, crosstables, and full biography. £22.00

380. Mansfield (C.): Adventures in Composition. The Art of the Two-Move Chess Problem. Edited by Alain White.

Daily Post Printers, Liverpool 1948. 1st UK Edn. Original green cloth spine and red boards, G. 200pp. One of the best works on chess composition. With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. £24.00

828. Morgan (M.): The Chess Digest, containing the Moves of Over 15,000 Games Systematically Arranged under the Various Openings.

Philadelphia, 1901-03. Volumes 1-3 (of 4), quarto size (20 x 28cm), original maroon cloth, gilt, 2 vols rubbed on spine, one back cover stained, otherwise good. pp 472, 446, 518. "Practically including All Games Played in the Leading Tournaments and Matches from 1850 to 1902. Together with Names of Players and References to All the Tournament Books and Periodicals in which the Games have been Reported." A VALUABLE REFERENCE WORK. LN 1879. With bookplates of the ECF, Wade collection. £100.00

892. Morse (J.): Chess Problems: Tasks and Records.

Faber 1995. 1st Edn. Large p/b. VG. 381pp. 837 mainly two-move problems, a systematic treatment of records, longer and less orthodox problems, length records etc., by some 350 different composers. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. £20.00

1091. Nunn (J.): Secrets of Rook Endings.

Batsford, 1992. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 320pp. (A.) Comprehensive work checked by computer database. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. £12.00

2758. POLUGAEVSKY (L.): Grandmaster Performance. Trans: K.Neat,

Pergamon 1984. 1st English Edn. Large p/b, VG. 180pp. 64 of his best games, well annotated, plus related essays. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £15.00

345. POLUGAEVSKY (L.): Grandmaster Preparation. Trans: Ken Neat.

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