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5696. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 6: 1873.

Chess Player 2019. New p/b. 136pp., illustrations, many annotated games with sources given, notes, comprehensive indices. Detailed coverage of New York chess in 1873. Limited to 100 numbered copies. £20.00

5745. --- RECENTLY PUBLISHED: Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 7: 1874-1875.

Chess Player 2020. New p/b. 201pp., illustrations,158 annotated games with sources given, notes, comprehensive indices. Detailed coverage of New York chess in 1874 and 1875. Includes Bird's visit to New York in 1875. Limited to 100 numbered copies. £20.00

4618. ----: My previous printed chess book catalogues (from about 1998 to 2012):

- I have a very small number of the following printed catalogues available at £1.00 each: 69,68,67,66,64,63,61,58,55,54,52,50,44,42,40,38,35 (Antiquarian),32,31,30,29,28,26,25,24,22, 21,20. A few catalogues may have some small pen marks. These catalogues might be of bibliographical interest. £0.00

4535. ----: Sport in the USSR. An Illustrated Monthly. 2 (168). Special issue devoted to Chess in the Soviet Union.

Moscow 1977. Magazine, stapled (16 x 26cm), G. 32pp., photos, a few games, articles on workers' chess clubs, the Botvinnik School, Soviet student team, Karpov on Karpov, Bronstein on chess, Georgian women's chess, three young GMs, chess robot, early Russian chess etc. £14.00

5362. -----: Owner's Manual Instruction Booklet. Model VSC Voice Sensory Chess Challenger.

Fidelity Electronics, Florida. (c.1980) Oblong booklet, VG. 30pp. £7.00

5626. -----: Schach-Journal. Nr.1/1994. Themenband zum 6. Kongress von Chess Collectors International 15-19 Juni 1994 in St.Petersburg.

Edition Marco, Berlin 1994. p/b, VG. 109pp., illustrations. 13 articles by various authors to do with chessmen and chess history. £12.00

5355. -----: The Year Book of Chess, 1913. Founded by E.A.Michell.

F.Hollings, 1914. Original red cloth, spine and edge faded. 290pp. Covers the leading events of 1912 and Jan-May 1913, with results, many selected annotated games, statistics, problem section, chess club directory, game and opening indexes etc. Includes detailed coverage of Abbazia gambit tournament, San Sebastian 1912, Pistyan, Breslau, British Championship, Havana 1913. £20.00

2600. 1927 LONDON. Ed: W.H.Watts.: Chess Pie No.2 with Problem Supplement. The Official Souvenir of the British Chess Federation Issued in Connection with the International Team Tournament, London, July 18-30, 1927.

BCF/Printing Craft (1927.) 4to (8.5 x 11in.) original wrappers, with illustration on front, some wear or paper loss to spine o/w G. 88pp., including fine photographic portraits of the teams, details of the players and selected games, problems, articles. With the loose 8pp Problem Supplement on one large folded sheet, and 8pp Solution Form (these are rarely found). Published prior to the tournament. LN 5410. A scarce item. With small label of the ECF, Pollard collection. £50.00

3854. 1972 FISCHER - SPASSKY: Edmonds (D.) & J.Eidinow: Bobby Fischer Goes to War. The True Story of How the Soviets Lost the Most Extraordinary Chess Match of All Time.

Faber 2004. 1st Edn. p/b, VG. 302pp., illus. "Reconstructed in a style as compelling as that of a thriller." The authors had access to previously unreleased documents and numerous interviews with many of the central players. (No games.) £8.00

435. 1993 KASPAROV-SHORT. Lawson (D.): The Inner Game.

Macmillan 1993. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 249pp. The inside story of the 1993 Kasparov-Short match written in an incisive and entertaining style by a close friend of Short. 20 games without notes at end. £8.00

221. Assiac. (H.Fraenkel.): The Delights of Chess. With Drawings by Vicky.

MacGibbon & Kee 1960. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (jacket faded on spine as usual). 268pp. An anthology of games and anecdotes, including on famous players and a number of British players such as Alexander, Clarke, Golombek, Penrose, Barden. With bookplate of the ECF collection. £10.00

3077. Avery (B.D.): Correspondence Chess in America.

McFarland, US 2012. Repr. p/b edition. F. 287pp. 233 games, some annotated. A detailed chronological account. (A.) £30.00

3008. Barcza (G.) A.Foldeak & others: Magyar Sakktortenet 3. 1896-1921.

Budapest 1989. VG (no d/w). 364pp. Many games, problems, photos, biographies, tournament reports etc., covering Hungarian chess from 1896 to 1921. Includes large sections on Charousek and Breyer with many games of each. £18.00

975. Behrends (R.): Kunstlerische Schachfiguren aus zehn Jahrhunderten.

Insel verlag, Leipzig 1963. Pictorial boards, slight wear to spine o/w VG. 67pp., including 45 plates of chesspieces. Previous owner name stamp on endpaper. £12.00

2949. Betts (D.A.): Chess. An Annotated Bibliography of Works Published in the English Language 1850-1968.

Facsimile reprint of 1974 edition, Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2005. Thick heavy hardback bound in red cloth. pp xix, 659. Divided in subject areas, each entry with collation and often notes, and large index by author and title. The most important work of its kind for this period. The original edition and the Chess Player reprint are both very scarce and expensive. £38.00

1484. Bisguier (A.) & A.Soltis: American Chess Masters from Morphy to Fischer.

MacMillan, NY 1974. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 291pp., photos, biographies, around 100 annotated games. Also includes Pillsbury, Marshall, Capablanca, Reshevsky & Fine. £20.00

1060. Bjelica (D.): Grandmasters in Profile. Translated by J.Bamber.

Sarajevo, 1973. 1st English Edn. p/b, small nick to spine, G. 262pp., photos, some games. Biographical details and interviews with leading players of the 50's and 60's by the author who was a personal friend of many of them. Includes samples of handwriting and signatures. A very interesting work. £16.00

2612. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Games including property from the Ernst Boehlen Collection.

26 Oct.2004. Sale catalogue, cover split on spine o/w VG. 58pp., 241 lots with estimates and price list. Includes some books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. £12.00

4250. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games.

23 Oct 2006. Sale catalogue. 91pp., 285 lots with estimates and price list. Includes 46 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. £18.00

3724. Bloomsbury Auctions Collectors Sale: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games. Lots 233 to 469. (Also includes Fountain Pens, Medals, Shares, Banknotes & Coins to Lot 1007.)

25 Sept 2007. Large sale catalogue. VG. 141pp., with lot descriptions, estimates and price list. Includes 32 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated in colour. A nice catalogue. £15.00

4441. Bonhams Knightsbridge Auction: Chess, Playing Cards and Games.

14 Oct 2008. Sale catalogue. 65pp., with lot descriptions, estimates and price list. The large majority of lots are chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. £15.00

3873. Bonhams Knightsbridge Auction: Fine Chess Sets and Games.

13 May 2008. Large sale catalogue. 106pp., 281 lots with descriptions, estimates, price list. Includes 28 lots of books, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. £18.00

5290. Branch (W.S.): The History of Checkers from its Earliest Known Date - its Evolution and Growth. Specially Written for Pittsburg Leader, Oct.1911 - Apr.1912.

Transcribed by Ken Whyld, Gainsborough, 2003. Large format, slide binder, plastic cover, VG. 40pp. Limited Edition of 40 numbered copies. A series of weekly articles first published in the "Pittsburg Leader". The checker editor comments that this "is the first complete and comprehensive history of draughts ever printed." Checkers is of course the American name for draughts. £20.00

3355. Burgess (G.): Chess Highlights of the 20th Century.

Gambit 1999. VG. Tall hardback. 208pp, photos, one or two pages for each year from 1900 to 1999 with chess news and brief world news and one or two selected game positions. (A.) £18.00

5607. Cavendish (pseudonym of Henry Jones): The Laws of Piquet.

(1882). (3rd Edn.) Original cloth, gilt spine. Without title-page. pp v, 131. Includes a history of the card game piquet. £8.00

7. Chernev (I.): The Chess Companion.

Faber & Faber 1970. 1st UK Edn. VG, d/w. 287pp. An anthology of interesting stories and articles by various authors, including "Writers who have changed Chess History" by Golombek. Also many famous games, problems and endings. £12.00

189. Cockburn (A.): Idle Passion. Chess and the Dance of Death.

Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1975. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 248pp. An exploration of the culture and fascination of chess, drawing from many sources. Includes sections on Morphy, Fischer, Marcel Duchamp, the chess novels of Nabokov and Zweig, "splendors and miseries of the great chess champions", etc. With bookplate of the ECF, Dunleavy collection. £12.00

3874. Cooper Owen Auction Gallery: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games, including the Robert Waters Collection..

London, 4 Nov 2002. Sale catalogue. VG. 61pp., with lot descriptions, estimates and price list. 275 lots including 24 lots of books, and many chess sets illustrated in colour or black & white. £18.00

3704. Cordingley (E.G.R.) & K.Whyld: The Chess Students Quarterly. Vol.I - VI (Nov 1946 - Mar 1952). (With) Match Bronstein vs. Boleslavski, Moscow 1950.

Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2007. Hardback. 569pp. 356 games, many annotated, 14 games of B-B match, opening theory, book reviews, various lists of books for sale. A facsimile reprint of the complete run of CSQ which was produced on an off-set litho printing machine. It was intended to be complimentary to the two major British chess magazines, giving additional games and analysis, but no news or problems. The original issues are very scarce. £33.00

5317. Di Felice (G.): Chess Competitions 1824 - 1970: An Annotated International Bibliography of Books, Bulletins, and Programs.

Moravian Chess 2014. New hardback. 554pp. The bibliography is divided into five parts, part one is devoted to individual tournaments, part two to individual matches, part three to team tournaments, part four to team matches and part five is devoted to correspondence competitions. The book is completed by a list of sources and a general index of competitions. £36.00

4374. Di Felice (G.): Chess Periodicals. An Annotated International Bibliography, 1836-2008.

McFarland, US 2010. Large p/b. 349pp. A comprehensive reference work containing 3163 entries and many cross-references. Information for each entry includes year and country of publication, frequency, publisher, editors, subject, language, alternate titles, holdings in chess libraries. Part 1 is Magazines, Bulletins, Newsletters; Part 2 Miscellaneous Publications such as Yearbooks, Handbooks, Almanacs, Calendars, Directories etc. Includes general index of periodical titles and index by country. £45.00

2902. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1747-1900. A Comprehensive Record with 465 Tournament Crosstables and 590 Match Scores.

McFarland, US 2009. Repr. large p/b. 235pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Has 135 more crosstables than Gaige Vol.1. I CAN ALSO OBTAIN LATER VOLUMES IN THIS SERIES. PLEASE INQUIRE IF INTERESTED. £40.00

4908. Di Felice (G.): Chess Results 1968-1970. A Comprehensive Record with 854 Tournament Crosstables and 161 Match Scores, with Sources.

McFarland, US 2014. New large p/b. 444pp. Includes indexes of events, players, sources. Lists the results of men's chess competitions all over the world. £40.00

4357. Drajic (D.): An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature. (An Annotated Bibliography). I. Period 1886-1952.

Belgrade 2010. Hardback, slightly bumped corners o/w VG. 105pp. First 48 pages are in English, with introduction, summary of chess literature classification, sources, pre-war books and periodicals, Yugoslavian chess literature 1946-1952, index. The remaining part is in Serbian. Limited to 300 copies. £22.00

4495. Drajic (D.): An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature. (An Annotated Bibliography). II. Period 1953-1967.

Belgrade 2011. Hardback. 120pp. First 56 pages are in English, with introduction, some additions to the first volume, details of books, periodicals, bulletins, programmes and games collections, index. The remaining part is in Serbian. Limited to 300 copies. £15.00

2939. Dunne (A.): Great Chess Books of the Twentieth Century in English.

McFarland, US 2005. New p/b. 208pp. An objective look at the best chess books of the 20th Century, including bibliographical details, description and author information, and reasons for the books importance. Includes one or two books for most years 1901-2000. £29.00

5570. Dupont-Danican (Jean François) Editor: "Pour Philidor". Eine Gedenkschrift zum 200. Todestag des Musikers und Schachmeisters.

Koblenz, Verlag Hans-Wilhelm Fink, 1994. 1st Edn. Blue linen cloth, VG, with d/w. 240pp., illustrations, 78 games of Philidor, other games. Many essays celebrating the life of Philidor as chess player and musician, either in German, French or English. Printed on high quality paper. The Author is Secretary General of the Philidorian Studies Society. The author's paternal grandmother was the great-granddaughter of Philidor. A scarce item. £45.00

194. Eales (R.): Chess. The History of a Game.

Batsford 1985. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 240pp. A seriously researched, but also readable, history. With small bookplate of ECF, Pollard Collection. £15.00

4. Edwards (R.) & R.Keene.: The Chess Player's Bedside Book.

Batsford, 1975. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 149pp., photo plates. Interesting articles by various authors, including a chapter on computer chess by David Levy, on Fairy chess, the style of Fischer, chess books for a desert island, British chess in the mid-18th century, world champions I have met by Golombek etc. £7.50

5480. Ellen (Barrie E.): Catalogue 52. Chess & Draughts, New and Secondhand Books.

2000/2001 p/b, stapled. 42pp., over 2000 items, small print. I believe this was Barrie's final catalogue. £5.00

2642. Evans (L.): The Chess Beat.

Pergamon, 1982. 1st Edn. Large format p/b, one corner creased o/w G. 105pp. Copies of 300 of Evans' newspaper columns which appeared from 1973-81 in Sunday Washington Post or Chiacgo Tribune, most including a game, and quite a few concerning Fischer. £14.00

3223. Fauber (R.E.): Impact of Genius. 500 Years of Grandmaster Chess.

ICE, Seattle 1992. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 389pp. Over 200 games with notes. 500 years of chess, covering all the famous players, including many biographical details and interesting anecdotes. (A.) £20.00

4645. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Spring 16/2011.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. August 2011. New h/b. 542pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Early Yates (1884-1907), New Steinitz, New Court Gazette; Biographies & games of Chigorin pt2, Lilienthal, Saburov; Forgotten chess tournaments - Redcar 1865-66, Dublin 1865, Birmingham 1899, 3 Matches Williams v Harrwitz 1846-1852; miscellaneous pieces on Edge-Fiske letters on Morphy, Alekhine, Capablanca, Lasker, Steinitz etc., with unknown games, Correspondence chess, Sonja Graf, Chess research and miscellany, Contents list of Quarterly Vols.1-8. 500 games in all. Contributors: Fiala, Gillam, Hilbert, Harding, Negele, Ruch, Gorodin, Pallier. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £28.00

5300. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.V. No.18.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2017. New h/b. 591pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Early Career of F.D.Yates, third part (1908-1909) 80 pages, Walbrodt in Havana 1893; Biographies & games of Chigorin pt.4, Girolamo Tassinari, A.W.Donegan; Forgotten chess tournaments - History of the District of Columbia Chess Championships 1929-1938; Matches Mackenzie v Reichhelm for US Champ 1866, Two Intercity matches Brno v Vienna 1923; Great Chess Players series: Staunton, Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Alekhine, Capablanca, with unknown games, Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898 Second Part; Women's Chess- Louisa Fagan Pt.2 1900, Chess Women Notes; Chess Miscellany Nos.426-450; Chess reviews on Walter Penn Shipley and Blackburne books; Corrections to Di Felice Chess Results Project Part 1; 363 games in all. Contributors: Fiala, Gillam, Zavatarelli, Pallier, Binnewirtz. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £30.00

5635. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Vol.VI. No.21.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. 2020. New h/b. 584pp. Includes: Chess Archives - Swedish chess under the shadow of the swastika; Chess biography: Mikhail Chigorin Pt.5 1882-83, 80 pages; Forgotten Chess Tournaments - Tournament Research 1900-1918 by Tony Gillam, 198 pages; Classical Chess Matches: Capablanca v B.Kostich, Havana 1919; Great Chess Players series: Staunton, Morphy, Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine; Continental Correspondence Tournament 1894-1898 Part Five; Women's Chess- Louisa Fagan Pt.5 1903, Chess Women Notes; Chess Miscellany Nos.501-525; Chess reviews on Kolisch and British Chess Literature books; Chess Problems - The All-Union 1929 Championship for composing; 607 games in all; Content of QCH Vols.17-20. Contributors: Vlastimil Fiala, Tony Gillam, Alain Pallier, Henrik Lindberg, Adrian Harvey. (A.) (PREVIOUS VOLUMES ALSO AVAILABLE.) £30.00

3706. Fiala (V.) Editor: Quarterly for Chess History. Winter 13/2007.

Moravian Chess Publishing House, Czech Rep. July 2007. Hardback, G. 436pp. Includes: Short History of Origins of Chess Tournaments, biographies of Hromadka pt.9, R.Sze, William Lewis, forgotten chess tournaments - Munich 1886, Zoppot 1937, Showalter v Albin match NY 1894, articles on Staunton - Harrwitz match, Steinitz, Alekhine, Capablanca etc., with unknown games, later years of Chess Players' Chronicle, Chess in California 1945-51, 326 games in all, correspondence chess, miscellany, reviews. (A.) £20.00

362. Fine (R.): The Psychology of the Chess Player.

Dover 1967. Reprint of 1st Edn with new appendix. p/b. VG. Photos, 74pp. Fine was a qualified psychoanalyst as well as a world class player in the 1930s and 40s, and knew personally many of the famous players discussed in this book. £10.00

503. Finkenzeller (R.), W.Ziehr & E.M.Buhrer: Chess. A Celebration of 2000 Years.

Mackenzie, 1990. 1st English Edn. Large format (9.5 x12in.) VG, d/w (slightly chipped at top). 208pp., numerous illustrations, many large and coloured. An impressive work on all aspects of chess, particularly chess sets, history, art. £25.00

2950. Forbes (Duncan): The History of Chess, from the Time of the Early Invention of the Game in India, till the Period of its Establishment in Western and Central Europe.

Facsimile Reprint of the original 1860 edition, Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2005. Hardback, purple cloth, VG. Frontispiece, pp viii, 312, lx (appendix), 3 plates at end. LN 211. £25.00

431. Fox (M.) & R.James: The Complete Chess Addict.

Faber 1987. 1st Edn. p/b, some creasing to covers o/w G. 264pp., illustrations, games, positions, hundreds of interesting, entertaining, and bizarre facts. (A.) £10.00

3723. FRERE: Hillyer (Martin Frere): Thomas Frere and the Brotherhood of Chess. A History of 19th Century Chess in New York City.

McFarland, US 2007. New tall hardback. 211pp., illus., selection of games. A thorough work by the great great grandson of Thomas Frere, one of the foremost figures of 19th century American chess. (A.) (Also: p/b edition. £30.00) £40.00

2946. Gaige (J.): Chess Personalia. A Biobibliography.

McFarland, US 2005. New p/b reprint of 1987 hardback edition. VG. xxii, 505pp. "About 14,000 entries...the result of nearly 25 years of research" providing full name, date and place of birth and death, pseudonyms, FIDE titles and year awarded, sources for biographical details, plus index to obituaries in the BCM. An indispensable work. The original hardback edition is scarce. £30.00

5191. Gaige (J.): Chess Tournament Crosstables. Vol.III. (1911-1920.)

Privately Printed, Philadelphia, 1972. Original blue cloth, VG. Gives over 375 crosstables in all. Scarce. £30.00

3699. Geuzendam (D.J ten): Linares! Linares! A Journey into the Heart of Chess.

NIC 2001. 1st. p/b. F. 126pp. (No games.) An inside account of the annual premier chess tournament at Linares in Spain by one of the finest chess journalists. £10.00

2245. Gik (Y.): (Chess and Mathematics: in Russian.)

Moscow, 1983. p/b. G. 175pp. Includes the Knight's Tour, other pieces, various formulae, hexagonal boards, endings etc. £6.00

4214. Gizycki (J.): Schach zu Allen Zeiten.

Stauffacher Verlag, Zurich 1967. Large thick hardback, 21 x 27.5cm., VG,d/w (small tear top of spine), with card slipcase. 391pp., many illustrations, including colour plates. First published in Polish in 1960. This First German edition with new chapter on German chess history. Includes sections on chess and art, in poetry & prose, mathematics, famous people who played chess etc... £20.00

10. Golombek (H.): The Encyclopaedia of Chess.

Batsford,1977. 1st Edn. Large hardback, G, d/w. 360pp., many illustrations. "The most ambitious and authoritative available" at the time of publication. £12.00

285. Graham (F.L.): Chess Sets.

Studio Vista 1968. 1st Edn. VG. 84pp., many illus. Includes large section on modern sets. £12.00

3989. Griffiths (M.J.): Chess in Wales.

Moravian Chess (2008.) New hardback. 339pp, 68 illustrations, mainly from photos, 32 games, index of Welsh chess players. (A.) A history of Welsh chess up to 1970. Includes sections on Thomas Bowdler and Philidor, Captain Evans, early clubs, details of the associations, championships, congresses, correspondence chess, the clubs, their officials, matches etc.. £25.00

2685. Hagedorn (R.K.): Benjamin Franklin and Chess in Early America. A Review of the Literature.

University of Philadelphia Press, 1958. 1st Edn. Paper somewhat yellowed as usual o/w VG,d/w (jacket a bit creased). pp92, plates. Details 60 works printed in America from 1802 to 1859, Franklin's "Morals of Chess", with commentary and essay on Franklin. A scarce and useful reference work. £40.00

5341. Harding (Tim): British Chess Literature to 1914. A Handbook for Historians.

McFarland, USA ,2018. New large p/b. 393pp. Includes c.50 photos, 18 games, appendices, notes, bibliography. The growing popularity of chess in Victorian Britain was reflected in an increasingly competitive market of books and periodicals aimed at players from beginner to expert. The author combines new information about the early history of the game with advice for researchers into chess history and traces the further development of chess literature well into the 20th century. Topics include today’s leading chess libraries and the use of digitized chess texts and research on the Web. Special attention is given to the columns that appeared in newspapers (national and provincial) and magazines from 1813 onwards. These articles, usually weekly, provide a wealth of information on early chess, much of which is not to be found elsewhere. The lengthy first appendix, an A to Z of almost 600 chess columns, constitutes a detailed research aid. Other appendices include corrections and supplements to standard works of reference on chess. £45.00

4433. Harding (Tim): Correspondence Chess in Britain and Ireland, 1824-1987.

McFarland, US 2011. Large p/b. F. 433pp., 53 photos, tables, appendices, notes, bibliography, indexes. This book details the history of British and Irish correspondence chess from the first formal match between Edinburgh and London in 1824 well into the 1980s, the most successful period in British correspondence chess. It traces the development of postal chess, including the growth of regional and national chess associations after World War I; the dawn of game-changing technologies such as the telegraph, the telephone, radio, and fax machines; Appendices list tournament champions; I.C.C.F. title holders; known club matches; and interesting excerpts from rules and other documents. £38.00

4708. Harding (Tim): Eminent Victorian Chess Players. Ten Biographies.

McFarland, US 2012. New large p/b. 400pp., many illustrations from old photos and drawings., over 160 games, many annotated. Includes 6 appendices including career records and career of Mephisto, extensive chapter notes, bibliography, indices of images, opponents, openings, general index. (A.) Comprises the biographies of Captain Evans, Staunton, Lowenthal, Bird, Skipworth, Steinitz, Blackburne, Zukertort, Burn, Gunsberg. The author has combined deep reading in primary sources with genealogical research to reveal new facts and correct previous misunderstandings. The lives of several other important figures in Victorian chess are also provided. £39.00

191. Harwood (G.): Caissa's Web. The Chess Bedside Book.

Latimer 1975. 1st Edn. G,d/w. 167pp., 12 plates. An anthology including poetry, drama, fiction, history, proverbs, cartoons, paintings. (No games.) Presentation inscription from Peter H.Clarke, chess author and one of the leading English players of the 1960's. £18.00

4709. Hilbert (John S.): Writings in Chess History.

Moravian Chess, Czech Rep. 2012. New hardcover, glazed boards with portrait on front. 616pp. 516 games, some annotated, and most long forgotten. Index of games. "Consists of forty chapters, originally individual essays or reviews written over the past several years, collected now for the first time. Subjects include Zukertort, Buckle, Sellman (about 80 pages and all known games), Staunton, Lasker, Whitaker, Helms, Marshall, Chajes, interview with Hilbert, Philidor, Duchamp, Pollock, Zemgalis, The Chess Player's Chronicle, British Chess Review, The Field, and more. (A.) £32.00

3960. HODGES. J.S.Hilbert & P.P.Lahde: Albert Beauregard Hodges. The Man Chess Made.

McFarland , US 2013. New large p/b. 542pp., part 1 is a detailed biography with illustrations, part 2 has 351 games, many annotated, playing record, problems, bibliography, indexes. (A.) Hodges was a famous American chess player of the late 19th and early 20th century who played an important role in transforming chess in America from a pleasant pastime into a social institution. Includes good coverage of American chess history from this period. £35.00

891. Hoffmann (F.& J.): Schach unter der Lupe. Eine Fibel fur Schachspieler und Philatelisten.

Sportverlag Berlin, 1986. 1st Edn. Oblong small 8vo, VG, d/w. 151pp. Includes 88 pages in colour illustrating numerous stamps with a chess theme issued between 1947 & 1986, plus various essays on chess. £12.00

2682. Hooper (D.) & K.Whyld.: The Oxford Companion to Chess.

OUP, 1984. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (scratched on back). 407pp. A comprehensive encyclopaedia. This edition includes some entries, game scores and compositions not used in the 2nd edn. (Another copy: G, no d/w. £15.00) £18.00

375. Horton (B.J.): Dictionary of Modern Chess.

Peter Owen, 1959. 1st UK Edn. G. 224pp. The first dictionary of chess. £15.00

5526. Hurst (Sarah): A Shrimp Learnt to Whistle.

Elephant Publishing, Goring-on-Thames, 1997. 1st Edn. p/b, F. 230pp. Signed dedication from the author on title-page. An often humorous look at life in post-communist Russia. Very little chess content. Sarah Hurst was a regular contributor to "Chess" magazine in the 1990's and also wrote a book about Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. £12.00

3754. Hurst (Sarah): Curse of Kirsan. Adventures in the Chess Underworld. Foreword by Ken Whyld.

Russell, US 2002. 1st Edn. p/b, front cover crease o/w VG. 285pp.,illus. Includes much insight and anecdotes on the British chess scene, interviews, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, the darker side of chess politics, Alekhine, chess in Hungary, and much more. £12.00

4347. Jones (R.H.): 60 Years in the Same Room. A History of the Paignton Chess Congress.

Keverel Chess Books, 2010. p/b (17x24cm), VG. 157pp., 80 pictures (8 in colour), 27 charts and cross-tables, 60 games, some annotated by famous players or hitherto unpublished. A detailed story of the event itself from 1951 to the present day, sketches of ten personalities connected with the congress in some way, including Golombek, B.H.Wood, Rowena & Ron Bruce, Ritson Morry, Michael Adams & Keith Arkell, a chapter on the remarkable Singer family whose magnificent home became the venue of this annual event. (A.) £16.00

5499. Kanai (Shozo): Mah Jong for Beginners.

Tuttle Co., US & Japan, 1961. Revised Edn., 8th printing (special economy edition included with Mah jong sets.) p/b, G. 64pp. With a loose Count Table. £5.00

757. Karpov (A.) & Y.Gik.: Chess Kaleidoscope.

Pergamon 1981. 1st English Edn. p/b, VG. 168pp. (A.) Includes "Seven Chess Letters" - geometry and symmetry in chess, problems and studies, decisive games for the World Championship, computer chess, and 15 of Karpov's best games. £8.00

5577. KARPOV (Anatoly): (Book of photographs with Russian text.)

1984. Large square hardback (23 x 23cm) VG. c.120 pages all with black and white photos nearly all of Karpov from the period 1975 to 1984, including his times away from the chessboard. Text in Russian. £14.00

3009. Karpov, Averbakh and many others: Shakhmaty entsiklopedichesky slovar. (Encyclopaedia in Russian.)

Moscow, 1990. 1st Edn. Large hardback, brown cloth, gilt. VG. 621pp., plates, some coloured, many illustrations, numerous games, problems & studies, tournament crosstables. "A magnificent Soviet work." (Oxford Companion p.108.) With bookplate of the ECF, Croker collection. £25.00

4729. Kasparov (G.) with Mig Greengard: How Life Imitates Chess.

Heinemann 2007. 1st Edn. VG,d/w 271pp. "Drawing on a wealth of revealing and instructive stories... Kasparov reveals the strategic ways of thinking that always give a player - in life as in chess - the edge." With bookplate of the ECF collection. £10.00

2381. Kazic (B.M.): The Chess Competitor's Handbook.

Batsford 1980. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 229pp. Elo is a co-author. Includes chapters on ratings and FIDE rating system, rules for tournaments and matches, laws and their interpretations, etc. (Also: p/b, G. £9.00 ) £15.00

1425. Keats (V.): Chessmen for Collectors.

Batsford 1985. 1st Edn. Large format, VG, d/w. 240pp. Numerous illustrations including coloured plates. Thirteen chapters on different countries, plus modern sets, literature & art, appendix, bibliography. A fine and sought-after work on the subject. £60.00

13. Keene (R.): Chess An Illustrated History.

Phaidon, Oxford 1990. 1st Edn. Large format, VG,d/w. 128pp., many fine coloured illustrations, including chessmen, old photos, paintings etc. £20.00

364. Keene (R.) & N.Divinsky.: Warriors of the Mind. A Quest for the Supreme Genius of the Chess Board.

Hardinge Simpole 1989. 1st Edn. VG,d/w. 342pp., photos. (A.) An objective ranking list of the 64 strongest players of all time, with short biographies, stylistic descriptions, and over 80 annotated games. £14.00

5541. Klittich - Pfankuch book auction catalogues: .

. Each catalogue includes hundreds of chess books, autographs and other materials, with full descriptions, estimates and price list for the chess section. Text in German.The following Auction Catalogue numbers available at £10.00 each:No.57 June 2010 (some pen marks) No.60 Nov 2011 (some pen marks) No.61 June 2012 No.63 Nov 2012 No.64 June 2013. No.75 Nov 2018. Each £10.00

2109. Knight (N.): Chess Pieces. An Anthology in Prose and Verse.

Sampson Low, 1949. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (slightly torn on top edge). 315pp. 343 different pieces in all, plus index. Inscribed on inside jacket "W.M.Mitchell with best wishes B H Wood Christmas 1952." (Another copy: G, with d/w torn at edges. £10.00) £16.00

18. Knight (N.) & W.Guy.: King, Queen and Knight. A Chess Anthology in Prose & Verse.

Batsford 1975. 1st Edn. 240pp. VG, d/w (faded on spine). Contains over 250 passages of prose and verse from many different countries and centuries. £10.00

3344. Koltanowski (G.): Chessnicdotes. Vol.1 & 2.

Chess Enterprises, US 1978-81. 2 vols, p/b's, VG. 100pp each., illustrations, numerous anecdotes, 106 complete games, some by Koltanowski. (A.) £28.00

1309. Kruijswijk (K.W.) Compiler: Bibliotheca Van der Linde-Niemeijeriana aucta et de novo descripta. A Catalogue of the Chess Collection in the Royal Library, The Hague. Vol.1 Chess: Bibliography & History.

ALL PUBLISHED. 1974. 4to, black cloth. VG. 150pp, 8 plates, copy of corrections leaf, 1300 annotated entries. £35.00

979. Kuiper (Dr.P.F.): Hundert Jahre Schachturniere 1851-1950.

Amsterdam, 1964. 1st Edn. G, in a worn and repaired d/w. Lots of red and blue pen notes and markings, plus cuttings. 307pp., many excellent photos. Includes tournament results, including cross-tables for important events, occasional games, list of masters with their career results. With a signed note of the author included. £30.00

716. Kuiper (Dr.P.F.): Hundert Jahre Schachzweikampfe 1851-1950.

W.Ten Have 1967. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. pp 144, excellent photos. A comprehensive record of matches played in each year, including games and references to literature. £20.00

3972. Lasa (T.H. von der): Erneutes Verzeichniss meiner Sammlung von Schriften uber das Schachspiel.

Wiesbaden 1896. (Facsimile reprint by Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2008). New hardback. 208pp. A catalogue of over 3300 chess books in Lasa's collection, arranged alphabetically, some entries with notes. Only 100 copies of the original book were published. £25.00

3451. LASA (von der): Edited by V.Fiala & S.Sierpowski: Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa and His Chess Collection. International Conference of Chess Historians. Organised by Kornik Library of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Sept.16-18, 2002.

Moravian Chess, Kornik 2003. Hardback, VG. 286pp. Comprises a series of lectures by various historians, mainly in English and German, including biography of v.der Lasa and 176 of his games. (A.) £28.00

795. Lasker (Edward): The Adventure of Chess.

Dover 1959. Revised 2nd Edn. p/b. G. 296pp. No games, but includes history, literature, biographies, psychology, art, famous chess amateurs, automata, early computer chess etc. £9.00

4118. LASKER: PERIODICAL: Lasker and his Contemporaries. No.2.

Thinkers' Press, Iowa, 1979. Large format p/b. VG. pp 38-75, illustrated. Various articles on Lasker, some games, lecture, interview, Najdorf on Alekhine, Hannak on Schlechter. £10.00

3833. LEONARD. J.S.Hilbert: The Tragic Life and Short Chess Career of James A.Leonard, 1841-1862. Foreword by Edward Winter.

McFarland, US 2014. Repr., soft cover edition. 213pp., biography, illustrations, 92 annotated games. Leonard was a brilliant young player viewed as a possible successor to Paul Morphy, and who died in the American Civil War. Includes good coverage of American chess in the eary 1860's. (A.) £30.00

502. Liddell (D.M.): Chessmen.

White Lion, 1976. A facsimile reprint of the 1st Edition. VG, d/w (small nick on spine). 171pp. Many plates illustrating chess sets. £25.00

633. Linde (A. van der): Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana. A Catalogue of the Chess Collections in the Royal Library The Hague.

1988 facsimile of 1955 work. Limited Edition of 750 copies. Spine and lettering a bit faded o/w VG. 342pp. Lists some 6500 items published up to 1953/54, divided into subjects, plus index. £30.00

203. Linde (A. van der): Das Erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur (850-1880).

Caissa,USA,1979. Facsimile Reprint Limited to 700 numbered copies. 112,(4)pp. VG. Includes most of the chess publications known of until its publication in 1880, arranged alphabetically by author.. £30.00

2392. Linde (A. van der): Geschichte und Literatur des Schachspiels.

Berlin 1874. Facsimile reprint by Edition Olms, Zurich 1981. 2 volumes in 1. VG, (without d/w.) pp 422, 154, 524. This is a very important bibliography and historical work, particularly for early chess literature. Gives full details of all the books and magazines. Both the original and reprint are scarce. £75.00

20. Mackett-Beeson (A.E.J.): Chessmen.

Octopus, 1973. A reprint of the 1968 edition in slightly larger format. 4to, VG,d/w. 97pp., numerous illustrations, many coloured. £7.00

1875. Massmann (H.F.): Geschichte des Mittelalterlichen, vorzugsweise des Deutschen Schachspieles. Mit einem Nachwort von B.Richter.

Reprint der Ausgabe 1839. Fourier Verlag 1983. VG. pp viii, 222 facsimile of original work, plus 15 folding illustrations of chesspieces at end. £15.00

22. Matthews (K.): British Chess.

Collins,1948. 1st Edn. VG, with VG d/w. Gift inscription on endpaper. 50pp., well illustrated, some coloured. "Britain in Pictures" series. A history of chess in Britain. £12.00

4944. Monte (P.J.): The Classical Era of Modern Chess,

McFarland, USA 2014. Large hardback. 594pp., text-illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index. A valuable contribution to chess history covering the period from Lucena (1497) to Greco (early 1600's), including chapters on the Lucena MS, Gottingen MS, Damiano, Ruy Lopez, Polerio, Gianutio, Salvio, Carrera and Greco. Includes the rules of the game and their changes, and a major presentation of all opening variations and games as recorded by the classical authors. £55.00

198. Morley (F.V.): My One Contribution to Chess.

Faber 1947. 1st Edn. Spine slightly faded o/w G. 110pp. Concerning a chess variant using a larger board, and fragments of autobiography and philosopy. £8.00

4899. Niemeijer (Dr.M.): Adversaria. Scaccariana.

Wassenaar 1975. p/b. VG. 32pp. 20 problems, many miscellaneous chess notes and quotes. £8.00

5516. Ohara (E.): Japanese Chess. The Game of Shogi.

Bridgeway Press, 1958. Repr. H/b. G. 182pp. £6.00

4378. Padsalgikar (Tamannacharya): The Game of Chess (Native and Western Methods). Originally Published in the Marathi Language.

Sangli, India, March 1941. English Version by Vijay D.Pandit, Mumbai Oct.2009. The Chess Player, Nottingham 2009. New p/b. 136pp. Includes information on Indian tournaments, mainly of the 1920s and 1930s and 18 brief biographies of Indian players, most unknown in the West, with a selection of games, and a bibliography of Indian chess books up to 1941. (A.) Limited to 100 numbered copies. £18.00

3332. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Number 2.

Sept.1993. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b. VG. 123pp, illus. Includes articles on leading Russian trainer Dvoretsky, chess studies in the computer age, Wolff on winning the US Championship, Hochberg on chess literature anthologies, Edward Winter reviews 6 books on the Fischer-Spassky 1992 match, Brady reviews the film "Searching for Bobby Fischer. (A.) £15.00

3333. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Number 3.

Dec.1995. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b, VG. 125pp, illus. Includes articles on "The Immortal Game" Anderssen-Kieseritzky 1851 by Hubner, Dvoretsky analyses a Capablanca-Alekhine endgame, chess fiction and problems of Nabokov, a detailed review of rating systems by Mark Glickman, book reviews. (A.) £15.00

2555. PERIODICAL: American Chess Journal. Premiere Issue.

Dec.1992. (Only 3 issues published.) p/b, VG. 127pp, illus. Includes large section "Observations and Reflections" by T.Hanke on the 1992 Fischer-Spassky match, also Anand-Ivanchuk match, new documents on the 1927 New York tournament, new analysis of Fischer-Keres, Bled 1961 game. (A.) £15.00

3508. PERIODICAL: The "British Chess Magazine" Chess Annual 1916. Ed: I.M.Brown.

BCM Leeds / ACB NY (1917). Sm8vo, original red cloth. VG. viii,222pp. A record of chess events in 1916 both home and abroad, including many games with notes. Includes records of some chess clubs and counties, match results, article on Early Oxford & Cambridge Chess, problems etc. The second of three such Annuals. £35.00

4289. PHILIDOR. S.Boffa: Francois Andre Danican Philidor. La Culture Echiqueenne en France et en Angleterre au XVIIIe Siecle.

Moravian Chess (2010). New h/b, pictorial green glazed boards. 260pp. Includes 90 games with brief notes, bibliography, over 150 pages of text on Philidor's life. (A.) £28.00

3971. PHILIDOR: Allen (George): The Life of Philidor. Musician and Chess-Player. With a Supplementary Essay on Philidor as Chess-Author and Chess-Player by Tassilo von Heydebrand und der Lasa.

NY & Philadelphia, Frederick Leypoldt 1865. (Facsimile reprint by Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2001) New hardback. pp xii, 156. (No games.) £20.00

3005. Phillips Auctioneers: Chess Sets and Related Items.

13 May 1996. Sale catalogue, VG. 49pp., illustrations, 186 lots with estimates, including 23 book lots. £10.00

4204. Phillips Auctioneers: Chess.

9 Nov 1999. Sale catalogue. G. 40pp., illustrations, 156 lots with price estimates, of chess sets, a few books, pictures and ephemera. £12.00

1212. Pritchett (C.W.) & M.D.Thornton: Scotland's Chess Centenary Book. SCA 1884-1984.

(1984.) 1st. p/b, VG. 122pp. Includes a history and 42 annotated games. (A.) With a presentation page at the front signed by the two authors, and also by the President's of the Scottish Chess Association and SC Correspondence Association. £20.00

3711. Ree (H.): The Human Comedy of Chess. A Grandmaster's Chronicles.

Russell Ent., US 1999. 1st English Edn. p/b. F. 333pp. "A collection of Ree's longer articles...an excellent overview of the diverse events of the last decade" (Timman). Sections on Karpov v Kasparov, politics, history, matches & tournaments, miscellaneous, memories of Donner, Reshevsky, Tal and others. A few games. (A.) £14.00

24. Reinfeld (F.): The Treasury of Chess Lore.

Arco,1955. 1st Edn. VG,d/w (slightly frayed on top edge). 306pp., plates. A huge collection of anecdotes, memoirs, history etc. £14.00

365. Richards (D.J.): Soviet Chess.

OUP 1965. 1st Edn. VG, d/w. 201pp. A serious work on the history of Soviet chess from 1917, and on the Soviet School of Chess - practice, preparation, literature etc.. With a bookplate of J.M.Soesan. £22.00

1487. Rogers (D.J.): British Correspondence Chess Association 1906-1981. The Official History of the First 75 Years.

BCCA 1982. p/b. G. 98pp. Includes 15 annotated games. £8.00

26. Saidy (A.) & N.Lessing.: The World of Chess.

Ridge Press, NY, 1974. 1st US Edn. Large format. VG, d/w (a piece has been cut out from the front of jacket.) 252pp., "beautifully illustrated with more than 200 paintings, prints, and photographs, many never before published, and 72 pages in full colour." £15.00

1746. Sanvito (A.): Bibliografia Italiana degli Scacchi. Dalle Origini al 1999.

Milan, 1999. (New Revised Edn.) VG, d/w (faded on spine). 229pp., illustrations of title-pages from old works. A bibliography of chess books in Italian, or published in Italy, up to 1999, with 1420 items, with collations and notes. Arranged by subjects, with author index. £30.00

3305. Schafroth (C.): The Art of Chess.

Harry N.Abrams, NY 2002. Large square hardback, VG. 176pp., illustrated throughout in colour with chess pieces and sets through history, a few paintings and prints from books. The author draws upon worldwide collections to tell the story of the evolution of chess pieces. £15.00

756. Schenk (G.): The Passionate Game. Lessons in Chess and Love.

Routledge, 1937. 1st English Edn. G, with a torn and repaired jacket. 8 coloured plates, 99pp. "A novel and interesting method of imparting the first principles of chess...draws parallels between the problems of life and those of chess." A scarce work. £18.00

192. Schuyer (E.H.): Het Schaakspel in de Kunst en Cultuurhistorie.

Bussum,Netherlands,1968. 1st Edn. Pictorial card covers, VG. 88pp., many plates of chessmen, paintings and prints not seen in other works. £14.00

1523. Sergeant (P.W.): A Century of British Chess.

Hutchinson, (1934). 1st Edn. Original black cloth, joints split, tape repair on one, staining on back cover, internally good. Plates, pp 384. An invaluable reference work covering British chess from 1830 to 1934, with appendix of tournament tables and match results. (No games given.) With bookplate of the ECF, Golombek collection. £50.00

3722. Shenk (D.): The Immortal Game. A History of Chess, or How 32 Carved Pieces on a Board Illuminated our Understanding of War, Art, Science and the Human Brain.

Souvenir Press, 2007. 1st UK Edn. VG,d/w. 327pp. Includes 6 famous games. The influence of chess through history. £12.00

3263. Soltis (A.): Chess Lists.

McFarland, US 2002. 2nd Edn (enlarged & updated since 1984 edn.) Large p/b. F. 248pp. Sections include: Remarkable Games, Best (and Worse) Lists, Masters at Play, Fakes & Myths, Openings & Endings, Problems, Best Books & Novels, Movies. (A.) £25.00

5761. Soltis (A.): The United States Chess Championship, 1845-2011.

McFarland, US 2012. 3rd Edition. Large p/b. Fine. 280pp., tournament tables, includes many annotated games, details of the tournaments, anecdotes. (A.) £30.00

2107. Spanier (D.): Total Chess.

Abacus, 1986. p/b. G. 233pp. Chapters include the Soviet Mind, Jews, Politics, Women, Madness, Computers. £6.00

4844. Steinitz (W.): The Modern Chess Instructor. Part 1+ Part 2 Section 1.(All published.)

1889. Edition Olms, Zurich 1984. Facsimile reprint. pp xli, 193, viii,64. Steinitz explains some of his famous chess theories, analyses many openings, and INCLUDES THE GAMES FROM HIS MATCH WITH TSCHIGORIN, with his annotations, revised and amended from the International Chess Magazine. There was no separate publication on this match. Part 2 of this work was a small and very rare pamphlet published in 1895. This reprint is also scarce. £50.00

736. Sunnucks (Anne.): The Encyclopaedia of Chess.

Robert Hale 1970. 1st Edition. VG,d/w. 587pp., photos. Contributors include Euwe, Penrose, Roycroft, Barnes, Hooper. The first encyclopaedia of chess in English. Includes results of major tournaments from 1950-68. £18.00

4718. Tischbierek (R.) Ed: Schauspiel des Geistes. Marc Langs unglaublicher Rekord im Blindsimultanschach.

Exzelsior verlag, Berlin 2012. New p/b. 200pp., illus., 63 games, large section on Marc Lang who broke the blindfold simulateneous record with 46 games which are also included here, large section by Michael Negele on the history of blindfold chess including much additional material to the Hearst & Knott work. £24.00

3505. van Manen (John): The Chess Literature of Australia and New Zealand. An Annotated Bibliography. WITH: Supplement & Second Supplement.

Self-published, Sydney 1978 (+ 1983,1989). 3 vols p/b. G. pp 51, 16, 16. A historical review of Australian chess literature is followed by 121 numbered entries for Australia (from 1868) arranged chronologically within various categories, and 35 for New Zealand (from 1887), plus index. The Supplements extend the entries to 253 Australia and 44 NZ. £12.00

2916. van Manen (John): The Records of Australasian Chess. Tournament and Match Tables. Vol.1 & 2 (All published.)

S.Australia, 1986-87. 2 volumes p/b. F. 559 tournament crosstables and match results from 1856 to 1941. Vol.1 Limited to 200 copies, Vol.2 to 150 copies. £28.00

427. Vida (Mark Jerome.): The Game of Chess. Done into English from the Latin of M.Vida & Printed by Richard Stanton Lambert...& Decorated with Woodcuts by Nell Lambert.

The Stanton Press, 1921. 4to (215 x 270mm) original cloth-backed boards, paper label on spine, slighty foxing to boards o/w G. Elaborate wood-cut title-page and 6 plates, pp 61, finely printed with wide margins. EDITION LIMITED TO 250 COPIES, NUMBERED AND SIGNED BY RICHARD STANTON LAMBERT. LN 4605. £130.00

2983. Wade, Whiteley & Keene: The World Chess Championship Botvinnik to Kasparov.

Batsford, 1986. Revised Edn. p/b. G. 298pp. Introductions and all games from 1948 to 1985, some annotated. (A.) £10.00

3163. Whyld (K.): Chess Christmas.

Moravian Chess, 2006. New hardback. 475pp. The book contains 17 articles by the late Ken Whyld, produced between 1985 and 2002 and sent by Ken to his friends as Christmas cards. The articles range from 7 to 60 pages long and are devoted to various themes from chess history. They include: The Story of Chess; Biobibliography List; Blackburnes Matches 1887, Letters on the History and Literature of Chess; Development of the Chess Problem; The Beginning of Modern Chess; The Chess Board; Cafe de la Regence; The Worst Chess Book in the World; A la recherche du temps perdu; Lasker the Composer; According to Hoyle; Cordingleys Cuts; Chess Texts in the English Language before 1850; Address to the Automaton Chess Player; The Meeting of the B.C.A. at Cambridge 1860; Chess in Literature. £30.00

2199. Whyld (K.): Chess Columns. A List.

Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2002. Thick hardback, black cloth. F. 587pp. Comprises alphabetical list of worldwide serial publications that contain chess columns, with details of town, country, dates, editors, notes, sources, indexes of editors and towns. An amazing and indispensable work for historians and researchers. £35.00

30. Whyld (K.): Chess. The Records.

Guinness, 1986. 1st Edn. Large p/b. VG. 176pp., many illustrations, some coloured. Gives records of world championship events, olympiads, major international tournaments, national and city championships, players. £8.00

2164. Whyld (K.) & C.Ravilious: Chess Texts in the English Language, Printed before 1850. An Annotated Bibliography.

Moravian, Czech Rep. (2003). Black cloth, gilt lettered. 189pp. Introduction, chronological listing with collation and notes, listing of newspapers and journals, index. £32.00

5102. Whyld (Ken): Fake Automata in Chess.

Caistor, Lincoln 1994. Large format p/b, slide binder with plastic and card cover, G. 80pp., 767 entries including publication details, pagination and some notes. Starts with items concerning Kempelen's Turk in 1770, up to 1993. Edition limited to 105 numbered copies. £20.00

3010. Whyld (Ken) Editor: Chess Reader. Volume I - VI. (1955-1966)

Ken Whyld Association / Moravian Chess, 2004. Hardback. F. This reprint of Vols.1-6 (in 1 volume) contains more than 500 book reviews by Ken Whyld and others. Also included are an appreciation of Ken Whyld by Tony Gillam, articles on William Winter, A.C.White "Xmas Books" & Overbrook Press series, and tournament books 1939-1956. £32.00

2000. Wilson (F.): A Picture History of Chess.

Dover, NY 1981. 1st Edn. Large p/b, small tear to edge of back cover o/w G. 182pp. 295 illustrations with captions, from the earliest works on chess up to Fischer and Karpov, including many fine photographs. Scarce outside of the USA. £20.00

5014. Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 3: 1869.

Chess Player 2014. New p/b. 181pp., a few illustrations, 161 annotated games with sources given, comprehensive indices. Limited to 100 numbered copies. £20.00

5385. Winsen (Joost van): Mackenzie, Mason &Co. Chess in New York between 1866 and 1880. Part 5: 1871-72.

Chess Player 2018. New p/b. 143pp., illustrations, over 110 annotated games with sources given, comprehensive indices. Limited to 100 numbered copies. £20.00

3281. Winter (E.): Kings, Commoners and Knaves. Further Chess Explorations.

Russell Ent, US 1999. p/b. VG. 452pp., photos, games & positions, comprehensive indexes, hundreds of entries selected from the chess historian's renowned "Chess Notes" series. (A.) £16.00