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3608. ----: FIDE ALBUM 1980 - 1982 (Two-movers, Three-Movers, More-movers, Fairy Chess, Studies.)

Zagreb 1988. p/b, VG. 431pp. 1083 problems & studies, index of themes & composers. 18.00

5467. ----: Jaarboek van de Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden.

1974, 1975, 1980. VG. Each one 6.00

5468. ----: Jubileumboek 1931-1981. Nederlandse Bond van Schaakprobleemvrienden.

VG. 48pp. 10.00

5633. -----: Jaarboek 1958 van de Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden.

1958. p/b, VG. 44pp. Various chapters with numerous problems. 8.00

5476. Akopian (G.E.): Mnogogrannoe tvorchestvo.

Erevan 1984. p/b. VG. 80pp. Many problems and studies. 6.00

3072. Allen (E.W.) & E.M.Hassberg (Editors): To Alain White. A Tribute from his Friends on the Occasion of his Sixty-Fifth Birthday, March the Third, 1945.

The Overbrook Press, Stamford, Connecticut 1945. 4to, original brown cloth, small black plastic label to foot of spine, edges a little rubbed otherwise good. Portrait of White, pp (viii), 77, (1). 143 problems. Loose 4pp printed insert "A Note of Thanks from Alain White" Aug.3 1945. The book was printed to commemorate the 65th birthday of Alain White. With 3 stamps of the British Chess Problem Society to endpapers. Edition Limited to 300 copies. 140.00

859. Andrade (B.J.da C.): Andradiana. 256 Selected Chess Problems...with Solutions; his Favourite Quotations about the Problem Art.

Chess, S.C. 1961. 1st Edn. G. 81pp. 256 of the author's problems, published posthumously. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 15.00

2713. Archakov (V.M.): Grossmeisterskie kompozicii.

Kiev, 1985. 1st. p/b. VG. 192pp. 509 problems from all eras. 8.00

5475. Archakov (V.M.): Izobrazitelnye Shakhmatnye zadachi i etyudy.

Kiev, 1985. p/b. G. 88pp. 255 problems and studies. 6.00

5598. Archakov (V.M.): Na Malenkom Shakhmatnom Dole.

Sverdlovsk, 1983. Hardback, G. 143pp. 264 problems. Features the work of 3 Urals composers, the veteran A.G.Kopnin, V.F.Udartsev and the author himself, plus a very useful summary of current 2-move themes. (from The Problemist review, Nov.1984.) 8.00

2715. Archakov (V.M.): Shakhmatnaja kompozicija na Ukraine.

Kiev, 1986. 1st. p/b. G. 167pp. 509 problems by various Ukrainian composers mainly from the 1970's & 1980's. 8.00

5592. Archakov (V.M.): Shakhmatnaya Mozaika.

Kiev, 1984. p/b, G. 133pp. 390 problems. All kinds of problems, including a section on symbol problems. 7.00

2591. Archakov (V.M.): V mire Shakhmatnoy kompozicii.

Volgograd 1980. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 191pp. 242 problems by various composers mainly from the 1960's & 70's. 8.00

5597. Archakov (V.M.) & E.J.Gik: Shakhmatny Kvartety.

Kiev, 1983. Small p/b, G. 184pp. 444 problems and studies all with 4 pieces only, systematically arranged by material. For a Soviet book it is remarkable in being the first contribution to the literature of Wenigsteiners, and for the quantity of helpmates and series problems quoted. (from Problemist Review, Nov.1984). 7.00

1085. Averbakh (Y.): Queen and Pawn Endings. Trans: K.P.Neat.

Batsford 1975. 1st English Edn. VG (no d/w.) 137pp. Includes many studies. The second volume of Averbakh's classic endgame series. 10.00

4148. Averbakh (Y.), V.Chekhover & V.Henkin: Queen v. Rook / Minor Piece Endings. Trans: K.P.Neat.

Batsford 1978. 1st English Edn. VG. 174pp. Includes many studies. The seventh volume of Averbakh's classic endgame series. 10.00

5382. Bakcsi (G.): Ungarische Schachproblem Anthologie.

Corvina Kiado 1983. 1st German Edn. p/b, G. 350pp. 767 problems. Includes history of Hungarian chess composition from 1938 and the choicest problems. 15.00

4458. Bakcsi (G.) Ed: Uj Magyar Sakkfeladvany Antologia.

Sport Budapest 1979. G. 343pp., photos, 682 problems of Hungarian composers. Includes history of Hungarian chess composition from 1938 and the choicest problems. 14.00

5566. Ban (J.) Editor: 1st International Tungsram Cup Chess Problem Competition 1978.

Hungarian Chess Federation, 1978. p/b. VG. 32pp., 57 problems. 7.00

5411. Baumgartner (G.): Faszinierendes Schachproblem. Kompositionen von I.A.Schiffmann.

The author, Heidelberg (1963). 1st Edn. p/b, light foxing to covers o/w G. 72pp., at least 109 problems from 1920's, with solutions and commentary. 10.00

5433. Beasley (J.D.): 51 Flights of Chess Fancy and a few other frolics.

The author, Harpenden, 2009. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 72pp., 51 of the author's endgame studies, problems and a few non-chess puzzles. (A.) With a label of the BCVS collection. 10.00

5434. Beasley (John): More Flights of Chess Fancy.

SNZZ, Brno 2000. 1st Edn. p/b. 28pp., 25 of the author's own varied problems. There is parallel text in English and Czech, the latter translated by Michal Dragoun. (A.) 8.00

5590. Belcikov (N.I.), V.E.Gebelt & E.I.Dvizov: Shakhmatnaja Kompozicija v Belorussi.

Minsk, 1981. p/b. VG. 143pp. 462 problems. 7.00

2862. Berger (J.): Probleme Studien und Partien von J.Berger 1862-1912.

Veit & Co., Leipzig 1914. 1st Edn. Original printed wrappers, spine backed with later blue tape, wear to foot of spine, internally good. Portrait, pp xii, 253, (3) adverts. An accomplished player, problem and study composer, he also edited the "Deutsche Schachzeitung." This scarce book comprises 240 problems, 52 studies, 120 games with brief notes. With a label from the library of Dr. E.E.Zepler. With 2 stamps of the BCPS library. LN 2628. 65.00

4719. Binnewirtz (R.J.): Ado Kraemer. Eine Biographische Skizze mit Zahlreichen Zugaben.

Nightrider, Germany 2012. New p/b. 288pp., illus., 261 problems, all known games, biography, various articles. Kraemer was a famous problem composer of the Logical New German problem school. Introduction in English, remainder in German. 24.00

4668. Birgfeld (E.) Editor: Fata Morgana A Study in "White-to-Play" Selfmates with about 950 Examples (c.700 Originals.) With Assistance of Dawson, Massmann, Nanz & Pauly.

A.Stein, Berlin 1922. 1st Edn. Large 8vo, original grey cloth-backed boards, spine is worn with splits on joints, binding a bit loose, contents good. 396pp., introduction in English and German, main text in German only. With a prize label awarded to A.W. Mongredien, and several stamps of the British Chess Problem Society. L/N 2666. 50.00

4968. Blumenthal (O.): Schachminiaturen. Eine Problemsammlung. Erster Teil. Zweite Auflage.

Berlin & Leipzig 1921. Original printed wrappers, page edges partly unopened, paper loss at head and foot of spine o/w G. pp viii,147. 360 problems by various composers. LN 2552. 24.00

4967. Blumenthal (O.): Schachminiaturen. Neue Folge.

Veit & Co., Leipzig 1903. Black cloth, crease down spine o/w G. pp vii,458. 400 problems by numerous composers. LN 2551. With a label of the British Chess Problem Society, presented by C.A.H.Russ. 50.00

4551. Bondarenko (F.S.): Etyud v peshechnom okonchanii.

Moscow 1973. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 159pp. 636 endgame studies by various composers. 8.00

4882. Bondarenko (F.S.): Razvintne shakhmatnogo etyuda.

Kiev, 1982. p/b. G. 232pp. 394 studies. 7.00

470. Bondarenko (F.S.): Sovremennye shakhmatnye etyud.

Kiev 1987. p/b. VG. 176pp. 378 studies. 8.00

3690. Bondarenko (F.S.): Triumf sovetskogo sachmatnogo etjuda.

Kiev, 1984. 1st. p/b. VG. 173pp. 352 endgame studies by Soviet composers from 1925-44. 7.00

969. Bouwmeester (H.): Modern End-Game Studies for the Chessplayer. Trans & Ed: H.Golombek.

Bell 1959. 1st English Edn. Back cover slightly bowed o/w VG. 128pp. 101 studies (25 more than the Dutch edn.) 9.00

4322. Brown (John): Chess Strategy: A Collection of the Most Beautiful Chess problems, composed by "J.B. of Bridport" and Contributed by him to the Chief Chess Periodicals during the Last Fifteen Years.

N.Trubner & Co., 1865. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, splits to joints o/w G. pp vi,errata page,118. Introduction and 174 problems with solutions at end. A "posthumous collection.... published solely for the benefit of the widow and orphans of its estimable author." LN 2409. A scarce book. With a bookplate of the British Chess Problem Society, presented by Mrs P.H.Williams. Also with a signature of Philip H.Williams. 150.00

5702. Chandler (G.W.), C.R.Flood & R.C.O.Matthews: A Tribute to G.F.Anderson.

British Chess Problem Society, (1974). Large p/b, G. 18pp.112 of Anderson's best problems of various types. 14.00

5473. Chepiznyj (V.I.) Ed:: Shakmatnaja kompozicija 1977-1982.

Moscow 1983 p/b, small tear on back cover o/w G. 256pp. 452 problems. 7.00

214. Christmas Series No.11. White (A.C.): More White Rooks.

Stroud 1911. Original purple cloth, nice copy. 220pp. 400 problems. Without Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.11. 65.00

1386. Christmas Series No.13. White (A.C.): Running the Gauntlet. A Study of the Capture of Pawns En Passant in Chess Problems.

Stroud, 1911. Red cloth, spine faded, some wear to covers o/w G. 269pp. 400 problems. With Merry Christmas slip. A study of the capture of pawns en passant. Long introduction in English and German. With a label of the BCPS to endpaper. Christmas Series No.13. 50.00

3489. Christmas Series No.24. Heathcote (G.): Chess Idylls. A Collection of Problems by Godfrey Heathcote. Edited by M.Marble, A.C.White & G.Hume.

Stroud, 1918. Original dark red cloth, VG. 299pp. 300 problems, lengthly introduction, notes and prize list. Without Christmas slip. With a label of the BCPS to endpaper and a gift inscription. Christmas Series No.24. 90.00

1479. Christmas Series No.25. White (A.C.): A.C.W. Flights of Fancy in the Chess World. Ed: George Hume.

Leeds, 1919. Green cloth, "A.C.W." on front cover and spine, VG. 158pp, plate. Without Christmas slip. With a list of titles for sale, nos.1-25. A reprint of light-hearted sketches, most carrying problems. Usually bound in red cloth. With a stamp of the BCPS library to endpapers. Christmas Series No.25. 100.00

215. Christmas Series No.26. Sim (M.) G.Hume & A.C.White.: D.J.Densmore and the Densmore Memorial Tourney 1918.

Stroud 1920. Red cloth, a small black number to foot of spine o/w VG. 2 portraits. 239pp., biography of Densmore, review of his work, 50 of his problems, and 85 from the Memorial tourney. With Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.26. 65.00

217. Christmas Series No.31. Hume (G.): Changing Fashions: 150 Chess Problems. Ed: A.C.White.

Stroud 1925. Red cloth, tiny nick on spine o/w G. Portrait, 208pp. 151 main problems, short story by Hume. With Merry Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.31. 50.00

4940. Christmas Series No.33. F.Dedrle: Echo.

Prague 1927. Large 8vo, red cloth, split on joints, loose, spine worn, internally good.. Portrait of White, pp lxv, 136. With Christmas slip. Introduction to Echo problems in Czech, English and German, 674 problems. With a stamp of the BCPS to title-page. Christmas Series No.33. 60.00

274. Christmas Series No.34. Dawson (T.R.) & W.Pauly.: Asymmetry.

Stroud 1927. Red cloth, spine slightly sunned, small stain on front cover o/w G. 154pp. 100 problems with introduction and extensive notes. Without Merry Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.34. With labels of Glasgow Chess Club and BCVS collection. With some small relevant cuttings of Edgar Holladay. 50.00

532. Christmas Series No.35. White (A.C.): The Properties of Castling. Ed: G.Hume.

Stroud 1928. Red cloth, small black number to foot of spine, small light stain on front cover o/w VG. 129pp. 100 problems. With Christmas slip. With a chess club ink stamp to title-page and back endpaper. Christmas Series No.35. 60.00

1287. Christmas Series No.38. White (A.C.) & G.Hume.: Valves and Bi-Valves.

Stroud 1930. Red cloth, a black number to foot of spine o/w G. 176pp. 125 problems. With Christmas slip. With a stamp of the BCPS to front and back endpapers. Christmas Series No.38. 50.00

2349. Christmas Series No.39. White (A.C.): Problems by My Friends. Ed: George Hume & L.H.Jokisch.

Stroud, 1931. Red cloth, slight marking to foot of spine o/w G. Portraits, 251pp. 185 problems all contributed as part of a world-wide tribute to A.C.White on his 50th birthday. With Merry Christmas slip. With a label on endpaper printed "From Alain C. White" to (handwritten) C.M.Fox (of Fairy Chess fame), who also contributes a problem. Christmas Series No.39. 70.00

5868. Christmas Series No.4. White (A.C.): Les Mille et Un Mats Inverses. Tome II - Introductions, Solutions et Tables.

Numa Preti, Paris 1907. Volume 2 only, original red cloth, wear to head and foot of spine o/w G. 231pp. With a lengthy introduction in English and German, solutions to the 1001 self-mate problems in Vol.1, list of self-mate problem tourneys and index of prize winners from 1859 to 1907, index of composers. With a stamp of the BCPS on title-page. Christmas Series No.4. 50.00

3153. Christmas Series No.40. Kipping (C.S.): The Chessmen Speak. Edited by George Hume.

Stroud, 1932. Red cloth, VG. Portrait, 180pp. 147 three-move problems by Kipping. Ink stamps of the BCPS to endpapers. Christmas Series No.40. 45.00

1860. Christmas Series No.41. Keeble (J.): An English Bohemian: A Tribute to B.G.Laws. Edited by G.Hume.

Stroud, 1933. Red cloth, small black number to foot of spine o/w VG. 176pp., biography of Laws, 113 problems. With Merry Christmas slip. With a stamp of the BCPS to endpaper. Christmas Series No.41. 60.00

267. Christmas Series No.43. White (A.C.): Conspiracy: A Selection of Help-Mate Problems. Ed: G.Hume.

Stroud 1935. Red cloth, slight marking on covers o/w VG. 117pp. 100 help-mate problems. Without Christmas slip. Christmas Series No.43. With bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. 50.00

4632. Dickins (A.): A Short History of Fairy Chess.

A.S.M.Dickins, Surrey 1975. Large p/b, stapled, G. 10 pages with double-column text. Revised and expanded summary of three lectures given to the British Chess Problem Society on April 6, 1972, April 7, 1972 and April 26, 1974. Limited to 250 copies. Includes many references to chess problem literature. 25.00

5244. Dombrovskis (A.): Saha Kompozicija Padomju Latvija.

Riga 1961. 1st Edn. Red hardback boards, VG. 158pp., 441 problems. Possibly signed by author on endpaper. 12.00

2714. Ejvazova (Z.E.): Korolevy shakhmatnoi kompozicii.

Baku 1986. 1st Edn. Covers a little spotted o/w G. 235pp. 350 problems by various female composers, with commentary. 8.00

2345. Goldschmeding (Drs.C.): Probleemcomponisten.

Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden, 1976. p/b. VG. 47pp. 89 problems. 9.00

5565. Grand (P. le), J.C.M. & H.Schogt: 60 Componisten in 60 Jaar.

Van Spijk, Venlo, 1991. p/b, G. 36pp., 60 problems from 1931 to 1990. 7.00

5413. Grasemann (H.): Problem Juwelen. Auslese 1958-1962.

Engelhardt, Berlin (1964). 1st Edn. p/b, G. 115pp., 265 problems with solutions and commentary. 8.00

3567. Greif (M.) Ed: 200 Classic Chess Puzzles.

Sterling, NY 1993. 1st. p/b. G. 143pp., mainly mate in 3 to 4 move positions, sources not named. 6.00

1998. GRIGORIEV (N.D.) I.A.Kan: Shakhmatnoy Tvorchestvo N.D.Grigorieva. (Biography, games and studies in Russian.)

Moscow, 1952. 1st Edn. Brown cloth. VG. 344pp. 10 annotated games, numerous endgame studies and contributions to endgame theory. Paper yellowed as usual. One of the greatest endgame composers. With withdrawn bookplate of the ECF collection. 18.00

2071. Gurvich (A.S.): Etyudy.

Moscow, 1961. 1st Edn. G. 190pp. 70 of his studies, a long essay on the art of studies, and a further 69 examples. 12.00

5412. Henneberger (H.): Kunstschach in der Schweiz. Schachprobleme und Studien Schweizerischer Komponisten von 1966-1976.

Schweizer Kunstschachfreunde, 1980. 1st Edn. p/b, G. 154pp. 266 problems and studies. 10.00

535. Herbstman (A.O.): De Schaakstudie in Onze Dagen.

Lochem: De Tijdstroom, n.d.(1948). 1st Dutch Edn (translated from the 1937 Russian work.) Roy8vo. VG,d/w (slightly torn at head and foot), tape marks on endpapers. 171pp., 204 endgame studies. LN 2286. (With an 8pp index & errata in facsimile.) 20.00

1125. Herbstman (A.O.): Schaakpartij en Compositie.

Lochem, n.d.(1948) 1st Dutch Edn (translated from the Russian 1930 work.) Original wrappers. VG. 55pp., endgame studies and game positions. LN 2732. 18.00

895. Howard (K.S.): Classic Chess Problems by Pioneer Composers.

Dover 1970. 1st. p/b, some creases to covers o/w VG. 109pp. Includes sections on Loyd, Alain White, Klett, Shinkman, Havel, Kohtz, Heathcote etc. 155 problems. 8.00

1065. Kasparian (G.M.): 555 Etyudov-miniatyur.

Erevan, 1975. 1st Edn. G. 307pp. 555 endgame studies by various composers from all eras. 15.00

2717. Kasparian (G.M.): Etyudy, stati, analisy.

Moscow 1988. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 288pp. 400 endgame studies by Kasparian, plus various essays. 10.00

2588. Kasparian (G.M.): Etyudy.

Moscow, 1972. 1st Edn. p/b, back cover corner torn, wear foot of spine o/w G. 198pp. 269 endgame studies by Kasparian from 1928-1970. 8.00

2070. Kasparian (G.M.): Pozitsionnay Nichaya.

Moscow, 1962. p/b. G. 104pp. 214 endgame studies by Kasparian and others. 7.00

2711. Kasparian (G.M.): Zamechatelny etyudy.

Erevan 1982. 1st Edn. Cloth-backed boards, VG. Most pages yellowed. 328pp. 1062 endgame studies by various composers. 10.00

2655. Kazantsev (A.P.), R.M.Kofman & M.S.Liburkin: Sovetskii shakhmatny etyudy: Sbornik.

Moscow 1955. 1st Edn. Covers a little marked o/w G. Paper yellowed as usual. 463pp., illus., biographies, 650 studies of Soviet composers. 15.00

5051. Keeble (J.): The Caduceus being a Collection of Chess Problems from the "Norwich Mercury" Inverse-Mate Tourney of 1908-1910.

Norwich 1910. 1st Edn. Small hardback, original purple cloth, faint black number to foot of spine o/w VG. pp (xvi), 123. 105 problems. LN 2602. A scarce book. Handwritten inscription on endpaper "Presented to the British Chess Problem Society by Mrs. P.H.Williams", with their stamps on endpapers. 80.00

5420. Kieboom (B.): 300 Schaak Problemen van Jac. Haring.

Spectrum, Utrecht / Antwerp 1984. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 140pp. Includes solutions and commentary. 8.00

2143. Klett (Ph.): Schachprobleme. Mit einer Einfuhrung in die Theorie des Schachproblems.

Veit, Leipzig 1878. 1st Edn. Contemporary black half leather, very rubbed, otherwise good. pp (vi), 227. 112 of Klett's problems. With a stamp of the British Chess Problem Society to title-page, old chess club label on endpaper. LN 2438. A leading exponent of the so-called Old German style of the problem art. 70.00

1292. Klett (Philipp.): A Selection of Chess Problems. With a Solving Commentary by J.D.Beasley.

BCM 1978. Limited Edn. p/b. VG. 48pp. 51 problems. With a bookplate of the ECF collection. 8.00

931. Kluver (H.): Erich Brunner. Ein Kunstler und Deuter des Schachproblems.

Berlin 1958. 1st Edn. VG. 200pp., portrait, biography and 300 problems. 15.00

1850. Kluver (H.): Faschingsschach der Welt.

Berlin, n.d.(1963) 1st. p/b. VG. 40pp. 44 problems, studies and a few games, with commentary. 8.00

4893. Kofman (R.) & E.Umnov: Shakhmatnych Zadach.

Moscow 1951. 1st Edn. Cloth-backed boards, one edge bumped o/w G. 342pp. Paper yellowed. Several hundred problems. 14.00

2590. Kofman (R.M.): Izbrannye etyudy: S.Kaminera & M.Liburkina.

Moscow 1981. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 160pp. Over 167 studies of Kaminer and Liburkin. Forward by Botvinnik. 7.00

2716. Kofman (R.M.) Ed: Izbrannye kompozicii: A.Grin, A.Dombrovskis, R.Kofman, Al.Kuznecov, A.Popandopulo.

Moscow 1985. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 368pp. Over 100 problems of each composer, with commentaries. 10.00

5472. Kofman (R.M.) Ed:: Shakmatnaja kompozicija 1974-1976.

Moscow 1978. p/b. G. 224pp. 362 problems. 6.00

615. Korn (W.): American Chess Art. 250 Portraits of Endgame Study.

Pitman 1975. 1st UK Edn. VG, with d/w (worn on edges). 384pp. A major work on the subject. 16.00

2193. Kotrc (J.) & K.Traxler: Schachprobleme aus den Jahren 1884-1910.

Published by the authors, Wien 1910. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth. G. 2 portraits, 46pp introduction, 110 problems of Kotrc, 137 of Traxler (two well-known Czech problemists), solutions, list of subscribers (89 copies.) With a problem solving prize label on endpaper. LN 2605. 60.00

4761. Kraemer & Zepler: Im Banne des Schachproblems. Ausgewahlte Schachaufgaben und Studien.

De Gruyter 1951. 1st Edn. p/b, wear on back cover, paper yellowed o/w G. 158pp. 198 problems and studies. LN 2958. 12.00

2718. KUBBEL. Ya.G.Vladimirov & Yu.G.Fokin: Leonid Kubbel.

Moscow 1984. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 384pp., biography and around 450 problems and 250 studies. 12.00

3177. Lange (Max): Handbuch der Schachaufgaben.

Veit & Co., Leipzig 1862. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, gilt spine, small split on joint, inner hinges loose otherwise good. pp xvi, 616. A comprehensive work on problems, arranged systematically, including around 800 diagrams, and chapter on problem literature. LN 2402. With a signature of B.G.Laws. "From library of C.M.Fox, presented by T.R.D (Dawson) 1935." 120.00

858. Lommer (H.M.): 1357 End-Game Studies. The Best Chess Compositions 1935-1973.

Pitman, 1975. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 234pp. The studies are classified by pieces, with index of names and sources. 20.00

114. Mansfield (C.) & B.Harley.: The Modern Two-Move Chess Problem.

Museum Press 1958. 1st Edn. G. 157pp. 101 problems by Mansfield with introduction and commentary by Harley. 10.00

536. Marwitz (J.H.) & C.J.de Feijter: De Eindspelstudie.

Lochem: De Tijdstroom (1948). 1st Edn. Roy8vo, VG,d/w. 95pp. 100 selected endgame studies. LN 2344. 20.00

3479. Melnichenko (V.A.): Mastera Shakmatnoi Kompozitsii.

Kiev 1984. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 150pp. 445 problems of various Ukrainian composers. 7.00

3602. Miles (J.A.): Chess Gems: Some of the Finest Examples of Chess Strategy, by Ancient and Modern Masters.

E.W.Southwood and the Editor, Fakenham 1878. (2nd Edn.) Roy8vo, bound in a later brown cloth, VG. Frontispiece, pp (10), 736 problems printed two to-a-page, with solutions at end, index of authors, list of subscribers accounting for 118 copies. Occasional foxing. LN 2401. With a bookplate of the British Chess Problem Society, from the bequest of Robert McWilliam. The 1st Edn was published in 1860 and was a much smaller work. The work is invaluable as a means of tracing the rise and progress of the art of problem composition. 120.00

4725. Miles (J.A.): Poems and Chess Problems.

The Author, Fakenham, Norfolk 1882. 1st Edn. Original brown cloth, a little marked or scuffed otherwise good. Frontispiece diagram, pp (iv),116, including 50 problems, selection of poems (only a few on chess), list of subscribers. LN 2465. The copy of P.H.Williams, with bookplate of BCPS, presented by Mrs.P.H.Williams, also a small card of Mr.T.B.Rowland. 100.00

892. Morse (J.): Chess Problems: Tasks and Records.

Faber 1995. 1st Edn. Large p/b. VG. 381pp. 837 mainly two-move problems, a systematic treatment of records, longer and less orthodox problems, length records etc., by some 350 different composers. (A.) With a bookplate of the ECF, Jordan collection. 20.00

393. Murkisch (G.): Ratselvolle Schachaufgaben.

Heyne 1980. 1st Edn. p/b, front cover creased o/w G. 224pp. 300 problems from all periods, 2 move, 3 move, 4+move etc. An inscription on front endpaper. 6.00

5481. Myllyniemi (M.): Toteutuneita Oivalluksia.

1980. 1st Edn. p/b, stapled, G. 87pp. 300 problems with theme of Realised Perceptions. Finnish text, German notation. 7.00

2583. Nadareishvili (G.A.): Izbrannye etyudy.

Tbilisi 1970. 1st Edn. G, d/w (torn at head of spine). Portrait, 332pp. About 230 studies, 100 by the author. Includes preface by Botvinnik. GM for chess compositions. 16.00

2586. Nadareishvili (G.A.): Izbrannye shakhmatny etyudy.

Moscow 1976. 1st Edn. p/b. G. 103pp. 125 studies by the author, plus appendix on the endgame Q v one or two pieces. GM for chess compositions. 6.00

1933. Nanning (F.W.) & A.M.Koldijk.: Thema-Boek.

Nederlandse Bond van Probleemvrienden, 1948. 1st Edn. p/b, spine missing, with plastic covering. 160pp. Over 300 problems arranged by themes. Previous owner pen and pencil notes, including added diagram. LN 2929. 10.00

5701. Niemeijer (Dr. M.): Posthume hulde 60 schaakproblemen van Mr. J. Albarda.

Broek in Waterland, 1986. p/b, VG. 30pp., 60 problems with solutions and comments at end. 8.00

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Wassenaar 1985. p/b, VG. 56pp., 36 problems each of four composers - J.J.Burbach, C.Groeneveld, W.Hoek, and W.J.G.Mees. 9.00

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