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4618. ----: My previous printed chess book catalogues (from about 1998 to 2012):

- I have a very small number of the following printed catalogues available at 1.00 each: 69,68,67,66,64,63,61,58,55,54,52,50,44,42,40,38,35 (Antiquarian),32,31,30,29,28,26,25,24,22, 21,20. A few catalogues may have some small pen marks. These catalogues might be of bibliographical interest. 0.00

2673. 1857 NEW YORK. D.W.Fiske: The Book of the First American Chess Congress...in 1857.

Olms, Zurich 1985 (Reprint of NY 1859 First Edition.) VG, d/w. 563pp. Includes the 67 games of the tournament - 1.Morphy, 2 Paulsen, 53 problems from the Problem Tourney, a wealth of historical information, particularly on American chess, articles on Morphy, Benjamin Franklin, the chess automaton in America, a bibliography of chess literature published in the United States up to 1859. 30.00

2949. Betts (D.A.): Chess. An Annotated Bibliography of Works Published in the English Language 1850-1968.

Facsimile reprint of 1974 edition, Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2005. Thick heavy hardback bound in red cloth. pp xix, 659. Divided in subject areas, each entry with collation and often notes, and large index by author and title. The most important work of its kind for this period. The original edition and the Chess Player reprint are both very scarce and expensive. 38.00

4250. Bloomsbury Auctions: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games.

23 Oct 2006. Sale catalogue. 91pp., 285 lots with estimates and price list. Includes 46 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. 18.00

3724. Bloomsbury Auctions Collectors Sale: Fine Chess Sets and Traditional Games. Lots 233 to 469. (Also includes Fountain Pens, Medals, Shares, Banknotes & Coins to Lot 1007.)

25 Sept 2007. Large sale catalogue. VG. 141pp., with lot descriptions, estimates and price list. Includes 32 lots of mainly antiquarian books, memorabilia, a few pictures and prints, and many chess sets illustrated in colour. A nice catalogue. 15.00

3873. Bonhams Knightsbridge Auction: Fine Chess Sets and Games.

13 May 2008. Large sale catalogue. 106pp., 281 lots with descriptions, estimates, price list. Includes 28 lots of books, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. 18.00

5907. Bonhams Knightsbridge Auction: Fine Chess Sets and Games.

17 Jan 2011. Sale catalogue, VG. 53pp., 193 lots with descriptions and estimates. Includes a few lots of playing cards, games and books, and many chess sets illustrated throughout in colour. A nice catalogue. 15.00

4841. Drajic (D.): An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature 1886-1991. (An Annotated Bibliography). V. Additions, Biographies and Indexes.

Belgrade 2013. Hardback, as new. 189pp. First 94 pages are in English, including an Overview of Literature according to subjects, lists of tournamentsand magazines, corrections and additions, biographies. The remaining part is in Serbian. The final volume of the series. Limited to 150 copies. 25.00

4357. Drajic (D.): An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature. (An Annotated Bibliography). I. Period 1886-1952.

Belgrade 2010. Hardback, slightly bumped corners o/w VG. 105pp. First 48 pages are in English, with introduction, summary of chess literature classification, sources, pre-war books and periodicals, Yugoslavian chess literature 1946-1952, index. The remaining part is in Serbian. Limited to 300 copies. 22.00

4495. Drajic (D.): An Overview of Yugoslavian Chess Literature. (An Annotated Bibliography). II. Period 1953-1967.

Belgrade 2011. Hardback. 120pp. First 56 pages are in English, with introduction, some additions to the first volume, details of books, periodicals, bulletins, programmes and games collections, index. The remaining part is in Serbian. Limited to 300 copies. 15.00

2939. Dunne (A.): Great Chess Books of the Twentieth Century in English.

McFarland, US 2005. New p/b. 208pp. An objective look at the best chess books of the 20th Century, including bibliographical details, description and author information, and reasons for the books importance. Includes one or two books for most years 1901-2000. 29.00

5480. Ellen (Barrie E.): Catalogue 52. Chess & Draughts, New and Secondhand Books.

2000/2001 p/b, stapled. 42pp., over 2000 items, small print. I believe this was Barrie's final catalogue. 5.00

2685. Hagedorn (R.K.): Benjamin Franklin and Chess in Early America. A Review of the Literature.

University of Philadelphia Press, 1958. 1st Edn. Paper somewhat yellowed as usual o/w VG,d/w (jacket a bit creased). pp92, plates. Details 60 works printed in America from 1802 to 1859, Franklin's "Morals of Chess", with commentary and essay on Franklin. A scarce and useful reference work. 40.00

2565. Hauswedell & Nolte auctioneers: Auktion 314. Schachliteratur aus Funf Jahrhunderten.

Hamburg, 24 Nov.1995. Catalogue, thin card covers, VG. 88pp. 720 lots, fully described, sometimes with extra notes, including many antiquarian, tournaments etc. Includes price list. A high quality chess book auction. 20.00

4913. Klahre (A.C.): Early Chess in America.

The Whitlock Press, NY (1934.) 1st Edn. Original blue printed wrappers, slight corner crease to lower corner of pages o/w G. 20pp. LN 304. A scarce item. 40.00

5541. Klittich - Pfankuch book auction catalogues: .

. Each catalogue includes hundreds of chess books, autographs and other materials, with full descriptions, estimates and price list for the chess section. Text in German.The following Auction Catalogue numbers available at 10.00 each:No.57 June 2010 (some pen marks) No.60 Nov 2011 (some pen marks) No.61 June 2012 No.63 Nov 2012 No.64 June 2013. No.75 Nov 2018. Each 10.00

1309. Kruijswijk (K.W.) Compiler: Bibliotheca Van der Linde-Niemeijeriana aucta et de novo descripta. A Catalogue of the Chess Collection in the Royal Library, The Hague. Vol.1 Chess: Bibliography & History.

ALL PUBLISHED. 1974. 4to, black cloth. VG. 150pp, 8 plates, copy of corrections leaf, 1300 annotated entries. 35.00

3972. Lasa (T.H. von der): Erneutes Verzeichniss meiner Sammlung von Schriften uber das Schachspiel.

Wiesbaden 1896. (Facsimile reprint by Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2008). New hardback. 208pp. A catalogue of over 3300 chess books in Lasa's collection, arranged alphabetically, some entries with notes. Only 100 copies of the original book were published. 25.00

633. Linde (A. van der): Bibliotheca van der Linde-Niemeijeriana. A Catalogue of the Chess Collections in the Royal Library The Hague.

1988 facsimile of 1955 work. Limited Edition of 750 copies. Spine and lettering a bit faded o/w VG. 342pp. Lists some 6500 items published up to 1953/54, divided into subjects, plus index. 30.00

203. Linde (A. van der): Das Erste Jartausend der Schachlitteratur (850-1880).

Caissa,USA,1979. Facsimile Reprint Limited to 700 numbered copies. 112,(4)pp. VG. Includes most of the chess publications known of until its publication in 1880, arranged alphabetically by author.. 30.00

2392. Linde (A. van der): Geschichte und Literatur des Schachspiels.

Berlin 1874. Facsimile reprint by Edition Olms, Zurich 1981. 2 volumes in 1. VG, (without d/w.) pp 422, 154, 524. This is a very important bibliography and historical work, particularly for early chess literature. Gives full details of all the books and magazines. Both the original and reprint are scarce. 75.00

4660. Manen (John van): The Chess Literature of Australia and New Zealand. 4th Edition Updated to June 2009 by Bob Meadley and Paul Dunn.

Academic Mind, Belgrade for the Ken Whyld Association, 2011. Hardback, fine condition. 242 pages. Includes 524 Australian Items and 72 NZ Items, newspapers and chess columns, tribute to John Van Manen, Bob Meadley's Chess Library with coloured illustrations of book covers. A high quality production. Edition Limited to 250 copies. 40.00

4944. Monte (P.J.): The Classical Era of Modern Chess,

McFarland, USA 2014. Large hardback. 594pp., text-illustrations, appendices, bibliography, index. A valuable contribution to chess history covering the period from Lucena (1497) to Greco (early 1600's), including chapters on the Lucena MS, Gottingen MS, Damiano, Ruy Lopez, Polerio, Gianutio, Salvio, Carrera and Greco. Includes the rules of the game and their changes, and a major presentation of all opening variations and games as recorded by the classical authors. 55.00

299. Quaritch (Bernard, Ltd., Bookseller): A Catalogue of Rare and Valuable Works Relating to the History and Theory of the Game of Chess, being the Greater Portion of the Famous Library Formed by J.W.Rimington-Wilson, and Maintained and Added to by his son R.H.Rimington-Wilson.

Bernard Quaritch, Cat.No.428. 1929. (Facsimile reprint.) 4to, spiral bound with plain card covers, VG. 96 pages printed single-sided, listing 1657 lots, with notes and prices. The original catalogue is very scarce and expensive. The notes are often useful and the prices give an interesting idea of relative value and scarcity. 50.00

1746. Sanvito (A.): Bibliografia Italiana degli Scacchi. Dalle Origini al 1999.

Milan, 1999. (New Revised Edn.) VG, d/w (faded on spine). 229pp., illustrations of title-pages from old works. A bibliography of chess books in Italian, or published in Italy, up to 1999, with 1420 items, with collations and notes. Arranged by subjects, with author index. 30.00

5054. Schmid (Anton): Tschaturangavidja. Literatur des Schachspiels. Gesammelt, Geordnet und mit Anmerkungen.

Wien 1847. Facsimile reprint Leipzig 1975. Hardback, grey cloth, slight yellowing of pages, very slight corner crease o/w VG. 402pp. A bibliography of chess books, including comments. This 1975 reprint is scarce. 40.00

2459. Whitaker (N.T.) & G.E.Hartleb: 365 Selected Endings. 365 Ausgewahlte Endspiele. With Bibliography of Endgame Books.

Heidelberg, 1960. 1st Edn. in English and German. p/b, G. Most from named studies, with solutions at end and bibliography of 300 books. Scarce title. 14.00

3163. Whyld (K.): Chess Christmas.

Moravian Chess, 2006. New hardback. 475pp. The book contains 17 articles by the late Ken Whyld, produced between 1985 and 2002 and sent by Ken to his friends as Christmas cards. The articles range from 7 to 60 pages long and are devoted to various themes from chess history. They include: The Story of Chess; Biobibliography List; Blackburnes Matches 1887, Letters on the History and Literature of Chess; Development of the Chess Problem; The Beginning of Modern Chess; The Chess Board; Cafe de la Regence; The Worst Chess Book in the World; A la recherche du temps perdu; Lasker the Composer; According to Hoyle; Cordingleys Cuts; Chess Texts in the English Language before 1850; Address to the Automaton Chess Player; The Meeting of the B.C.A. at Cambridge 1860; Chess in Literature. 32.00

2199. Whyld (K.): Chess Columns. A List.

Moravian Chess, Czech Rep.2002. Thick hardback, black cloth. F. 587pp. Comprises alphabetical list of worldwide serial publications that contain chess columns, with details of town, country, dates, editors, notes, sources, indexes of editors and towns. An amazing and indispensable work for historians and researchers. 35.00

2164. Whyld (K.) & C.Ravilious: Chess Texts in the English Language, Printed before 1850. An Annotated Bibliography.

Moravian, Czech Rep. (2003). Black cloth, gilt lettered. 189pp. Introduction, chronological listing with collation and notes, listing of newspapers and journals, index. 32.00

3010. Whyld (Ken) Editor: Chess Reader. Volume I - VI. (1955-1966)

Ken Whyld Association / Moravian Chess, 2004. Hardback. F. This reprint of Vols.1-6 (in 1 volume) contains more than 500 book reviews by Ken Whyld and others. Also included are an appreciation of Ken Whyld by Tony Gillam, articles on William Winter, A.C.White "Xmas Books" & Overbrook Press series, and tournament books 1939-1956. 32.00