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5496. Adorjan (A.): Your Black is OK Repertory V1./2 Sicilian subvariations.

Budapest 1994. p/b. G. 115pp. Text in English, German, French and Spanish. (About 25 pages each). Signed by Adorjan on title-page. 10.00

4860. BRONSTEIN (D.): (200 Open Games) in Russian.

Moscow 1970. 1st Edn. Cloth-backed boards, VG. 248pp. SIGNED BY BRONSTEIN on title-page, dated 7.12.74. The Inscription above the signature is partly crossed through. 50.00

1497. Eales (R.G.): Cambridge Chess.

Chess SC (1978) 1st. p/b. VG. 92pp. 64 annotated games. Cambridge University Chess Club, with a strong emphasis on the 1970's. Presentation inscription from Barry Wood (B.H.Wood). 12.00

452. KARPOV (A.): Wie ich Kampfe und Siege.

Schachverlag Rudi Schmaus 1978. 1st Edn. p/b. VG. 50 annotated games from 1970 to 1977. Signed on title-page by Karpov. 25.00

199. KORCHNOI (V.): Chess is My Life. Autobiography and Games. Trans: Ken Neat.

Batsford 1978. 1st p/b Edn. VG. 177pp. Substantial autobiography plus 75 games, just a few annotated. (A.) SIGNED BY KORCHNOI on title-page dated 1996. 30.00

3188. PHILLIPS (A.): Chess: 60 Years on with Caissa and Friends.

Caissa Editions, US 2003. VG. p/b. 144pp., illus. 200 games with brief notes and comments, of which over 100 are Phillips' own games, the remainder of his British contemporaries such as Thomas, Alexander, Golombek, Penrose, Clarke, Barden etc. (A.) Inscribed by author on title-page - "For Brian with happy memories and best wishes. Alan, 20 III 04" 15.00